Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Robin

R&R- Rules and Regulations

Section A: Premiere
A1. The premiere will begin at 6:00pm EST on Tuesday, April 16th.
A2. It is highly recommended to be online at the start of the season as the cast is revealed, tribes are revealed, and twists are revealed.
A3. The premiere will last roughly an hour and a half with the immunity challenge of the season starting at 6:40pm EST followed by tribal council.

Section B: Confessionals
B1. I REALLY want to make episodes, possibly animated, for my seasons. Thus, I would be super grateful if you send confessionals.
B2. You will be sent guiding confessional questions up to three times a survivor day: post challenge, tribal council strategizing, post tribal council. It is MANDATORY that you at least answer one out of the possible three confessional mails. I’m not strict on this rule as long as I get a confessional each episode :).
B3. Confessionals help the host and viewers understand your gameplay. Confessionals hold a heavy weight when considering returnees.

Section C: Strategizing
C1. Please include the host(Robinhood99) in all 1 on 1s and alliance chats.
C2. It is highly recommended that you chat in skype chats with the host (Robinhood99) and production when strategizing. This will help me when I make episodes, so I can accurately portray the behind the scenes strategy.
C3. If you choose not to talk in skype chats, please include the host(Robinhood99) in mails.

Section D: Standard Guidelines
D1. All times stated are in Eastern Standard Timezone (EST).
D2. There is NO TOLERANCE for swearing, hate speech, politics, religion, or sexual content. Violating this rule may result in a penalty vote or immediate medical evacuation from the game.
D3. Enjoy your time on the season :). I am aiming to make this group game experience feel like no other on tengaged.

Section E: Activity
E1. Be active. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into creating original content for P2P survivor, so the least you can do is participate in challenges, vote at tribal councils, and send confessionals :).

Section F: Challenges
F1. When you applied, you were made aware that challenges will take place between 5:30pm EST and 9:00pm EST.
F2. You will receive two mails regarding challenges, after the previous challenge and immediately before the upcoming challenge.
F3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to make challenges. I created these challenges dependent on an active cast.
F4. Challenges will either be live, semi-live, or non-live. Live challenges will take no longer than 45 minutes, and non-live challenges will often be 24 hours. Semi-live challenges will be a combination of the two above statements.
F5. All non-live challenges require a bare minimum amount of effort (i.e. sending in a screenshot with a score of 0). Failure to complete the bare minimum may result in a medical evacuation.
F6. There will be a specific format for sending in screenshots for non-live challenges. If you fail to send in a correctly formatted screenshot, your challenge score will not count, but you will not be at risk of being medically evacuated from the game.
F7. I create all of my challenges, and I try my best to keep them fair. If you believe that the judging of the challenge has an error or inconsistency, please notify the host in a respectful manner, and it will be handled appropriately with the host’s discretion.

Section G: Tribal Councils
G1. Tribal councils will take place immediately following the conclusion of an immunity challenge.
G2. Tribal councils will be non-live, and you will be asked at least one question at tribal. It is MANDATORY to answer at least one question at tribal council, so viewers may follow along your game.
G3. In order to submit a vote, you MUST answer your initial tribal council question in the forum.
G4. Once you submit your vote, you may change it up until the votes are revealed.
G5. Failure to cast a vote will result in a self vote. See Section H for details about possible medical evacuations.
G6. You may not vote for yourself at tribal council.

Section H: Idols
*ADJUSTMENT* H1. When the season begins, a tribe’s camp map will be posted to the main group. Players may search the map twice between the end of the previous immunity challenge and the reading of the votes. *You may only send one guess at a time. There will be an idol for every tribe that appears throughout this game.
H2. To search for an idol, mail the host the area coordinates that you wish to search (i.e. A1 would match to the first column and first row). HOWEVER, there is a chance that you have been noticed to be missing from camp. When you mail your area coordinate, send a number from 0-9. If that number is chosen by random chance, that area will be marked on the map.
H3. Idol clues will be given out throughout the season to the challenge winner.

Section I: Medical Evacuations
I1. If you are banned from tengaged for any reason, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
I2. If you pull a Brandon Hantz level of disrespect to the members of this community, including other players, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
I3. If you self vote at your first tribal council, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
I4. If you self vote twice throughout the season, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
I5. If you do not complete the bare minimum of a non-live challenge twice, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
I6. If you send a screenshot, you will be medically evacuated from the game.
*NEW* I7. If you are disobedient with production multiple times, you will be medically evacuated from the game.

*NEW* Section J: Respect
J1. I will remove any player from the game if I see it necessary. This is an online game, do not make it personal. Obviously this changes based on circumstance, but there is a line that cannot be crossed, and I will remove someone if that line is crossed. Just don't do anything absolutely stupid and you should be fine. I work hard to make this a fun experience for everyone, so being disrespectful towards be can also get you removed.

Section K: Screenshots
K1. Screenshotting of conversations is NOT allowed. Refer to I6 for punishment.
K2. Challenge screenshots are the only screenshots allowed, and the host(Robinhood99) will be the only one to receive these screenshots.
K3. If you receive a screenshot from someone, please report it within an hour of you receiving it.

*NEW* Section L: Tie votes
L1. If the tribal council has 5 or more people, a revote will occur. If the revote ties again, rocks will be drawn. Anyone with immunity will be safe from drawing in addition to the people in the tie vote.
L2. If a tribal council ties at 4 or 2 people, a firebreaker will occur. Please see Section M. for rules.
L3. If a tribal council ties at 3 people, all three people will draw rocks.
L4. Any rocks that are drawn will be done so through chatzy for transparency.

*NEW* Section M: Firebreakers
M1. A firebreaker occurs when there is a tie vote at a tribal council of 4 or 2 people. Firebreakers will occur between the two people that are in the tie vote.
M2. In P2P Survivor, firebreakers have three phases: ignition, fueling, and burning. This challenge is a mixture of luck and skill. Note: You may be returned to phase I at any point of the firebreaker.
M3. MATERIALS: You are given dry grass, twigs, and branches for fuel and two sticks to create a fire.
M3. IGNITION (Luck): You will need to put the appropriate item down by saying *puts ITEM down beneath rope*. After this, you will try to start a fire. You only have a 1/100 chance of starting a fire during each attempt. However, you can say *builds up energy* up to 9 times to increase your next attempt by 1/100 for each build up. For example, if you post *builds up energy* twice, you will have a 3/100 chance of lighting your fire. In order to try and light your fire, you will need to say *rubs sticks on ITEM*. The ITEM that you are rubbing on only has 3 uses before you will need to replace it by putting another of it down. After you say rubs energy, I will randomize a number 1-100 in a chatzy. If that number is between 1 and your max energy, your fire will spark which I will tell you.
M4: FUELING (SKILL): You will need to place the appropriate items into your fire by saying *puts ITEM into fire*. You must wait a full minute to add another item to the fire. There is an unknown process of 5 steps of a mixture of the branches, dry grass, and twigs. If you successfully complete this part, your fire will grow.
M5: BURNING (LUCK): Your fire has a chance of burning the rope after each minute. The chances of your fire burning the rope starts at 1/100, then 5/100, 10,25,50, then 100/100. After 6 minutes, your fire is guaranteed to burn the rope.
M6. The first person to burn their rope will remain in the game. The loser will be eliminated.

Section N: Acknowledgement
N1. If at any point you believe someone has violated one of the above rules, please message the host with title “R&R Violation” and continue to cite the rule, the player, and the occurrence.
N2. If you are an accepted applicant who wishes to play in the upcoming season, please reply to the mail with : “I, ________________, have gotten my R&R”. By mailing that message, you agree to uphold the integrity of the rules and regulations that have been set forth above.

======== OLD PROFILE ======

Mail me, I like to meet new people. I ONLY PLUS SKYPE SPAM. If you failed to read the above statement, you will be filtered.

Co-founder of Player to the Players' Series


Final shoutout goes to Robinhood99

Thanks for keeping me sane in this game! I had so much fun talking to you during this week, whether we were just messing around on call, or when I just needed someone to vent to about this crazy game. Thank you for being there for me, even after you got evicted (Still makes me sad that you didn't make it further) Even if I lose, this stars will definitely be worth it, because I made a really good friend
- @magge555550101

magge555550101 2 min ago

Also a huge shoutout to

Robinhood99 - You flopped :( Next time I gotta make sure to tell you enrollment is an hour earlier, because I would have loved to play with you this week. You are good at keeping me sane during stars weeks so thank you <3

Sam_Hamwich 6 min ago

4th - robin hey, been a while since we last talked tbh but its ironic how the person with the fat suit was the one to slide under the radar all game :P seriously tho gratz on going unnommed to f4

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