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Hello, my name is Ninjohn نن Kelsey Valentina. W-what are you saying, of course it's my real name~! ;)

Hi there! Ny name is Ninja John or Ninjohn for short, Nin for even shorter~! I host the longterm game "Ninjohn's Next Top Model" as well as a series of short term Big Brother Interactives(ask me about either~!) I'm a huge fan of reality TV competitions and I love chocolate, Big Brother, cats, neon colours, bad weather and Steven Universe. As Canada's Reigning Favourite Houseguest, I do hope that we can be just the best of friends~! ;D

Favourite Game Show Contestants:
Shelli Poole
"That is a LIE, and I'm not going to let you make me believe it."

"I'm so glad these girls see me as a threat."

Abi-Maria Gomes
"Maybe SHE was trying to awaken the Brasilian Dragon."

Detox Icunt
"Obviously I want my friends to do really well…but obviously I want to do better than them."

"Would you let bomb b*tches disrespect your throne?"

Tiffany "New York" Pollard
"Alaska, sit your a** down."

Wendy Williams
"...Because you're ignorant."

Bronte D'Acquisto
"I don't need you to protect me, I need you to keep your mouth shut."

Kim Woodburn
"Oh, I'm just having a wonderful time."

Korina Emmerich
"Friendship is over."

Jade Cole
"Furonda, my dear, I know your skin is bumpy, but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy."

Tana Mongeau

Sky Days
"I gotta know where all the exits are so a b*tch know how to get out."

Shangela Laquifa Wadley
"Eat that chicken, you B*TCH."

Kennedy Davenport
"I was not making a face, I was making the face that I was not in the conversation."

we also have miss valentina ninjohn sitting in silence over there in the corner trying to characterize himself to fan favorite, oop me @ exposing a side -Renny

imagine being too scared to show your face on camera yet joining a survivor org -Halloween

why are you wearing that, are you a terrorist? -Heather

how homosexual! Either take this down or take off your scarf!! -Maybelline

Halloween was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was killed in a fight with ninjohn

I usually plus spam but I never reply :) I will ABSOLUTELY plus your spam if I have a blog out that you plus :)

WINNER of Yoshi's Stars
WINNER of Stering_Butter's Big Brother
WINNER of Survivor Gabon
WINNER of Fast Stars: Pandora's Box
WINNER of TotsTrashy's Big Brother
WINNER of Rage 11: Secret Assassin
WINNER of The Mole
WINNER of Ultimate Stars 9: Taking Chances
Runner Up of Laura Melih's Survivor
Runner Up of Conjow's Stars
Runner Up of RAGE: Face Off
Runner Up Coach of Ultimate Stars 11: Coaches Collide
Runner Up of Macda27's Drag Race Season 1
Finalist in Rawr's Whodunnit
Finalist of NJ's Survivor Canada
Finalist of Power Trip(twist gave me automatic third smh)
Finalist of Ghetto Survivor
Finalist of RAGE: The Duel
Finalist of Ozzy and Kira's Next Top Model: Second Chances

RP Characters:
Scream Queens: Celestia "Celes" Ludenberg
The Hotel: Sonia Nevermind
Biltmore Academy: Naomi Marai
Dangan Ronpa Tiny Town: Marshall Peices and Rory Chapel
Dangan Ronpa 2: Trouble in Paradise: Lemon Lime
Total Drama World Tour: Summer Showdown: Marcus aka PrincessTara -CURRENT-
Dangan Ronpa 3: Haunted Mansion/5: Despair Story: Xipan Zi Lin/Sugoii "Mikey" Mikanawa
Dangan Ronpa 1: Lyon Aulafin
Blood in the Night: Sacha "Sach" Hazeer
Danganronpa: Imitation Despair: Bronte Sadayoshi
Daganronpa 4: The Summertime Cruise: Kazumi Mishihara
Dangan Ronpa 2: Temple of Four/Dangan Ronpa 6: Kiri: Carson Rogers
Dangan Ronpa: Resolve of a Martyr(Cancelled)/Dangan Ronpa: Saved By Despair(Cancelled): Tafa Tsume
Tiny Town 2(Cancelled)/Stunzer's Dangan Ronpa: Callum
Elementalist Season Five: Tatum Aliato
DanganRonpa 3: Despair's Cross/Danganronpa 4: New World/Old World: Papa Pizza/Antonio Vincente
S.H.I.E.L.D: Beowulf Smithline
Murder Files Case 1: Sara Bella
Danganronpa: Despair in Plastic(Cancelled): Blaire Fiddler
Danganronpa Cheery Cheery Murder Time: Ryukashi Ikkitoro -CURRENT-
Danganronpa: Revenge of Tiny Town: Cal
Ultimates in Despairland: Chie Rinagashi
Murderous Masterpieces(Canceled): Srisai Reeve
There's No Place like Despair: Shijima Ajimu
Night World: Nathan Swarra
Magik Academy(Canceled): Farrah Petina/Luis Navarro
HA: Island of Misfit Ultimates: Philadelphia Satoko

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