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Hello, my name is Ninjohn Nikita NJ نن Valentina. W-what are you saying, of course it's my real name~! ;D

Good Morning! Ny name is Ninja John or Ninjohn for short, Nin for even shorter~! I host the longterm game "Ninjohn's Next Top Model" as well as a series of short term Big Brother Interactives(ask me about either~!) I'm a huge fan of reality TV competitions and I love chocolate, Big Brother, cats, neon colours, bad weather and Steven Universe. As Canada's Reigning Favourite Houseguest, I do hope that we can be just the best of friends~! ;D

Favourite Game Show Contestants:
Shelli Poole
"That is a LIE, and I'm not going to let you make me believe it."

"It's all about the fantasy."

Abi-Maria Gomes
"I don't believe one of the core values of the game is out-disrespect."

Detox Icunt
"You can't stand me? I don't blame you."

Rajah D. O'Hara
"All the way. To the top. To the moon!"

Tiffany "New York" Pollard
"I look much better than you making your exit right now."

Schatar "Hottie" Sapphira
"I'm going to whoop their prissy behinds." *ding ding!*

Bronte D'Acquisto
"I don't need you to protect me, I need you to keep your mouth shut."

Yaya Dacosta
"I know I'm extra but it's a different kind of extra."

Korina Emmerich
"Friendship is over."

Jade Cole
"I'm a soldier sister. Recognize."

Nikita Dragun
"Of course, they're going for the prettiest one first."

Gia Gunn
"So who the f*** is going home today?"

Bre Scullark
"God don't like ugly. He don't like it."

Kennedy Davenport
"I was making the face that I was not in the conversation."

we also have miss valentina ninjohn sitting in silence over there in the corner trying to characterize himself to fan favorite -Renny

imagine being too scared to show your face on camera yet joining a survivor org -Halloween

why are you wearing that, are you a terrorist? -Heather

how homosexual! Either take this down or take off your scarf!! -Maybelline

Lol @ being scared to show your face. Must be ugly AF. -Sconoduders

I'm rooting for this thing -Akeria

You need a book on self awareness, let me order it for you on Amazon! - RainbowKing

Ninjohn winning is like the 2016 Presidential election!! -Zuelke

Halloween was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was shot dead by ninjohn
colehausman271 was killed in a fight with ninjohn

I usually plus spam but I never reply :) I will ABSOLUTELY plus your spam if I have a blog out that you plus :)

WINNER of Yoshi's Stars
WINNER of Stering_Butter's Big Brother
WINNER of Survivor Gabon
WINNER of Fast Stars: Pandora's Box
WINNER of TotsTrashy's Big Brother
WINNER of Rage 11: Secret Assassin
WINNER of The Mole
WINNER of Ultimate Stars 9: Taking Chances
WINNER of JJ's The Duel
WINNER of Anarchy Box 20
Runner Up of Laura Melih's Survivor
Runner Up of Conjow's Stars
Runner Up of RAGE: Face Off
Runner Up Coach of Ultimate Stars 11: Coaches Collide
Runner Up of Macda27's Drag Race Season 1
Runner Up of 1984 Season 3: The Golden Age
Finalist in Rawr's Whodunnit
Finalist of NJ's Survivor Canada
Finalist of Power Trip(twist gave me automatic third smh)
Finalist of Ghetto Survivor
Finalist of RAGE: The Duel
Finalist of Ozzy and Kira's Next Top Model: Second Chances
Finalist of Trinity Survivor Mini 2

RP Characters:
Scream Queens: Celestia "Celes" Ludenberg
The Hotel: Sonia Nevermind
Biltmore Academy: Naomi Marai
Dangan Ronpa Tiny Town: Marshall Peices and Rory Chapel
Dangan Ronpa 2: Trouble in Paradise: Lemon Lime
Total Drama World Tour: Summer Showdown(Cancelled): Marcus aka PrincessTara
Dangan Ronpa 3: Haunted Mansion/5: Despair Story: Xipan Zi Lin/Sugoii "Mikey" Mikanawa
Dangan Ronpa 1: Lyon Aulafin
Blood in the Night: Sacha "Sach" Hazeer
Danganronpa: Imitation Despair: Bronte Sadayoshi
Daganronpa 4: The Summertime Cruise: Kazumi Mishihara
Dangan Ronpa 2: Temple of Four/Dangan Ronpa 6: Kiri: Carson Rogers
Dangan Ronpa: Resolve of a Martyr(Cancelled)/Dangan Ronpa: Saved By Despair(Cancelled): Tafa Tsume
Tiny Town 2(Cancelled)/Stunzer's Dangan Ronpa: Callum
Elementalist Season Five: Tatum Aliato
DanganRonpa 3: Despair's Cross/Danganronpa 4: New World/Old World: Papa Pizza/Antonio Vincente
S.H.I.E.L.D: Beowulf Smithline
Murder Files Case 1: Sara Bella
Danganronpa: Despair in Plastic(Cancelled): Blaire Fiddler
Danganronpa Cheery Cheery Murder Time(Canceled): Ryukashi Ikkitoro
Danganronpa: Revenge of Tiny Town: Cal
Ultimates in Despairland: Chie Rinagashi
Murderous Masterpieces(Canceled): Srisai Reeve
There's No Place like Despair: Shijima Ajimu
Night World: Nathan Swarra
Magik Academy(Canceled): Farrah Petina/Luis Navarro
HA: Island of Misfit Ultimates: Philadelphia Satoko
Pretties and Uglies(Canceled): Marsha Gaudet
A Nightmare on Elm Street(Canceled)/A Scary Story: Bloody Mary: Autumn O'Clare
Dangan Ronpa 2: Back to the Past: Rain Boy
Hidden Elements(Canceled): Marton Garcia

Let's play The Bible Game, Abby! And if you don't love me now, then you'll NEVER love me again!!!!

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