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Hello, my name is can u not

TV Star
████Gold ✔ 12/16/2017
█████Silver ✔ 2/19/2014
██████Black ✔ 1/25/2014
███████Brown ✔ 1/25/2014
████████Red ✔ 1/5/2014
█████████Purple ✔12/19/2013
██████████Blue ✔ 12/2/2013
███████████Dark Green ✔ 11/25/2013
████████████Light Green ✔ 11/17/2013
█████████████Orange ✔ 10/27/2013
██████████████Yellow ✔ 9/21/2013
███████████████White ✔ 9/14/2013

STARS 258: 2nd Place

jacksonjoseph99 52.3%
TheACF12 47.7%

TheACF12 46.2%
Lachie227 53.8%

TheACF12 49.9%
brandonpinzu 50.1%

Finals: TheACF12 32.1%

[9:42:07 PM] Julian: #JusticeForACF

[9:40:56 PM] Sim: omg he is the small jewish kid

[2:42:43 PM] French Bica: are u that kid who made cute vlogs ?

"TheACF, I first heard of you when you won that raffle. I was honestly rooting for you, since I could tell you were a big underdog. You got 2nd, and you were one of my role models. We later met right before Perez's charity, and we became very social. Then after the charity we were starting to bond. You've been a good friend to me ever since, and I will not forget you. It was heart breaking that moment I was nominated against my role model and best friend, but it's not like that's never going to not happen to anybody. I will always look up to you as my role model and a great friend, take care."

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