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A Scary Story 2 ~ Curtain Call (Reprise)

A Scary Story 2 ~ Curtain Call (Reprise)

10 years ago, at Camp Funky Bunks, Pastor Gerald Miller went insane and attacked a group of teens throwing a party, which left Alexandra Desmond as the sole survivor.

After 10 years of draining the whole “sole survivor of a horrific event” of as much money and fame she could get, Alex decided to reopen Camp Funky Bunks! And she totally did it out of the kindness of her heart and not because of the fact she was invited onto Dr. Phill for a segment called “delusional washed up people who are desperately trying to hold onto to the fame they never had” which caused her to have a midlife crisis and she fled the scene.… yeah, it’s so unrelated. After hiring a group of cousnlers, among those include her “gay” best friend, a costume designer with a gambling addiction, an aspiring popstar, and a blacklisted producer, Alex Desmond was ready to use this drama camp to relaunch herself into fame. However, things take a deadly turn when bodies begin to drop… and things get even worse when all the signs point to Pastor Gerlad Miller…. Even though he got the electric chair a few years ago…. Maybe something more evil is lurking in the woods… and you know what they say, when you have too many skeletons in your closet, they’re bound to come crashing out…

This summer is supposed to be the summer of their lives… but it might be the summer of their deaths.

~ Cast ~
Alexandra “Alex” Desmond - turkeylover
Spencer Bottoms - turkeylover
Alicia Williams - turkeylover
Mona Chen - turkeylover
Kaleigh Brock - turkeylover
Ian Jones - turkeylover
Kari Winters - turkeylover

coming soon... maybe!

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A Scary Story 2 ~ Curtain Call (Reprise)

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