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  1. alexclow345Not the jew crew
  2. Elio86You are invited to join Elio's Big Brother 1! This will be a relatively short group game, perfect for someone looking for a quick but professional and enjoyable Big Brother group game experience. Applications are open now! If you have questions please just let me know!
  3. DumbAsshi i’m new to tengaged, but you guys seem nice ☺️
  4. Mintcokeifyxhow do u make friends on tg
  5. A_La_FacStar me in, I am a homo
  6. heyitsmaggeeHi old friends!
  7. BBHoward33i do believe this is where i belong
  8. IAmPaxtonI have arrived friends. @_@
  9. cammmileeeeYASSSS! :)
  10. joshgillespiehi! nice to meet you all! :D
  11. iiCreazyGXNot the brits
  12. iiCreazyGXI would appreciate a star in please! Tyyy
  13. Slicehey guys its annie ikea
  14. HeavyRainVOTE ME BACK IN
  15. PaulaDeenyou may know jimmy from his audition for the glee project or being the star of ed sheerans song thinking out loud

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how old is 2 old

9 BbDamian, Jan 20, 2021

to date a tengager? I did it when I was 16 but it didn't work but what about at 26 in the middle of a pandemic



1 Aquamarine, Jan 20, 2021

biden makes it through the day...alive?

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