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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Ally.

Add me on skype: heyitsmaggee


highest rank- 277th
most bets on me- 4188(doubled)
first trend= alexclow

heyitsmaggee - youre so nice and positive on this site lol not annoying... your blogs are so nice and genuine we need more people on this like you :)

heyitsmaggee - YOU'RE ACTUALLY SO FUCKING CUTE OMG... I think you're such a kind-hearted and pure individual and it's really inspiring to see how far you've become as a human being. I remember seeing your blogs a while back and feeling inspired by them. I don't know you personally, but I always love when people open up on this website, because it's typically a dark place. I admire how you didn't care, and truly showcased your true colours without bothering with other people's opinions. You're a lighthouse in a dark environment and you should always be proud of that.

My Games 209 games played

6 Apr, 21
16 Mar, 21
4 Mar, 21
27 Feb, 21
22 Nov, 20
2 Nov, 20
25 Oct, 20

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  2. sosyomomma said: ..@heyitsmaggee oh same it got dark sided very quickly..

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