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Fraternity Golden Girls for Gays 25+


The Golden Girls Sorority was founded in 2021 for Gays n' Gals who are the OG's of TG and still here after all these years!!

Are you Rose? Are you Dorothy? Are you Blanche? Or are you Sophia? Thank you ALL for being a friend!

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Public Comments

  1. JogonWelcome home <3 <3
  2. MargaretWilkinsim coming back bitches
  3. AbioticSandThanks for the hospitality everyone <3 I want to make my own :)
  4. ethanrocker1Hi! I鈥檓 gay and ancient!
  5. AllisonSTAR IN MATTY
  6. Matthew09Friendsssss!
  7. JogonLet me in. Let me in please!
  8. Felisha1farts
  9. biminibonboulashThis frat is gr8
  10. AbioticSandCan i join? i like the people in this frat and ive also 25+ and have been on the site over 3 years ahah
  11. MrRobzilla Vote for Me+X pls! 馃А
  12. SolitaryWell I loved this frat bc I'm also old school haha please let me in! :(
  13. DakotaMaximoffThat鈥檚 so awesome! What artists do you listen to?
  14. JogonWelcome Dakota !I'm new to vinyl collecting as well. I think I need to buy some covers and cleaners soon!
  15. DakotaMaximoffI almost qualify to join! <3

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