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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Fritzy AKA Ghostface (but not a Killa) AKA Brenda Meeks AKA Hot Tottie AKA Aly Ryan AKA Mr. Two Piece and a Biscuit AKA Huskeroo AKA The Hefty Lefty AKA Egregious Philbin AKA Fritzy2Gloves AKA Mrs. Sokerdude7 AKA The New Jan Brady AKA Misty Moon (I'm your loon) AKA Leftover Lady AKA McGriddle FKA Crumbhead FKA Elton John. Sir Elton, if ya nasty. But you can call me by my government name, Steve. Or you can call me Cliff Holland -- poor, fat, and happy. Do NOT call me Josie Grossie. I'm NOT Josie Grossie anymore!

Words and phrases that make my T-heart flutter:

Canoe; Uncomfortable; Smile In The Dark; Kimono; Hot Tottie; Tiny Hands; Stop, Stop, Stop; Ferosha; Congratulations, You've Won; Cicily; Yellow Teeth; I AM MRS. SOKERDUDE7!; Naughty, Naughty, Naughty; Angela Lansbury; Oh, I am SCARED; Darlene; BLAH BLAH BLAH -- Whateva, Neg; Thirty.Six.Food; Bronc-Solid Drunk; Do You Know?; Eleganza; Rowing Paddle In Kitchen; IT WAS YOU, RIGHT?; Victory Vandals; Bye PUMPKIN; Are You New?; Turney Grodner, No!; My Favorite Lip Balm; Clashing; Grenade; Jenny; Hoodrat Stuff; A Nice Morning Suck; The Dope Girls; Stop Relying On That Body; McGriddle; Mmm, Yesssss; Slug; Congratulations, I HAVE ARRIVED; That GREED and that SELFISHNESS; Squirt; Kimono No-No; Because it APPLIES; #srryimnotsrry; Tolzyyyyy; Walter; I Know I May Be Young; I Hear You Getting Those Ranch Cool Doritos!; For All Y'all Talkers Up In Here...; Mahjongany; I'm Not Burlesque...; Don't Put It On Me, Girl; So Cuhte; Tyrese; Pop Rocks; She Don't Love Herself; Let's Say I Have This Friend...; Every Thug Needs A Lady.


Track Listing:
1. Chocolate
2. Grind For You
3. Ice Cream
4. Walk Faster (Than A Beagle)
5. When I Have Blankie
6. Everyone Needs To Get Along
7. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

"Thug means never having to say you're sorry." - Wise Man

Upon further review, the kindest thing someone has ever said to me:
"You look like the kind of guy that would just take charge of a dick." - Broncman789

Upon further review, the second kindest thing someone has ever said to me:
"Even though to the untrained eye you appear to have no friends or social life or melanin, I see in you an uncanny ability to read people and sympathize, and a wit sharper than blood sugar spikes." - Mahogany

"Add a dash of salt and pepper, me at 3, the north side of Clepper." - Anonymous

Whats my secret? I tell myself I'm beautiful...everyday.
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Jul 3, 2011

Jess Mckenzie: i want him to whistle into my minge


Tengaged Song Contest wins:
TSC 159: Molly - "Children of the Universe"
TSC 168: Aaradhna - "Lorena Bobbitt"
TSC 170: MNEK - "Every Little Word"
TSC 171: Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams"
TSC 205: Kwabs - "Fight For Love"
TSC 212: Raleigh Ritchie - "Bloodsport"
TSC 215: Foxes - "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"
TSC 217: Maverick Sabre - "Come Fly Away"
TSC 218: Josef Salvat - "Open Season"
TSC 226: Margaret - "Cool Me Down"
TSC 237: Jon Bellion - "Guillotine"
TSC 239: ABBA - "Dancing Queen"
TSC 255: Emeli Sandé - "Hurts"
TSC 256: Years & Years - "Meteorite"
TSC 268: Imani Williams - "Don't Need No Money"
TSC 269: Molly Kate Kestner - "Prom Queen"
TSC 272: Jana Burceska - "Dance Alone"
TSC 275: Leon Else - "What I Won't Do"
TSC 295: Bishop Briggs - "Dream"
TSC 299: She Is We - "Boomerang"
TSC 300: Misha B - “Home Run”
TSC 305: Deva Mahal - "Snakes"
TSC 310: Sam Tinnesz - "Wolves"
TSC 311: Elohim - "Half Love"
TSC 314: Mariette - "Time To Spare"
TSC 329: Alex Aiono - "Big Mistake"
TSC 336: Mimoza - "Love For Days"
TSC 341: Aly Ryan - "Wear Your Love"
TSC 342: CLiQ - "Wavey"
TSC 378: Melanie C - "High Heels"
TSC 379: Mahmood - "Barrio"
TSC 380: Carly Rae Jepsen - "Run Away With Me"
TSC 398: Nova Miller - "Mi Amor"
TSC 410: Bruno Martini, IZA, Timbaland - "Bend The Knee"


...and yea I know, it's not the year 2008 anymore, but 2008 was my grad year from high school...see it's cute!

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