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LW's Survivor: Australia - The Outback

Welcome to LoganWorm's Survivor series!


Best incarnation of games:
Congratulations to Jeff, the winner of Survivor: Tonga!
Congratulations to Erik, the winner of Survivor: Madagascar!
Congratulations to David, the winner of Survivor: Brazil!
Congratulations to Newz, the winner of Survivor: China!
Congratulations to Jodi, the winner of Survivor: Greece!
Congratulations to JB, the winner of Survivor: Costa Rica!
Congratulations to Erik, the first two-time winner and winner of Survivor: All-Stars!
Congratulations to Bryant, the winner of Survivor: Galapagos!
Congratulations to Paul, the winner of Survivor: Exile Island!
Congratulations to Jake B., the winner of Survivor: Australia - The Outback!

I have been thinking long and hard about many things in my life. What do I want to do with it? Well I know what I want to do with it. Now I am struggling with how to get there, and I mean really struggling. I have been battling self-doubt, mild depression, among other things. I think I am now at a better place in my life but I am struggling to find encouragement.

I thought that leaving Tengaged was in my own best interest and on the surface it seems that way. All I really did was remove a hobby of mine that I really enjoy in the process, and I regret that.

Regardless of whether I host again or play again, I will not do it on this account. I have made a lot of memories, but I also have accumulated perceptions about my personality on an online community that are either not true at all or no longer true.

I do not plan on returning to this account but I cherish the friends I have made. <3

I hosted a group game from the Spring of 2012 to the Summer of 2016 with some pauses and hiccups in between. If I ever host again, it will be on a new account. You'll probably know it is me because of some of my special conventions...

Viewers Lounge:
Ponderosa [Jury Members Only]:

Games with great people where I laid my torch:
Thank you to the cast of Survivor: Pearl Islands!
Thank you to the cast of Survivor: Vietnam!

Old games:
Congratulations to Kyle, the winner of Survivor: The Plains!
Congratulations to Zach T., the winner of Survivor: Samoa!
Congratulations to Jack, the winner of Survivor: Japan!
Congratulations to Mearl, the winner of Survivor: Marquesas!
Congratulations to Tyla, the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua!
Congratulations to Zach, the winner of Big Brother 1!
Congratulations to Rumtin, the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua!

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Episode 4 [Survivor: Australia - The Outback]
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Episode 3 [Survivor: Australia - The Outback]
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Episode 2 [Survivor: Australia - The Outback]
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2353 days 14 hours ago

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LW's Survivor: Australia - The Outback

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