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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is pregnancy

anthony2011class is my queef king

skype: latinpop2


White: November 18th 2012.
Yellow: November 22nd 2012.
Orange: November 28th 2012.
Light Green: April 6th 2013.
Green: April 25th 2013.
Blue: May 12th 2013.
Purple: May 16th 2013.
Red: June 2nd 2013.
Brown: June 7th 2013.
Black: June 10th 2013.
Silver: July 4th 2013.
Gold: August 11th 2013.
Sky: April 12th 2014.
Blood: May 2nd 2014.


guillomouve tbh youre a bitch. you think your cool but your not. youre actually annoying and you must be a fucking bratty ass bitch irl. i obv wouldnt like you, if i knew you.

why do people feel the need to talk about others? Bitch im not even fucking talking to you. Mind your own fucking business you scum piece of trash. You say you get buttox and face lifts, but you're probably so fucking poor you get it done at a fucking van you scum. Go fuck yourself and keep my name out your fucking mouth.

Guillomouve is the uglier, trashier, nastier, meaner version of Etienne ://
like when i first heard his voice and saw his vlog im like oh, he kind of sounds like etienne and would look like him if he cut the pubes off his head.. and hes a little stupider than etienne too. theyre twins!
12 votes, 60 points

If your IQ score is 53, you have mild mental retardation. Guillomouve
-Lykkeli and lassidoggy

wow ur so cool
for calling someone gay as an insult guillomouve!!!!
3 votes, 51 points

Guillomouve — Are you that ugly fuck that made a vlog telling people to get a life lol

your grade school must be ashamed of you
Sent by nmh95,Jul 10, 2013

[9:32:21 PM] Josh: I don't like u
[9:33:38 PM] Guillomouve: why
[9:33:47 PM] Josh: Ur an annoying bitch
[9:33:52 PM] Guillomouve: why
[9:34:03 PM] Josh: U rly need a freaking explanation
[9:34:10 PM] Guillomouve: yeah
[9:34:46 PM] Josh: Well srry I don't give idiots hints

you're fuckin' disgusting. your mouth is probably full of 294 different diseases that doctors don't even know exist yet. it's not getting anywhere near my booby.
Sent by DonnaLynn,Jul 21, 2013

Guillomouve Your name means "marshmallow" in french and they DISGUST me. I choked on a brick sized marshmallow back in grade school and the cafeteria lady had to do mouth to mouth on me.

you're a corn and your mom never loved you as a child.

lmao u threw a kitten u sir r brilliant
Sent by macken,Aug 14, 2013

IlikebugsFirst person who gets guillomouve banned will get all of my frats votes

I nom Guillomouve for calling me a man

you swing cats by the tail hope you get arrested for it tbh

[31/03/14 23:01:28] Mozues: Guillomouve you are the fakest cunt bitch i know so good luck in your life
[31/03/14 23:01:31] Married To Thumper91 <3: Guillomouve you're the blackest cunt ever

Shay's Opinion: I think you play up being as dumb as you are. I really don't think you are that dumb and sometimes I think you just play up using drugs to try to be "cool". Heroin and all that shit, that's dangerous and if you aren't playing up being dumb you certainly will be by the time you get out of your drug stage. I just feel like you're a try-hard.

Johnny's Opinion: I dont know how he wound up so high on the list, but regardless of that, he's basically crazy. He's probably done every drug in the book, I know he's snapchatted us doing heroin before so theres that. He also KILLED A LOBSTER in a vlog like what the hell? He needs to be locked up somewhere. No one should ever let him blog, vlog, snapchat, etc. I mean look at him. Also he once showed us that he has a KKK statue...

Austin's Opinion: I know you spammed for me once, but I don't like your personality very much. Maybe if i knew you a little more it would be different, but idk... you dont rub me the right way

lol whatever
Aug 4, 2014 by Funnehliner
You're possibly the most fake person I know exists, even physically with the plastic in your body and your personality, you even cheat on your "perfect boyfriend" who you 'love so much' like get out.... lol

Guillomouve - You're not even loyal to your boyfriend, goodbye


Opinion of Jallina15: AHAHAHAHAH ta gueule criss de conne tes trop retarder pour parler francais criss de pute pis de la part de tout le monde, personne taime pis tes laite a chier ma grosse truie. Oh jai vu tes nudes pis tu devrais calissement te refaire faire les seins paske ARK SERIEUX!?! Jcroyais que cetait une blague. Finalement, tes la personne la plus merdique quaie connu lhumanite pis tes une estie de charrue.

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