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Frenchiie is fucking talking so stfu

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where can you watch survivor? Sep 28, 2019
link to streaming?
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let me give you some piece of advice Feb 11, 2019
young gays on here! if you're planning to go work in a place full of gay guys (aka an hospital), make sure you're not known for doing embarrassing stuff on tv or dating pornstars or shits..

otherwise every thirsty gay guy at your workplace will be making horny calls at you in front of everyone.

and everyday it will happen.

not fun.

hope the lesson is learned kids.
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link to tonights bb? Aug 2, 2018
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link to bb20 stream plz? Jul 22, 2018
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why is rockstar so hated? Jul 21, 2018
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just out of curiosity Jul 10, 2018
why isnt the simple life considered on here as THE best reality show EVER?
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