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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is hellocat

A proud liberal. "In A world where you can be anything, Be Kind"
Hellocat - Best Tengager for Online Empathy and Justice

people like hellocat are truly the WORST type of people. - Aquamarine

so im using this time to let you know i dont like you, i never did, and i think its pathetic that you're a school teacher that teaches children yet you're the most petty, bitchy, whiny, fake, annoying, grumpy person i've met in this whole group - NicoleF

Joined Site: 16th December 2015
Left Site: TBD
Became host of BETA on 19th July 2020

Achieved White on 16th December 2015 馃樅
Achieved Yellow on 16th February 2016 馃樃
Achieved Orange on 30th April 2018 馃樃
Achieved Light Green on 13th September 2020 馃樃
Achieved Dark Green on 18th November 2020 馃悎
Achieved Blue on 31st December 2020 馃樆

Survivor History:
Ian's Survivor: Disub艒do- 1/20
Cutthroat Survivor: Angel Falls 1/18 (29/226th best player)
Inducted to JB'S HOF on 5/1/2021
Survivor: Egypt*- 2/16
BigBens Survivor: Israel- 2/16
Suitmans Survivor: Maluku- 7/18
Wills Survivor: Senegal- 8/18 *Hero Of Season*
Suitmans Survivor: Whakaari- 19/20

JRBB12: The Sunset - 9/16

TSC Statistics
Participated: 66
Wins: 2
Top 5: 7
Top 10: 18
DNQ: 15

Entries this year:
TSC 423: Astr忙a "Tonight I Run" (DNQ)
TSC 424: Noga Erez "You So Done" (12th)
TSC 425: Charlotte Cardin "Meaningless" (2nd)
TSC 427: Dana Hourani "Enti Ana" (DNQ)
TSC 428: Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos "Rena Rama Ding Dong" (20th)
TSC 429: Sam Creighton "Smile" (16th)
TSC 430: Sarah McTernan x HalfTraxx "Losing You" (28th)
TSC 431: Jungle "Keep Moving" (3rd)
TSC 432: KAMILLE "Mirror Mirror" (9th)

Huge fan of Da'Vonne

My Games 207 games played

20 Apr, 21
22 Nov, 20
26 Sep, 20
27 Dec, 18
27 Dec, 18
26 Dec, 18
26 Dec, 18

My Blog Check my blog!

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