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13 Dado22, Nov 7, 2018

Tag two people and I'll tell you who I prefer 👼😈
I prefer Thumper91
I prefer Paul028
I prefer #Jenna2010
I prefer #GrrrImABear
I prefer #Admin
I prefer #Peace123
I prefer #s73100


Random.org TGBB20 (14)

64 disneygeek, Jun 16, 2017

Eviction Order:
4th- #Jenna2010
5th- #deshonBANNEDISBACK
6th- #zachboy967
7th- #Libanz00
8th- #aj1111
9th- #Darriusdabest
10th- #Queenisha
11th- #GentlemanG
12th- #QueenBec
13th- #jojo7784
14th- #Streamx
15th- #BrainJak
16th- #skylord
By a vote of 2-2, Random.org broke the tie and #Jenna2010 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH Part 1 Winner- Girllover101
HoH Part 2 Winner- ImGonnaWin
Final HoH- Girllover101
Final Noms- FrozenShadow09 & ImGonnaWin
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).
Ask to be tagged:


Who do you

12 KyleDile, May 18, 2015

associate me with - and maybe i'll say who i associate you with :3
stealing from literally every1 on the blogs page
Zachbbs - #Jenna2010
Thejoe - #Vanili
Christossss - #Marwane
Justme - #Johneh
Tetsuya - #Mikayla
Jeffwinger - #Jenna2010
Skootereyz - I don't know sorry =[
Krrais - #Christossss


Queens of Tengaged Season 1: Week 10

4 AliciaNever, Jul 27, 2014

By a vote of 13 to 9, Queen #Jenna2010 as been evicted and received 8th Place.
16th - Icing (3-1 against #jenzie)
15th - trishytrash (8-4 against #jenzie)
14th - Bridgette77 (4-1 against #Megan)
13th - STOKES2009 (3-0 against #Megan)
12th - BBlover96 (5-3 against #gagaluv)
11th - SexyBanana (12-5 against #Elvira)
10th - aimers (2-1 against #Jenii_Valenta)
9th - Thumper91 (4-2 against #Jouix)
8th - Jenna2010 (13-9 against #jenzie)
HoH: #gagaluv
Pre-Veto Noms: #Megan & #Elvira
Veto Winner: #Elvira
Post-Veto Noms: #Megan & #Jouix
#QueensOfTengaged #bb16 #rookies #stars #casting


just bought silver

72 CutieAmy, Jan 13, 2014

pyn for an honest opinion :D
#jenna2010 i remember how i admired u for always spamming for #gagaluv .. i  was like this girl is really genuine if she is willing to help her friends when they need some .From there, we started talking once in a while after ur stars with #jouix in which #maxi1234 got 3rd lmao and we bounded quickly :') and now i consider u as mu friend :P and ty for letting me join ur frat ^_^
#macken OMG that group game that was hosted by #witz was the best game i have ever had in tg.. like ever LOL it was so cute going in chatzy together trying to solve the clues .. ur so sweet, smart and genuine and i hope nothing but the best for u :)
#Thumper91 i use to think ur a complete bitch lol dk why exactly :xxx then u posted a blog saying i need new friends so i mailed u and since then we have been bffs < 3 i love you slut from the bottom of my heart :D U always there to help ppl with their charities which obvs makes u the sweetest girl in TG ;)
#Simplyobsessed LMAO ur blogs are life for me.. they are literally the air i breathe :P what else .. oh u got robbed from ur last stars :'( ur so funny in many ways, u try to be original in ur blogs and u have a cute sense of humour < 3
#Carlisle my british gay twink Lol < 333 i enjoy our skype convos a lottttt .. u have like the sweetest personailty on TG :x but u do also have a bitchy side :P jk u cant even afford one LOL So yeh thank god u mailed me first on TG otherwise i dont think we would ever become such good friends :D
#Skyler_TW R.I.P iconic frat :'( jkkk thank god that shit is history #jbc8 was the worst frat president smh. Its sad that we dont talk much because i do feel that ur a special person .. sucks that u dont log on on skype that much anymore.. maybee ur on invisible Lol who knows :o so like change that :P maybee u will be free in the summer for some chat :)
#xoxokiller ugh i dk what to say because we dont have special memories together =[ but i guess i will make an avi rating :P i like the hair and for some reason it goes well with the BG lips are gorge and they match both hair and BG :D but iam not sure about the jacket :S maybee buy a gold dress from shops once u see one but u def need to save for eyes first ^_^
#TheSexiestDude990 thank god u switched to this account tbh.. idk for some reason i didnt like u on ur other account . The call i joined with u #boots22 , #Booyahhayoob and #mattkwon1 was my first skype call and i will be forever frateful :') ur so sweet and u love to talk about stars on calls Lol and i use to get annoyed by that :S i remember watching ur stars vlog and i think that was the first ever stars vlogs i have see. Ur a fierce competitor and i think ppl need to watch out from u once u join next weeks stars.. in case u did it !
#obscurity i use to think ur a complete self observed asshole LoooL but i figured through time that u just dont take this site seriously :P hmm what else .. ohh u and #teddybear should get..



3 Meyaar, Jul 20, 2013

if you want to join stars tonight with


DAY 13 : Survivor gift giveaway

1 KyleDile, Jun 4, 2013

ellebellx13        1
lonelypuppie        1
regularise        1
sprtsgy1989        2
chicaaaa        1
foxox        2
kellyt20        2
runaway        1
19th: #Jenna2010
20th: #Justme
21st: #Gagaluv
23rd: #Iqura
24th: #Spookie
25th: #Atti12
26th: #Hmzz
27th: #Manda17_xoxo
28th: #Tigger
29th: #Disneygeek
30th: #Jenzie



103 RoseMaria, Apr 12, 2013

Post your name and I'll tell you what I honestly think about you!! No bull shit or anything :D
I'll try and write a paragraph but if I just don't know you I'm sorry it probably won't happen :(
smuguy2012 - Hiii Sometimes I think you're freaking crazy, but it's just cause you take games so seriously as I do and I love it ♥ I do love playing games with you even though we've had an up and down friendship it's always nice to have you there and thank you for being a great friend! :)
Haliem24 - I don't really know you but you win my love for posting on my blog :D
Sweetheart95 - I used to be convinced that you were the cutest thing that's ever walked this Earth, but then it faded away and faded fast :P But I still love you and I do miss talking to you. I feel like you hate me now :( Idk you're just annoying in castings but I am sure I was super annoying too!! It's hard not to be when you are just trying so hard to go for that win!! ♥ Love you Michael! :* I hope we can play more non casting games together and good luck in the hunger games! :)
Aes222aes - I feel like you freaking hate me but it's okay :P I loved playing survivor with you even though we got 10-0d you're a great challenge player and you take frookies seriously and I respect you for that! Even if we aren't always on the same side :P
CarlaB1 - I used to love you when I was Prince_Charming but then you disappeared off the face of this Earth :( I've missed you my Irish Mama!! ♥
NickP - Ugh I don't know you  but you earn my love for posting on my blog :D
Nattie - LOL You got that ugly hair into auctions lol I loved it. I loved playing that frookies with you and I can't wait to play more games with you! :)
Boots22 - I love talking to you cause you always act like you love me and it's nice to talk to people like that xD Friendly people are always my favorite ♥
Damo1990 - You hate me for no reason which makes me hate you. k.
Tigger - We used to be so close :( But you PUSHED US AWAY. You dont ever talk to me anymore and I don't even want your ratchett ass gifts :( I just miss TIGGER ♥
Runner430 - LMFAO we used to be kinda close but not anymore :( I do love talking to you though because you always crack me up!! Just seeing you post on here made me smile so message me and we'll talk more go go go!! xD
1Swampy8 - Ugh fuck you. I don't think we've ever had a conversation before a day in our lives but you've always had one of the best avatars in my personal opinion. I love the Link thing with the fairy ♥ Okay hi :P
Vitamin - I used to fear playing castings with you I always thought you were some multi that would hate me since you would always win win win but it's funny because we met in a castings right before I joined stars!! We are kinda friends but dont really..


What De..

1 Iqura, Apr 2, 2013

#jenna2010 banned :o
Why? ;(


The Nicest Person On Tengaged? (Put Their..

37 LoganWorm, Sep 29, 2012

Put the name of the nicest person on Tengaged, I'll keep a tally. :)
ONE person only. If you vote multiple people, the first vote will be accounted for and the rest won't.
Kavalle: 2 Votes (From: Baseball12 & AliciaNever)
amylou8251: 2 Votes (From: benner_2304 & RitaBlankets)
TheSexiestDude990: 2 Votes (From: jakehou97 & Booyahhayoob)
TheMB305: 1 Vote (From: himself)
PrincessTeePee: 1 Vote (From: Presumed)
Jacob_96: 1 Vote (From: marcuscrowe10)
supergoten: 1 Vote (From: TaySwifCarrUnd33)
Janelle_Pierzina: 1 Vote (From: Wrightnacho)
GagaLuv: 1 Vote (From: RHINO_47)
STOKES2009: 1 Vote (From: Horror_Bull_710)
RHINO_47: 1 Vote (From: GagaLuv)
kerrinrobertson: 1 Vote (From: ThePhenomenalOne)
aperboy24: 1 Vote (From: PeachThePug42)
damo1990: 1 Vote (From: MarthaSpeaks)
#Jenna2010: 1 Vote (From: #sexyman4567)
#Diva1: 1 Vote (From: #JoshJosh123)
#Wrightnacho: 1 Vote (From: #Janelle_Pierzina)
#BigBruv: 1 Vote (From: himself)
#Awesome233: 1 Vote (From: himself)
#Booyahhayoob: 1 Vote (From: #yoshi9999)


Kindly PYN

49 Mrlincoln2u, Aug 2, 2012

And I will tell you my honest first impression of you xoxo
Brittanyy - I thought you were a bitch because you back stabbed me in a game like ages ago. But now your my BFFL on this site and I love you xoxo
Zoeygasms - You seem nice, I guess
Sweetheart95 - I thought you were a sweetheart tbh xoxo
vh1luvr15 - I remember you were in a stars and I wanted you to win, but I dont think we talked before :'(
babebee - Your really good at vetos and you seem quiet.
Jouix - I think we didn't like each other at one point, But I just thought you were just normal..
Teddybear - I watched your vlog and you made me wanna throw up rainbows you were so adorable :) and your pretty. 
william3 - You blog alot. Seem very chill. But I noticed you get really upset in games. Lol As most of us do.
Jazmyna - Very out there... To a point were its like EXTREME attention seeking.
DanielKennedy111 - Adorable, And you speak really fast sometimes.
finklestein123 - Your pretty funny.
TaylorStLouis - Thought you were a nice girl
bengalboy - Very entertaining
Lamb - Your nice, Haven't really talked to yah
MrAuzzieAustin - We played some game together, You seemed normal
Lemonface - I though you were a little rude before I went on call with you and danny. Then I realized you were pretty chill.
IDGAF - I thought you were a bit snobby and conceited, but your still pretty chill.
Beth222 -I don't really know you, But im sure your a nice girl.
_JB_ - Pretty normal kid :)
Austin - You seem really nice, Very drama free imo. Cool person to just chat with.
politics - Seemed very smart I suppose.
Robinhood99 - You seem really quiet. Not very talkative on tengaged.
Alexryder - You seem like and ok person. You blog a lot :S
michael222 - You seem normal..
Don_Draper - You actually seem like your really funny and you seem like someone i would want to be friends with :)
Inkread - You have a really funny personality. (y)
Snowgirl57 - You seem very young.
KingB24 - You seem like a pretty nice guy reading the blogs you made. Someone i would talk to.
Scheuerman14 - You seem a bit vulgar. Lol. but im sure if i got to know you id think differently.
MoooCoww - I think your fierce to be honest. And I like the signs and pics you take.
#Jenna2010 - Your very sweet, really good at veto's and your always willing to help out an underdog in frookies :)
#Snowskier121 - We use to play games together and be friends. What happened :( ! Nonetheless i thought you were a pretty cool guy.
#Awesomedude - Hi :)
#Lonelypuppie - I thought you..



54 khart92, Jun 17, 2012

and I'll tell you if I would...
Hug, kiss, marry or fuck you
Dzenan00 - hug
Imthtawesom - kiss, to piss Sam off (sun)
MyLovelyNothing - hug
Vitamin - kiss to piss Isiah off (sun)
finklestein123 - marry, duh FinKhart bitch
RandomRawr2 - hug
Nick24678 - hug
sammyforeverr94 - marry, c'mon HIMYM marathons together.
babiicakes - kiss
Robbster1313 - kiss, cause I owe you one from when I was a newb
NotAfraid - kiss
Insanity - hug
awesome2210 - you get a hug, only because you would try something with any of the others lol
Mikey04wp - hug and then marriage
Austin - Marry, we can do dancing vlogs together and show everyone how white we are lol
Tits_McGee - hug, cause I'm not getting the wrath of Sandy lol
AceSurvivor - hug
DinoM - I will go gay for one night and say fuck you
connorthomson - marry, cause I want to learn more about soccer
chicaaaa - this is the easiest one yet lol, all of the above and more :*
amartin - kiss
amf7410 - hug
potatoman4 - hug
CocoaBean - hug
Hannah_Banks2250 - marry, cause we already have babies
william3 - hug
RasGrand - hug
conza1994 - kiss, to piss hannah off (sun)
tyboy618 - hug
Butcher - hug
#Jenna2010 - marry
#Phenomanimal - marry, I gotta learn some french first though kty
#peaccealexxa - kiss
#hMzz - hug
#_Aria - kiss
#ladylizard - kiss
#mikec51 - hug
#Tiffanii - fuck
#Etienne - oh I would totes marry you bitch
#danny - going to do a favor and marry you so you don't have to deal with the chicks on here anymore...you're welcome
#TomC20 - hug
#danio - hug
#tommarkoliver - kiss
#kelly_joanne - kiss
#enzolover23 - hug
#dansterdan - kiss
#Pepper - totes going to marry you
#ajg31397 - hug
#XSaiX - hug
#Anas - since you asked so nicely, you get a kiss
#avatar3939 - hug

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