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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is quarantine made me do it

i'm jess aka #owlb0ned and please don’t spam me
Add me on discord Jessssss#5808

Survivor8 11 min ago
Thank you for calling the California clinic for the ugly youth of America, Jess speaking how can I help you?
i wish i wish with all my heart that jess would send me her titties that are a work of art
Sent by brookie_cookie,May 30, 2021

Robynn 6 min ago
Brig is a queen <3

Halley 9 min ago
no matter what, brige carried fasting on his back, didn't give up, fought against the impossible, played a lot, it's a shame that tengaged doesn't recognize players like that and the prizes are so bad, that's what makes the game spin and Jess served a lot !!! It is still the biggest icon of this fasting. Thanks for serving drama, justice, friendship, and good conversations! I hope I can see you in other games and that it can be good for both of us!

Day3 HOH DripTeejay has selected final nominees JohnPopper and brightongal
minie - brightongal - Jess is boobs and boobs is Tsunade. And you both drink a lot too. Honestly, thats the second person I would relate myself to as well.

jj99 - brightongal - your iconic stint in my group game where i genuinely considered risking my reputation for rigging the season for you despite the fact that you clearly didn't care about the game until your last 2 or so rounds

jj99 - joey65409 - kinda similar to jess except i *do* think you cared about the game, but were also nowhere near as iconic as jess and her audio confessionals (love u tho)

Fabulous people
Jun 22, 2021 by abrogated
Nicest person on Tengaged brightongal

Survivor8 0 min ago
im 10 inches deep in owlb0ned

mexash — Today at 9:46 PM
Jess boyfriend so happy she got 30th

I agree I was rude. But if you're gonna act cunty you're gonna be called a cunt.
Sent by Survivor8,Jul 2, 2021

DJ - brightongal - JESS! Definitely one of my oldest and best friends on this site. I remember England Jess, Texas Jess, and now California Jess with no accent. Idt we've ever argued and have always gotten along, and I'm happy for that b/c you are one of the coolest people left in this cesspool. Whether it's playing habbo or getting destroyed in frookies when going in 7 deep, I know I can always count on you for a good time and a bad placement in a game! :)

Danielkennedy111 - good you are one of my favorite people on earth. just a genuine soul who deserves the world.

Fabulous queen
Jul 3, 2021 by abrogated
brightongal is an amazing dancer and is a tiktok star. She hates the desperate horny perverts. We both laugh at a certain horny pervert
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semajdude 0 min ago
Shut up jess go get fucked by dru again u fucking slutbag

Jasmina 6 min ago
You talking about brighton? she's one of the fakest bitches I know

just from the way you look i know if i ever met you in real life i would hate you so fucking much it's very aesthetically powerful
Sent by Absol,Jul 17, 2021

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