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Hello, my name is jeddie is my multi <3

hello, my name is Purrie not PurrrrrvatiS

jed/iamremedy ❀ 02 / 10 / 18 - FOREVER

"love comes and goes but #purdie is forever" 😈

Tengaged Bday --> July 7th 2013

Guigi - 2018-07-25 2:22 AM
> purrie you're a very nice looking gal but you need to get yo attitude check lady

Felipe - 2018-07-05 5:22 AM
> Ugh you're acting like a blonde gal purrie ;(

jeddybear (remedy) - 01-15-18 1:19 AM
> you're a bad girl purrie but you have stolen my heart <3 you bad girl

FelipeS 1 min ago
you missed a key while trying to be funny.

Ranked on 10/14/15 (700th) --> 1314 karma
Highest Rank: 320th

Top Fashionista:
πŸ”ΉοΈJuly 26th 2014
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Creds to FelipeS for the gif 😎

I also placed 11th on game #111111

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-08-04 12:10 AM
> purrie is mean to me and I love her for it

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-08-04 12:10 AM
> mommy and daddy I have fallen for a mean girl

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-07-17 6:16 AM

🐱 Purrie 🐱 Doll - 2018-07-17 6:18 AM

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-07-17 6:18 AM

🐱 Purrie 🐱 Doll - 2018-07-17 6:19 AM
> oh wait nvm

I love my siblings 😍😍😍
Karen my sestra and Felipe my brat

β™‘ GUIGI β™‘
ILY and no matter what happens on here you will always have that #1 spot on my friend list!!!!!!!

Day9 HOH FighterMan has nominated ParvatiS and Guigi
Day9 Participants evicted Guigi

Evaa1996 0 min ago
OMG YES 😍😍😍 Let's win some comps and get the revenge

Guigi 1 min ago
parv you're such a douche

Paige5459 2 min ago
Parv you're such a douche

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-08-04 3:52 AM
> parv you’re such a douche


iamremedy 1 min ago
i am really super obsessed with you

iamremedy 1 min ago
me when I take purrie too seriously :(

iamremedy 2 min ago
someone please help purrrie, jeddie is chasing her ughhhhh

iamremedy 0 min ago
i should put you on my christmas tree then it will look like the best christmas tree in the world

iamremedy 3 min ago
hey purrie my Christmas tree looks nice but I need it to look better can I hang you up on it right now ?

iamremedy 1 min ago
it’s so true purrie only you can light up a Christmas tree <33

FelipeS 9 hours ago

FelipeS 11 hours ago

iamremedy 0 min ago
I am subscribed to purrie’s blogs

iamremedy 1 min ago
every time you blog I get a notification on my phone lmao

Minniemax 0 min ago
i love purrie :)

BadKaren - 2018-07-08 2:10 PM
> I want to be Purrie

BadKaren - 2018-07-08 2:10 PM
> Who doesn't want to be Purrie?


Jul 3, 2018 06:54:18
No title
How can I be a part of your profile ?

Silver09 0 min ago
Parvati post me on your page

FelipeS 0 min ago
i wish someone would cum me for me but now we have mods.......

FelipeS 0 min ago
oh nvm i can cum me for myself i love that, i thought it was cunt me you were talking about

ShootingStarz 1 min ago
Parvati you are seriously my role model on tengaged xD i look up to you as a player. i sound like an ass kisser but its whatever.

TheUncanny 2 min ago
"i have a joke. what do you call a person who creeps on our parvati here? a PARVert lol"

Guigi 0 min ago
Parvatis you a stupid hoe

[4/02/18, 12:19:32 AM] jeddybear (remedy): purrie the eyes on the tg Avi are bigger than the boobs

jeddybear (remedy) - 2018-08-21 8:25 PM
> yeah I was holding a jadelle when we were talking

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