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Hello, my name is King

[11/4/17, 1:16:50 PM] Calvin ツ: Remember when Chris was loved by all of tg
[11/4/17, 1:16:56 PM] Calvin ツ: And now he is the scum of the site

Cute Things My Friends Have Said About Me :

You're my brother irl why the fuck do you want a quote

My baby chris through the ups and downs you have always been by my side with you its nothing serious we are just messing around for the whole day you are a person i feel like i can tell anything even tho you have a big mouth sometimes ;) but really i love you so much and i dont know how i would go on without your adorable accent. now before i get to sweet and i repeat myself 10x in this blog like most nice messages do im going to stop I LOVE YOU remember have fun dont drown use protection
~ #saraj10

Chris matey! a TRUE king <33
You are literally one of my v best mates on this site, it's unreal how good you are fr fr !
You were actually the person , back in my late 2017 noob days, who I thought was the shit on tengaged and actually have always looked up to you on the site sorta, always appreciated you millions man. We played a few times, but didn't actually talk properly until you left tg lmaooooo xd. You've got humour like no others, an all round legend, I have such mad respect for you broski, I fr hope you never change you are just soooooo good lmaoooo. Love destroying games with you as #Winston and #Tyler ;) hope we can for much longer in future. Someone I deffo hope to stay in contact with for a long while, appreciate that you have always been nothing but great for me. A legend. A brother. A mate. A king. <33
~ #j2999

Our friendship will always be like the shit i poop out after eating a burrito: beautiful and never ending. <3

Chris You are my bestfiend on this website. I have known you for 6 or so months now and tbh this has been the best 6 months I have had on this site in the whole 3 or so years I was here. you are such a nice and caring person and I owe u so much! You are the bestfriend any can ask for and I am so grateful . You are always here for me when I need u and ugh words cant describe how much you mean 2 me ! I cant wait to meet up with you in a year or 2 and I am 100% sure we will be life long friends Ily ~

I love you...LIL chris your one of my best friends on tengaged and Im honestly so glad that I met a stud like you! I hope we continue to be great friends! Also we def need to hunger again sometime broski! And lastly LEAFS>SENS

CHRIS, you are the Tyler to my Kaycee. We are the power duo tengaged doesn't deserve. People really don't know whats coming for them. I am really happy I won that stars raffle because if I didn't, I wouldn't have joined stars and we probably wouldn't be as close as we are now. Behind that competitive and cocky exterior, you are a really great guy and I love playing games with you and talking about game of thrones :)
~ #Bluejay7622

C stands for confident. H stands for hilarious. R stands for real. I stands inspiring. S stands for stylish. T stands for trustworthy. O stands for original. S stands for stud. Put it all together and what do you get? CHRISTOS! <3 I love you and you are always a breath of fresh air to talk to and are living proof that there are decent users on Tengaged. I can't believe I have the honor to go on your page, this is better than winning a Grammy. I LOVE YOU AMIGO!!! <3
~ #titoburitto

This was definitely one of the hardest things I had to experience on Tengaged. Me and you nominated against each other was our biggest fear that sadly turned into a reality. We worked so well together, it was like Peanut butter and Jelly, it just worked. We needed each other and it was so hard on me when you got evicted because I was left with no allies I could trust. If it was me who got evicted instead of you, it would have been you here in the Final 3. I'm also thankful because we've gotten extremely close these past few days. Thank you for encouraging me to do good and win it for the both of us. You are one of my best friends and i'm pretty blessed to call you one of them. We will meet up so soon and party together alright? ;) I love you bud and thank you for everything.

Hey chris :) it's just so strange sometimes when we don't talk but when we start again its always like we've been talking for days, i know what that means, you are one of my best friends on here and i am glad to meet you and not just because of that, you are the most fun, caring, friendly person i met on here and if its not because of you i wouldnt be getting close to the people i wasnt before, since you're in affinity i have been more open to people and i am always having fun because of you.. sometimes youre a bitch though! but thats ok because it means we could bully each other and it's always fun, i dont know if people dont get you but you are for me one of the funniest tengagers too you literally make me piss my pants of laughing quite a ton of times and if i wasnt too lazy my profile wouldve been filled with all your quotes, ok this is getting too long i just want to say that i love you so much and i feel so lucky to have an amazing friend like you, i hope we can continue this friendship until we get old, keep going brother

Chris ma boy! my little bro! I love you so much! I know we have only known each other for like .. a month now? but you're 1 of my best friends on this site! we literally go on call every night - although most of the time you add me to calls with disgusting people.... which shows that I love you because if I didn't I would probably not join them!!. You are super cute and funny! and I'll always be here for you if you need to talk to someone! so yaaa this is it :) love ya bro :*

How to define Chris? First you have to say that it’s someone who will bring you entertainment, good laugh and some gay flirt! I’m joking for the last part (mmmh I think! :*) but yeah, you are really someone smart and your french “est excellent” haha. You could for sure make a turtle love you if she could log on skype and hear your voice! I’m also happy to see some normal people on tengaged lol! I’m still jealous that you got a skin on league while I’m still with my casual skins but that will not stop me to beat your sorak-ass!
Love ya Christo! :*

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#Stars 545 : 1st Place (43.5% over 40.6%)

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AustinRules6969 55.3%
christossss 44.7%

christossss 49.2%
Phenomanimal 50.8%

#Stars388 - 1st place (42% over 36.5%)



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