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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Arris

I don't know what to put on this blog rn, but time for a little rebranding (:

My Games 326 games played

Day 5
3 May, 21
27 Apr, 21
26 Apr, 21
19 Apr, 21
15 Mar, 21
10 Mar, 21
4 Mar, 21

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  3. ME!(h)
  4. Do you like
  5. What time on the average
  6. Can you imagine
  7. Random thought of a day
  8. UK is kinda extra not gonna lie
  9. I have no issue with
  10. Good Morning :)
  11. working on saturday (:
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  14. my 4 days off is over
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  19. pyn if ur watching
  20. I stand by 20 post castings!

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