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Whodunnit? (S1: Hallow Manor)

Welcome to Hallow Manor. Thirteen guests have been invited to take part in a mystery game, but what they don’t know is that they won’t just be solving any mystery, but the mystery of murder within their own group! And worse yet, the killer is among them!!!

Each round, a player is murdered. This will open up the investigation to one of three areas, typically the Morgue, Crime Scene and Last Known Whereabouts. Players will also compete in a Riddle challenge for a bonus clue exclusive to them and those they choose to share it with.

Once the investigation and riddle is complete, players will then be tasked with explaining the murder. The players who do the best will be Spared, while those who fail to live up to expectations will be Scared. Out of the Scared players, at least one will be killed.

The process continues until the finale, in which one player will be deemed the Killer’s Greatest Adversary and become the WINNER of Whodunnit!

SV: Alex/Ghrocky100 (Killed in episode 1 via drowning)
11th: Tris/TMAN5445 (Killed in episode 2 via Hawaiian Koa Club stabbing)
10th: Times/Times_Places (Removed due to personal reasons)
9th: Elian/Elian (Killed in episode 3 via staircase fall)
8th: Arek/Arris (Killed in episode 4 via epinephrine overdose)
7th/6th: Ahmad/Midiaw (Killed in episode 5 via sword stab)
7th/6th: Stuart/Stuartlittle16 (Killed in episode 5 via sword stab)
5th: Vincent/VinSincent (Killed in episode 6 via throat slash)
4th: Ray/GentlemanG (Killed in episode 6 via hanging)
3rd: Mac/Macda27 (Killed in Finale via hanging)
2nd: Hoop/lhooper902976 (Killed in Finale via aerosol arsenic)
KILLER: Tina/Purplebb4
WINNER: Nathan/Matedog1209

Featured Players 11 playing

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S1: Hallow Manor - Awards!
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Round Seven: Finale
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Vincent's Murder: Scared or Spared
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Riddle Six: Vincent's Murder
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931 days 11 hours ago
Round Six: Burning Up
12 postsCreated by zorbo678 on 939 days 10 hours ago
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937 days 16 hours ago

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Whodunnit? (S1: Hallow Manor)

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