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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thApr 7, 2024 by Arris
if you wanna be gifted, but you gotta say why should I gift you heh


Gift me cause you’re a twat and I put up with you
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 7, 2024
Me because we’re partners duh
Sent by ZacPed,Apr 7, 2024
mindreva, cause she’s the best
Sent by Laura21,Apr 7, 2024
gift me cuz u bully me on snap
Sent by iSandeh,Apr 7, 2024
Because I had a really crappy week and we’ve been friends ages :)
Sent by Yonaka,Apr 7, 2024
I would like to be gifted because, unlike these other bitches who are commenting on your blog being desperate as fuck... I actually showed up to your blogs before and left comments without asking anything in return. Because I wanted to know what you were thinking/doing.
Sent by Alisowned,Apr 7, 2024
Yo no quiero regalos, la que realmente lo quiere es Laura21 . Ella merece que le regales porque esta siempre pendiente de todos y nunda de ella misma. Seria un honor para la comunidad de .es que Laura21 reciba ese regalo
Sent by mindreva,Apr 7, 2024
Because it's my,bday soon ! April 27th!
Sent by MarieEve,Apr 7, 2024
Me Arris I'm nice and rarely nice to the boys i support u! I wanted u 2 win stars which u did! Make complements to each other all the time! Pls consider Vic aka (cassidy) 4 a gift. Also ty for saying u would save me on ur ask me!
Sent by victoriaclark12,Apr 7, 2024
Also my bday is april 16th MarieEve, closer than urs
Sent by victoriaclark12,Apr 7, 2024
Because I haven’t made a stars final and I’m a bottom
Sent by A_La_Fac,Apr 7, 2024
Me because i spent hours trying to design your sweater for you that one time lol
Sent by cswaggerr,Apr 7, 2024
Me because I'm a sweetheart with little designs
Sent by Santu,Apr 7, 2024
Gift me candy couture cause you and i both have cutieamy as number 3 friend
Sent by Minie,Apr 8, 2024
Me because i LOVE u
Sent by BrianGonzalez,Apr 8, 2024

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