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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is LindsayMiaw ❤️

mejor rango: 180th (10/02/24)

My .es account :

Wins :
Fastings (18)
Casting (8)
Frookies (21)
Rookies (12)
Survivor (26)
Streak : 5
Hunger: 2nd
Stars: 4th

Harley 0 min ago
you have won my heart what else you want

Day1 HOH BrianGonzalez has nominated anaviva and GeorgeFlair
Day1 POV Moutinho18 didn't save anybody from the block
Day1 Participants evicted anaviva
Day2 HOH PrincessKandi2014 has nominated GeorgeFlair and Ryon246
Day2 POV BrianGonzalez didn't save anybody from the block
Day2 Participants evicted GeorgeFlair
Day3 HOH BrianGonzalez has nominated ijbol and Ryon246
Day3 Participants evicted ijbol
Day4 HOH Bigjon21 has nominated eIudeIu and Javi
Day4 POV Moutinho18 has saved eIudeIu from the block
Day4 HOH Bigjon21 has selected final nominees BrianGonzalez and Javi
Day4 Participants evicted Javi
Day5 HOH BrianGonzalez has nominated Bigjon21 and Ryon246
Day5 Participants evicted Bigjon21
Day6 HOH stanleyhouseseven has nominated eIudeIu and Moutinho18
Day6 POV BrianGonzalez didn't save anybody from the block
Day6 Participants evicted eIudeIu
Day7 HOH AbioticSand has nominated Moutinho18 and Ryon246
Day7 POV BrianGonzalez didn't save anybody from the block
Day7 Participants evicted Moutinho18
Day8 HOH BrianGonzalez has nominated WilliamGonzales and Ryon246
Day8 POV WilliamGonzales has saved WilliamGonzales from the block
Day8 HOH BrianGonzalez has selected final nominees PrincessKandi2014 and Ryon246
Day8 Participants evicted Ryon246
Day9 HOH stanleyhouseseven has nominated AbioticSand and WilliamGonzales
Day9 POV WilliamGonzales has saved WilliamGonzales from the block
Day9 HOH stanleyhouseseven has selected final nominees PrincessKandi2014 and AbioticSand
Day9 Participants evicted PrincessKandi2014
Day10 HOH AbioticSand has nominated stanleyhouseseven and WilliamGonzales
Day10 POV BrianGonzalez has selected: 3rd stanleyhouseseven and 4th WilliamGonzales, now jury must select the winner

Absolutely has sponsored BrianGonzalez with arrows

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My Games 780 games played

15 Feb, 24
Day 4
22 Feb, 24
Day 6
21 Feb, 24
Day 5
20 Feb, 24
14 Feb, 24
14 Feb, 24
14 Feb, 24

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