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Hello, my name is BomberV's Slayla

I choose kindness💓

Anoreoz897 is my bestest friend ever 💓 I adore him so much

Temponeptune is my life saver, and my husband #011817

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  2. I will never understand vote
  3. You could have all the proofvote
  4. Prince charming,vote
  5. Makin peanut butter cookiesvote
  6. Why are peoples body countsvote
  7. I used to never like
  8. How do you tell your parents
  9. Its only been a day
  10. Im a wrecking ball tonight
  11. Why cant people just
  12. You are perfect
  13. Hey babes
  14. I HATE when “rising stars”
  15. Hey Rando!!!
  16. Saddest thing is..
  17. Wheres my little ray of sunshine😭
  18. The only way this site
  19. Kinda want that kim top
  20. Yall have lost

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