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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Haylee boo

Raise above. Never sink.

馃幎I know you're trying to fight when you feel like flying馃幎

You should neverrrrrr have to prove yourself to anyone, on or offline! From what I've seen you are beautiful inside and out. - Tommy

You're lovely! I'm sure we've interacted before but this last week has especially shown me how amazing you are. You're super friendly, kind, passionate, sociable and gorgeous! I think you make a great, supportive friend and anyone that has you as one is lucky!- Tommy

Kaylabby Idk how many times I can say but I will continue to say how fucking loyal and kind you are. I want everyone to know that you鈥檙e an amazing person and I consider myself lucky to be friends with you - Wes

sosyomomma 7 hours 0 min ago
I want Kayla to win, she's sassy now I remember why I stanned that queen so hard

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