American Idol [SEASON ONE.]

Coming from professional host Kaseyhope101

And producers NicoleF & BluJay112

Taylor Swift (Kaseyhope101)
Ariana Grande (NicoleF)
Camila Cabello (Kaylabby)

Rules :
Basically, just audition as ANYONE (you will NOT be required to stick to the same celebrity throughout, you can change WHENEVER you’d want) and if you get 2 or more yes’es, you make it to Hollywood.

This will remain open untilI feel like it’s a good time to close. 30+, but whether or not people can audition multiple times will be TBD.

Hollywood Week :
Anyone who makes it will perform again, and the judges will narrow it down to 24.

TOP 24-TOP 12 :
The top 24 will be split into 2 groups of 12 (originally 12 men 12 women, but we’ll see how that turns out, I don’t like limiting people in this day and age!) and they’ll all perform. The judges will give it a rating 1 out of 10. The put together rating of all 3 judges and will be incorporated into the poll. There will be a poll that the public will vote on, and the results + the judges scores will be incorporated, and 2 members of each group will be voted out every round, based on their scores. This will happen for 3 rounds, and whether wildcards will be incorporated will be decided by top 12. The top 24 will introduce our mentor! But more on that ... later.

Top 12-Top 5 :
Every round will have a theme of sorts (or not), and each round every member will perform (later on more than once!) and each roundbthe judges will give it a rating out of 10, just like the top 24, and that will incorporate into the polls, just the same. But the bottom 2-3 will go into a tengaged “twitter save” poll - with an instant save performance, and whoever wins the Tengaged poll is safe. Then the bottom 2, the judges decide who gets to be safe and who is out for that week. That will continue until top 4.

Top 4-Top 3 :
Same as the Top 12-Top 5, without the Tengaged blog save or judges decision. It’s all polls and judges scores.

Finale :
The final 2 will perform multiples times with select final themes, and, to be fairer, the judges will vote for a winner before the poll - and that person will get extra bonus percentage points in the poll. But ultimately, the polls and ratings will still be the deciding factors.

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