Survivor 1: Aleipata Islands

All challenges are non-live and last 24 hours (or until completion)

For the first season in Jimbo's Survivor revival, we will be travelling to a chain of uninhabited Samoan islands. Here, in a location that sounds strikingly similar to a disease involving hair loss, 18 castaways will battle the elements and eachother, all for a chance at the completely arbitrary title of Sole Survivor online.

16 Players, 39 Days, 1 Survivor.

Fuafuaga Tribe - Pink Buffs
Violet (Violetx)
Zach (zachboy967)
Fred (Ferdinandz)
TJ (TJ2807)
Dylan (Dylangover1)

Malosi Tribe - Green Buffs
Azri (subfriend)
Kara (k4r4k)
Connor (laughingoutloud)
X (FireX)
Preston (Psquared)

Imfuyo Tribe - Black Buffs
Victoria (VictoriaW)
Michael-Caleb (Moondancer63)
Jerry (GerardoM13)
Cassandra (Scott13)
Jack (Jackjack55)

Featured Players 10 playing

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Tribal Council #1: Imfuyo
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Survivor 1: Aleipata Islands

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