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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is comeback // June 2018 //

When I first join:

Message me privately if you wanna stay in touch.

Stars 374: 15th
zachboy967 59.5%
brosky17 40.5%

**Groups I have Hosted**

Other Dimension University Season 2-4
Knighton Gale High Season 1-2
Johnson High Season One
The City Life S1-S4
Knighton Gale High Season Three
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season Three
Pitch it Right S1
Written in Red S1
Stranded in Red S2
Camp Greenwood S3
One Last Haunting S4

**Groups I've hosted**
Big Brother: A Winter Wonderland
Big Brother: A Battle for Vengeance
Survivor: Paraguay
Survivor: Belize
Survivor: Aral Sea
Survivor: All Stars

*Survivor Groups in 2014 I've played in*

Survivor Tuamotus Hosted by Bingo21, Placement: 4/16
Survivor Thailand Hosted by Ck11, Placement: 17/18.
Survivor Inda Hosted by BasketBall200 & Allicanceguy: 16/18
Survivor South Africa Hosted by User5: 10/18
Big Mike Daddy Season One 9/10
Janelle's Survivor El Salvador: 3/16 -First Finale-
Ian's Survivor Mynaar: 10/18
Dan's Survivor Palau: 14/18
Renegade's Survivor Cambodia: 16/16
Dono's Survivor Libya : 10/18
Link's Survivor Canada: 14/15
Dan's Survivor Germany: 12/16
SG1 Survivor Yucatan: 12/21
Obscurity Survivor Madagascar: 13/21
Survivor8 Survivor Greek Isles: 8/18
Suitman's Bigg Boss: 7/13
LoganWorm Survivor China: 14/18
TTJ Survivor Gulin; ?/18 -Cancelled but got Final 12-
Tut's Survivor Italy; ?/18 -Cancelled but got final 14-
Natalie Survivor Belize; 4/16
Connor's Survivor India; 2/16
Survivor233 Survivor Maldives; 13/20
Acyuta & RJ's Survivor: Pitcairn Islands; ?/16
Jayhawk's Survivor: Cambodia; 10/16
Ryan‘s Survivor Jamaica; ?/16
Nathan's Survivor Macedonia; 16/16
[S11] NJKoda's Survivor; Easter Island 12/16

-- 2015 Group Games --
Jacob_C Big Brother S5: 15/15
BigBen's Survivor Jordan S4: 11/18
Skype Survivor: Parameters Island S1: 1/12
Benlinus's Survivor Malaysia: 13/18
WP's Survivor Entira S13: 15/18

-- 2016 Group Games --
Cmack's Survivor S51: 2/16
Nano's Survvior S2 Australia: 14/16
ISS's Survivor S6- Mayotte: 8/16
SRS S8-Survivor Nepal: 2/12
Matt64's Survivor Madagascar: 11/16
Julian's Survivor S3-Pangaea: 12/19
Nano's Survivor S3 Romania : 10/16
Sebby's Fast Survivor S8: 2/12
M&Ns Survivor Hong Kong S3: 11/16
RSF S36 The Bachelor Pad: 13/30?
Connor Survivor Bhutan: 6/18
BestHeroD Survivor Honduras: 6/16
Gaiaphagee's Survivor S45: ??/16
ThePug's Fast Survivor S23: 6/12
ThePug's Last Man Standing S1: 5/10

-- 2017 Group Games --
Boneworks Survivor Arabian Shores: ??/18 -Canceled/@ Final 6-

--Applied For --
[S2: Machu Picchu]- Hosted by _JB_
Big Brother S3- Hosted by Jharrin7887
S16 Survivor Venezuela- Hosted by ItsOfficial
SURVIVOR: ALEIPATA ISLANDS - Hosted by sahmosean

-- RPGs 2016--
The Real Socialites of Las Vegas S2: Jacob Newman
Horror Story: Nightmare on Elm Street: Jacob Newman
One Tree Hill S6: Jacob Newman
Stuns Danaranoga S1: Jax Martins
Sunnydale S1: Nathaniel Waters
One Tree Hill S7: Jacob Newman
Hollywood University S2: Nathaniel Waters

-- RPGs 2017 --
The Dark Ones: Story 3: 14/24
WestTemp's Total Drama Island: ??/24 -Canceled-

-- Applied for --
Riverdale S3: Hosted by Rain848
London Lights S1: Hosted by beccajo16


My Games 885 games played

13 Jun, 17
9 Jun, 17
8 Jun, 17
6 Jun, 17
6 Jun, 17
1 Jun, 17
22 May, 17

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