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Hello, my name is Admir.

[7:47:28 PM] Ahmed 馃悕: I was in a shock when I got out of the airport in Dubai
[7:47:32 PM] Ahmed 馃悕: I thought I was in hell
[7:47:41 PM] Almendras: They will hunt him thinking he is a pig

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  1. What's the difference betweenvote
  2. Save my sexy ass. Xovote
  3. Okayvote
  4. Omg Adele slaughtered Avril Lavignevote
  5. When I'm boredvote
  6. Guess which user saidvote
  7. I had to sell my vacuum cleaner
  8. Can you check my account2nd
  9. I've seen 2 guys kissing today13th
  11. Zoo from my perspective2nd
  12. If god wanted gays13th
  13. Ahmed: im not gay3rd
  14. What do you see the most3rd
  15. I've never had a problem with .es or .br1st
  16. FINALLY4th
  17. Do you know what we've been sent?3rd
  18. Do I look like my avi irl? [PIC]2nd
  19. We've been sent good weather.2nd
  20. So basically 6th

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  11. temponeptune said: .. however his cunt friends @Admir and @Natepresnell always got jealous that he spent more time with me so they decided to hate on..
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