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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Admir

''What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?''

Player 042 Winner of Joee323's Squid Game: 22.10.2021.

My Games 516 games played

Day 8
26 Nov, 21
21 Nov, 21
16 Nov, 21
10 Nov, 21
7 Nov, 21
6 Nov, 21
5 Nov, 21

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  1. Holographica #127th
  2. I still don't understand8th
  3. This or that 9th
  4. pyn and I'll say if I find you annoying7th
  5. I guess joking about rape3rd
  6. I can be very awkward in public 6th
  7. Oh and btw9th
  8. Everyone who saves Clueliz8th
  9. In other news 6th
  10. Me playing Find me6th
  11. Stages of Tg friendships [VLOG]1st
  12. PYN and I'll say something about you5th
  13. It's not as simple as that1st
  14. Mods when they see4th
  15. When being chased by a bear7th
  16. Listen to me, 12th
  17. imagine coming home from work5th
  18. How are jokes about small dicks funny?3rd
  19. Sheep are such beautiful animals3rd
  20. So idk much about US politics3rd

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  1. KrisStory said: ..@admir @ratchett @salmaan @hisoka @stuartlittle16 @brightongal I’m so glad you guys see this for the tragedy that it is. ..
  2. Maxi1234 said: ..PYN..
  3. BrittBritt said: ..AWE @IceBeast and @Kristory would never neg a happy blog about me (idt). They are two amazing people. @Admir likes to th..
  4. MikeRORO said: ..@amandabynes @admir always gotta be someone offended by something..
  5. Lemjam6 said: ..king ok fuck you @admir or @krisstory..
  6. Lemjam6 said: ..or @admir ..
  7. Yawnha said: ..@admir not a bad idea..
  8. BenjaminB said: ..Thank you so much for the support..

Latest Actions

  1. Admir's bet on Thnksfrthmmrs won 76.0T$ in game #216003 1 hour
  2. Admir's bet on danyyboy67 won 76.0T$ in game #215989 1 day
  3. Admir bet on MsKathryne 38T$ in game #216075 1 day
  4. Admir's bet on teamclay won 76.0T$ in game #215980 1 day
  5. Admir bet on CocoVanderbilt 38T$ in game #216070 1 day
  6. Admir bet on Kentuckyy 38T$ in game #216065 1 day
  7. Admir's bet on BrianGonzalez won 76.0T$ in game #215975 1 day
  8. Admir answered a new question: 2 days
  9. Admir answered a new question: bitch 2 days
  10. Admir bet on zorbo678 38T$ in game #216039 2 days
  11. Admir bet on Thumper91 38T$ in game #216061 2 days
  12. Admir bet on Midiaw 38T$ in game #216064 2 days
  13. Admir's bet on jhoffheat won 76.0T$ in game #215957 2 days
  14. Admir added a comment on post "I was groomed on tengaged//My predator story//why i left" 2 days
  15. Admir added a comment on post "You aren't the biggest" 3 days


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38 to MsKathrynein #216075now playing
38 to CocoVanderbiltin #216070now playing
38 to Kentuckyyin #216065now playing
38 to Midiawin #216064now playing
38 to Thumper91in #216061now playing
38 to zorbo678in #216039now playing
38 to tylerorin #216032now playing
38 to GeorgeFlairin #216015now playing
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