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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Admir

My Games 502 games played

18 Jul, 21
14 Jul, 21
14 Jul, 21
9 Jul, 21
3 Jul, 21
28 Jun, 21
22 Jun, 21

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  1. omg it just clickedvote
  2. opinion?vote
  3. Olympic games and Big Brothervote
  4. No title
  5. Which one do you like more
  6. pyn and I'll say one word to you6th
  7. I can be very awkward in public
  8. Oh and btw9th
  9. Everyone who saves Clueliz8th
  10. In other news 6th
  11. Me playing Find me6th
  12. Stages of Tg friendships [VLOG]1st
  13. PYN and I'll say something about you5th
  14. It's not as simple as that1st
  15. Just to clarify14th
  16. Mods when they see4th
  17. When being chased by a bear7th
  18. Listen to me, 12th
  19. imagine coming home from work5th
  20. How are jokes about small dicks funny?3rd

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  1. iSandeh said: ..damn he got a bubble..
  2. iiCreazyGX said: ..PYN for a first impression!..
  3. gabrieltrezza said: ..@Admir..
  4. AliBonico said: ..the great lie of ohhayy. Stop harassing me..
  5. David2560 said: ..we want your cucumber..
  6. iSandeh said: ..Front Page Tag..

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  1. Admir's bet on GeorgeFlair won 68.0T$ in game #213983 2 hours
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  6. Admir added a comment on post "damn he got a bubble" 3 hours
  7. Admir bet on s73100 34T$ in game #214091 3 hours
  8. Admir blogged "Olympic games and Big Brother" 3 hours
  9. Admir added a comment on post "PYN for a first impression!" 3 hours
  10. Admir bet on Marilise 34T$ in game #214081 4 hours
  11. Admir bet on shawnpat7 34T$ in game #214090 4 hours
  12. Admir added a comment on post "love how" 4 hours
  13. Admir added a comment on post "When is ramadan?" 4 hours
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34 to s73100in #214091now playing
34 to shawnpat7in #214090now playing
34 to Marilisein #214081now playing
34 to BlueBarracudain #214068now playing
34 to StraightLooniein #214060now playing
34 to Testerin #214040now playing
34 to candy_landin #214039now playing
34 to tokioin #214023now playing
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