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38 m7md26, Jan 2, 2018

and ill say how i'd kill you because according to arris im a psychopath so lets put it to the test
#mastropola tear one eye out with a carving knife and let you watch a man eating piranha eat it, then your tongue, then finally just give you small wounds till you bleed to death
#Arris you will be given a batch full of cookies, then ill inject poison into your nerves that will paralyze you so you can watch as I skin you alive
#baileyboy1 Lets start by stretching the body using old fashion tools. Then ill inject bees into your blood vessels and see what happens. If that doesn't work we can end it with a classic stab so the bees can exit
#rellizuraddixion I am in the mood to throw acid at someone. Not the drug actual acid that will peel your skin. You can run around the room while I am, well you will be running as wolves will be in there with you.
#Ari_ I've always wanted to operate while someone's awake. How about a double hip replacement. Ill insert a few scorpions when i'm done before suturing you up. Let's see how long you'll survive?
#Icarus_Mark I'll speed your Heart Rate and raise your blood pressure with a lot of cardiac drugs. that will cause your brain to explode if done correctly, your hearts to fail, and your organs to deteriorate. It's pretty painful!
#Mickiejames22 and #XxLoveWakizaxX lets do a double death. One person will be hanging from a ceiling under a meat grinder while the other will be roasted on an open flame. This is perfect to prepare a meal for guests.
#Haliford One of my dinner party guests! Read above to find your meal! When you are done I'll slice your head with a butcher's knife fast a clean. A performance for the other guests of my knifing skills.
Philip13 nothing kinkier than bondage and bdsm. Let's have some fun foreplay. I'll blindfold you, choke you slowly, then start beating you with a mace while you think its S&M! Too bad you lost a lot of blood and part of your brain when i struck you in the head :/
rory17 I've always wanted to stuff well a human! How about I rip your organs out slowly while you're awake and unconscious and restrained. we start with nonvital organs like liver spleen you know slow death! Then i'll RIP THAT HEART OUT and stuff you with candy. You can be like a pinata!
Electric Let's try electric manipulation? First we start with small static electricity. Then i'll just move on to higher voltage on the skin, then eyes, then mouth, then chest! Increasing the voltage slowly slowly till i get bored and just give you a direct blow.
GoodKaren Feed you to a batch of hungry tigers while throwing meat at them, let's see if they like you or the meat, don't worry you won't last very long!
peace123 Stab your right hand, then your left so you are chained to the table and can't move. Then pierce your legs to the table before i end it all in a blow to the head.
YoundAndReckless chain you to..



31 Kelly0412, Feb 3, 2016

And Ill rank from who I like from best to worst or whatever.
#Alanb1 (bye)
Phenomanimal (idk you but ive heard good things)
Lemjam6 (you would be on the bottom but you have good taste in weaves also you are the only cardiothoracic surgeon I know)
#Rodger1234 (dont know you)


The Challenge: Free Agents Ep. 6

8 nikw98, Jan 1, 2016

2) mastropola
5) Skyler_TW
4) TR1364
7) Max7313
9) immaxyman
10) MrOrange890
11) pikachu142
13) Arcaninemaster
14) Cheapcheep
16) KingGeek
16th- 3) turkeylover
15th- 1) Owen3939
14th- 12) NoGoodNamesLeft
13th- 8) FlaggedALot
12th- 6) MrPokeguy9
11th- 15) CoolLifeBrah
Challenge #6 Elimination order
#mastropola (Straight to Dome)
#Max7313 (Must go to the Draw)
#pikachu142 (Must go to the Draw)
#Cheapcheep (Must go to the Draw)
#MrOrange890 (Must go to the Draw)
#KingGeek (Must go to the Draw)
#TR1364 (Must go to the Draw)
#Skyler_TW (Safe)
#immaxyman (Safe)
#Arcaninemaster (Win)
The Draw:
#MrOrange890 (Blank Card)
#KingGeek (Blank Card)
#Max7313 (Blank Card)
#TR1364 (Blank Card)
#Cheapcheep (Blank Card)
#pikachu142 (Kill Card)
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TG Hunger Games

2 BigBrotherDonny, Dec 17, 2015

this is literally just a blog game for fun.
Instagram 70
Halloween 40
Mastropola 100
Bigdizzleyomama 70
Galaxies 100
Minie 70
Goodallan 40
Survivorofthetocans 10
BenTheMan007 40
Lemjam6 40
saraj10 70
GentlemanG 100
baza76 10
Bamold1999 70
Bryce12 70
Bigbrotherlover7 100
Outrage 70
bowkane 70
Petro 70
Ashleybabyx3 70
raonic 40
Hash 70
EyooMarcus 70
alanb1 70
brosky17 100
mradamman12 10
sosyomomma 100
smuguy2012 40
moviedude 10
SkooterEYZ 70
Adam lost, Mastro won!!!
#mastropola & #hash


Mastro jr?

1 Crickets, Aug 19, 2015

Neg's in a casting
A mini #mastropola


Victory in Castings!

3 Crickets, Aug 18, 2015

Edit to say: your negs don't bother me - feel free to neg away!  #Mastropola is banned and quite frankly I am okay with that.  Made the castings game so much nicer and quieter and neg free ha ha
This is How I started my castings with players I have never played with before because Mastro was mad at me for #ultimatestars4 and spamming to get them out of the game, because my friend was in it (who btw won! hobo232)
She and her minions negged every single comment in the game I did up until the ban of #mastropola happened and then suddenly I got plussed. 
I started this game at the very bottom and already hated by that crew.  I fought to stay in the game, got 4 keys, raised myself from 40 checks to over 500 at the very end when the ban happened.
This was the first Castings that I won and I guess being banned you couldn't have your say in my place like you originally wanted. 
+1 points
Crickets is an absolute travesty. IT will not be tolerated in my castings. I will be negging her/him/whatever it goes by today. I can assure it'll have a -4 at ALL times. I suggest you all bandwagon the Anti Crickets express, or you'll be in the same boat he is.
Unfortunately, he has a problem keeping his nose out of everyone elses business, and is overall a vile, annoying 12 year old.
I'd love for you to leave, but if you go, you wont see all of the messages I'll be saying about how disgusting you are :(. By the way, you won't be winning this game if I have any say in it, and I'm perfect, and when I say something's happening, its happening. I have countless little busy bees ready at my disposal. Good Luck Crick!"
I would just like to say that in the end
1st place!!
So to Mastro & her minions - I am sorry your plan didn't work out - but I am glad I got to meet other people in this game who actually took the time to get to know me.
Big Shout Out to runnin_thru_the6  for getting 4th when he was up against Mastro and having Mastro get 5th - sweet and utter victory!


Love calculator

2 JonMcGillis, Aug 17, 2015

pyn and someone else and ill calculate your love
lassidoggy - #mastropola = 20%



60 seapoose, Feb 7, 2015

and I'll tell you if ElectraViv likes you or not
#mastropola - I honestly can't remember the exact words she said, but I remember her saying something about you being "gross and cheesy"
#LunaPark - In viv's opinion you're "literally disgusting"
mouseter09 - She calls you "pretty and fake"
KbeastW - LOL! Is this a joke?
SomebodyAwesome - She's finally warmed up to you! It only took a couple of nudes :)
Lemjam6 - I remember she told me that it's time for you to slip back into irrelevancy
JesseM - You broke her heart, and tore it into a million pieces
dak236 - An inspiration
AmandaBynes - Hun, NOBODY likes you
DanielleDonato - She describes you as "the fault in our stars"
TheSexiestDude990 - "Pretty cute for a 12 year old"
harrywasnak - You're the one person on Tengaged that she can trust with anything
jojo7784 - I think deep DEEP down she actually likes you !
davidftw123 - Bye
MoooHades - Greasy pig
Imthtawesom - I like you, but I don't think Viv will ever forgive you for what you've done to her...
Zed55 - NGL she wants to hook up with you. She's been waiting for you to mail her.
JasonXtreme - "Xtremely GAY"
jadennator1 - You're the third sister that she never wanted
Steel - Oh man.. She'd love to go down on you
Don_Draper "About as masculine as a butterfly and as straight as RobertGuajardo"
Austino15fffan - I personally think you're adorable, but does Viv? NO
Loopulle - Who are you?
bowling4fun - She doesn't like or hate you. You're one of the few tengagers she can tolerate
_Aria - One time she told me that she wants to blindside smuguy2012 in survivor to make room for you! Join us sis :)
Maxi1234 - Gift her and maybe she'll stop talking behind your back
RobertGuajardo - During your 3 day hiatus, Viv begged the tribe to rid of you. Being the philanthropist I am, I wouldn't stand for this. I am the reason you are still in #SMUvivor
Delete2544 - #PetNoob
xxlovewakizaxx - A true antagonist


~299th tv star~

33 dmann, Mar 1, 2014

pyn for an honest opinion
#mastropola - you get alot of undeserved hate on here, because i really think you are a nice guy :) but your opinion on some things are very ignorant - you remind me of Jakehou tbh LOL
#carlab1 -we have been talking alot more lately, after you hated me for a long time -_- you are a very nice "girl" & i look forward for us to keep joining games together :P ily < 3
#lachie227 - wow you are a mean Australian :( jk you are nice but we never talk rip~
#gaiaphage - another person who gets undeserved hate, we had like one convo and i think you are really cool tbh i hope we remain friends ok ^_^
#robertguajardo - one of tgs next rising stars tbh, you are nice, but sometimes annoy me because you are obnoxious and thirsty ;) haha love youtho!
#boots22 - you are one of the nicest people ever & i know my spam is fucking annoying, but you literally plus everything i spam you, ily for that ok
#josephinaalexis - idk you sorry
cutieamy - we used to be good friends, but then you were jealous of my friendship with dinosaurdan...idk why LOL now we never talk :/ but it ok lol
xoxu - you seem nice, i think i gifted you hair or something..idk hi
inkread - hey you are one of those people i don't talk to much, but still genuinely care about you and enjoy talking every time we do, same goes for George and David tbh
tdogg1543 - you always plus my spam so you are great x
cotbey - you are like a younger brother in a way, sometimes awesome & sometimes annoying, not like a bad annoying tho, but like a "supposed to be annoying" if that makes any sense LOL
melihv - you are really nice, but idrk you lol :S
ilovehim4ever - multi? lol idk
jhelsdon2478 - we have had our ups and downs for sure, but you're an alright guy :P
shadowballer000 - we used to be good friends WTF happened :( ily anyways #ruthiesangelsforever
dinosaurdan -i could write a book LOL ill just go with you are amazing and ilysm ok x
guillomouve - we were friends when you were  a noob, but we don't talk now rofl its ok tho
somebodyawesome - we met recently because you love my blogs & commented on most of them haha i know we are gonna be good close friends & def trust you 100% ^_^
tyboy618 - we used to dislike each other i think, idrk why LOL but we are good now :P
kittytheemolga - read #dinosaurdan's post :P
typhlosion37 - you are so nice & helpful with helping me with getting my shop..p.s. your grr gin will be soon ish hopefully!!
seemlyrough - we have never rlly talked :( feel free to mail me or add me on skype anytime! (mail me if you want my skype) =D
alireza1373 - lol sometimes i get mad at you over silly stuff & i know that is on me, but i am..

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