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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


7thJan 2, 2018 by m7md26
and ill say how i'd kill you because according to arris im a psychopath so lets put it to the test
#mastropola tear one eye out with a carving knife and let you watch a man eating piranha eat it, then your tongue, then finally just give you small wounds till you bleed to death
#Arris you will be given a batch full of cookies, then ill inject poison into your nerves that will paralyze you so you can watch as I skin you alive
#baileyboy1 Lets start by stretching the body using old fashion tools. Then ill inject bees into your blood vessels and see what happens. If that doesn't work we can end it with a classic stab so the bees can exit
#rellizuraddixion I am in the mood to throw acid at someone. Not the drug actual acid that will peel your skin. You can run around the room while I am, well you will be running as wolves will be in there with you.
#Ari_ I've always wanted to operate while someone's awake. How about a double hip replacement. Ill insert a few scorpions when i'm done before suturing you up. Let's see how long you'll survive?
#Icarus_Mark I'll speed your Heart Rate and raise your blood pressure with a lot of cardiac drugs. that will cause your brain to explode if done correctly, your hearts to fail, and your organs to deteriorate. It's pretty painful!
#Mickiejames22 and #XxLoveWakizaxX lets do a double death. One person will be hanging from a ceiling under a meat grinder while the other will be roasted on an open flame. This is perfect to prepare a meal for guests.
#Haliford One of my dinner party guests! Read above to find your meal! When you are done I'll slice your head with a butcher's knife fast a clean. A performance for the other guests of my knifing skills.
Philip13 nothing kinkier than bondage and bdsm. Let's have some fun foreplay. I'll blindfold you, choke you slowly, then start beating you with a mace while you think its S&M! Too bad you lost a lot of blood and part of your brain when i struck you in the head :/
rory17 I've always wanted to stuff well a human! How about I rip your organs out slowly while you're awake and unconscious and restrained. we start with nonvital organs like liver spleen you know slow death! Then i'll RIP THAT HEART OUT and stuff you with candy. You can be like a pinata!
Electric Let's try electric manipulation? First we start with small static electricity. Then i'll just move on to higher voltage on the skin, then eyes, then mouth, then chest! Increasing the voltage slowly slowly till i get bored and just give you a direct blow.
GoodKaren Feed you to a batch of hungry tigers while throwing meat at them, let's see if they like you or the meat, don't worry you won't last very long!
peace123 Stab your right hand, then your left so you are chained to the table and can't move. Then pierce your legs to the table before i end it all in a blow to the head.
YoundAndReckless chain you to the wall and throw knives at you while i'm blindfolded. All that while my dog bites you since i put some meat on your body.
levvy Put you in a glass box and slowly fill water in it. Then i'll add a pira帽a for fun then another and another then fill it completely with water. Find out what kills you first.
KatarinaDuCouteau Throw a thousand blades at you like katarina then i'd just E behind you and slice your neck.
immaxyman Place you in a room where the wall slowly closes in with bear traps in the middle so you can panic and hurt your legs too!
tennisplayer963 inject you with warfarin then serve you a drink with diamonds that will cut your esophagus and you'd die from bleeding.
MoneyShot Make you lie down then handcuff you to the bed. Then slowly add weight to your chest till it crushes you
xshift Poison a cake just for you! and make you eat all of it till you die!
yoshicoolman Tie you up to a pole then burn you alive! Thats not all I'll shoot your legs and arms just to make it more painful
iichaoskimmy and macken bury you guys in one coffin together and add a snake with just enough venom to kill just one of you. The other will have to suffer more
Lazeric Put you in a glass box and fill it with the water but leaving you with just 1 inch on the top so you can breathe. Let's see how long you can survive that for
Absol Stab your radial artery and slowly drain blood out. Very slowly until you bleed out. Hitting an artery is VERY painful people scream.
Duncansurferboy Make you swim in a sea filled with sharks and blowfish after I cut off your left arm and right leg!
Ethan000 slice you with a fine machete horizontally right down the middle.
@Maybelline Place you in a hot room with just an AC and water. Hint one of them is poisoned. Hint the room is hot for a reason.
ParvatiS Lock you in a sauna till your body loses enough fluid to just let you die.
Dane_Williams expose you to high radiation that will kill you instantly


gut me like a fish daddy
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lmao, that's good, tell me
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me :D
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Make my death kinky
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i'll RIP THAT HEART OUT and stuff you with candy. You can be like a pinata!
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i want one
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