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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Imogen

T-dating Analiese since 6/30/2016.

resident tran of the switchbullies

controversial 24/7


Drag Race Standings:

Analiese's Drag Race
Tara Toma (Season 1): 4th
The Clitter Boxxx (Season 2): 10th
Bees? (Season 3): 6th
Tara Toma (All-Stars): 5th
Kara Toma (Season 4): WINNER
Eggtrina (Season 6): 8th
Alicia Alopecia (Season 8): 5th

Rory's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): 4th
Bees? (Season 2): 5th
Asparagus (Season 3): 2nd
Evangeline Nomad (Season 4): 4th
Asparagus (All-Stars): 10th

Tayvie's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 12): 9th
The Clitter Boxxx (Season 13): 5th
Bees? (Season 14): 14th Place
Eggtrina (Season 15): 15th Place
The Clitter Boxxx (Battle of the Seasons): 8th
Amara Peligrine (Season 19): 3rd Place
Amara Peligrine (Season 20): WINNER
Jenny Gamez (Season 22): 15th
Deborah O'Credit (Season 23): 12th
Clara Von Dahl (Season 26): 15th
Mandala Mandolin (Season 27): 3rd
Svetalana Danyluk (Season 29): 3rd
Amara Peligrine (Season 30): 6th
Miss Ao Oni (XMAS): 6th

Amani's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): WINNER

9/11's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): 4th

Macda27's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): 11th

Omen's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): 2nd/3rd
Kylie Lip Clit (Season 3): 6th
Tara Toma (All-Stars): 2nd
Mesothelioma Carcinoma (Season 7): 2nd
Mesothelioma Carcinoma (All-Stars 2): WINNER

Kisa's Dragula:
Tara Toma (Season 1): WINNER

Slothy's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 1): 5th
Mesothelioma Carcinoma (Season 4): 13th
Amara Peligrine (Season 5): 11th

Talian's Drag Race:
Tara Toma (Season 5): 7th
Amara Peligrine (Season 6): 3rd
Mesothelioma Carcinoma (Season 7): WINNER
Tara Toma (All Stars 2): (8th)

Jana B's Amazing Drag Race:
Amara Peligrine (Season 1): 9th

controversial trans girl

unhinged eurovision fan

biggest controversies:
coolsocks1 doggie died and then he was outed as a pedophile
saying spanish ppl need .es back
being anti-xxxtentacion
saying all pedophiles should be killed
cancer jokes about my own dead father
cops suck
terfs and transphobes should remove themselves from earth
racism bad
*plane hits second building* ON NO THE FROOKS!

My Games 275 games played

19 Jun, 21
4 Jun, 21
4 Jun, 21
31 May, 21
30 May, 21
27 May, 21
22 May, 21

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. not to be this person
  2. yeah no
  3. idk how
  4. so
  5. what im about to say
  6. who else was there for
  7. everybody say the f word keep it going
  8. me going to the mod council
  9. that's rich
  10. 😭
  11. My RPDR Season Rankings! (20-16)
  12. My RPDR Season Rankings! (25-21)
  13. is it not a trauma response
  14. sighs
  15. As a bulgarian,
  16. kinda funny
  17. huh
  18. fart
  19. aww
  20. you cant get rid of me bitch