Big Brother 2 - APPS OPEN!! T's Prize!

Previously on Big Brother goes evil. Wiley lasted on his rope the longest to win HOH part 1. Master was the most strategic and won part 2. Glinda watched on the side lines as MasterB knew the most about the former jurors. Master then had to make a massive decision of who to evict and who he wants to sit next to in the final 2. An emotional eviction of Glinda took place which left all three final houseguests in tears. 9 Jurors now reside in the jury house.  6 voted for MasterB to become the winner of Big Brother Goes evil, who will truely go down in history as an amazing player! CONGRATULATIONS!

°All players must be active frequently.
°Inactiveness may result in expulsion.
°Houseguests must vote or they will recieve a penalty nomination.
°Houseguests must enter diary room logs in mail.
°Houseguests must show up for comps if live.
°Be evil.

What do the broken mirrors reflect?

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Big Brother 2 - Applications
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Game History
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Living Room
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Big Brother 2 - APPS OPEN!! T's Prize!

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