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Fraternity MeanGirls

We are fierce fucking queens of Tengaged who, play with our own best interest in mind. We are not afraid of making tough choices and slaying the faves with our extensions looking sleek and shiny.

1. Don't start a fight you cant finish sisters, if you cant take the shade buy a coat with Daddy's money.

2. Don't expect Frat loyalty, if you have to stab a sister in the back to win that talent show, you go ahead and do it girl.

3. Do not leak the stars seat, we cant allow ugly girls to play stars for free.

4. There is a skype chat ask to be added.

5. Only star the following people

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  1. sandym89Bitches, bye
  2. michland143 Hello if you are interested, please join to my blog game - RuPaul Drag Race
  3. manopausesta me in plz
  4. PaigeScavostars
  5. Rad_IllusionStar me in please sisters 💅🏻
  6. PaigeScavoStars please
  7. RudeBoy02Hayyy kweenzzz!!!!
  8. SlutishaOMannCan I has 1 vote pls?
  9. Shawnlolpop123
  10. belenestebanVIPPWAP
  11. mrkkkkyleHii lemme in plzzzz
  12. Chandlerp1996Let me innnn
  13. SlutishaOMannMight as well be a part of a frat again. Rockslide/foxtrot here now on this account because why not.
  14. whutarethosefaggots
  15. austino15fffanOmg plz let me in! Left my frat of like 7 years to join this one with my faves ❤️

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gurl this is tengaged

3 rollingderp, May 4, 2021

bully central. you will get bullied at some point
there is a log out button. shut down the computer even.
some of u are delulu
EDIT: “DONT bully children” idk maybe children shouldn’t be on a website that’s known for antagonistic “bullying” LOL

President of MeanGirls

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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