Fraternity MeanGirls

We are fierce fucking queens of Tengaged who, play with our own best interest in mind. We are not afraid of making tough choices and slaying the faves with our extensions looking sleek and shiny.

1. Don't start a fight you cant finish sisters, if you cant take the shade buy a coat with Daddy's money.

2. Don't expect Frat loyalty, if you have to stab a sister in the back to win that talent show, you go ahead and do it girl.

3. Do not leak the stars seat, we cant allow ugly girls to play stars for free.

4. There is a skype chat ask to be added.

5. Only star the following people

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  1. BryanXxstar me in cuz im wearing pink lolx
  2. DanielleDonatoStar me in cause I’m a mean, girl.
  3. MontanaIsTheNamepls star me bc bitches aint shit lmao xxxxx
  4. TJ2807star me in plz
  5. tswiftlover13Please Star me in <3
  6. tswiftlover13PLEASE STAR ME IN <33
  7. Paige54Pls let me in :3
  8. iiCreazyGX please save me in stars!
  9. ShaniquaJonesstar me in 2 more stars <3 koolness girl said i could be in bitches
  10. InternetErrorSTAR ME IN NOW HOES!!!!
  11. SlutishaOMannHey bitches, It's Foxtrot :*
  12. vnvmgmgplease vote me i'm a bad and loyal bitch
  14. bbfan15Me to me to
  15. vyvyxieshi

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As some of you may know

1 iiVoloxity, Mar 31, 2020

Me and the rest of my family are in isolation till the 8th April because my sister tested positive for coronavirus. I've noticed these last few days that I'm needing to clear my throat a lot cause I feel like there is something sitting in it and it's beginning to hurt. I think I'm gonna be the next..


48 games away from 1k

2 titoburitto, Mar 31, 2020

would it be ghetto to have a rooks charity

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