Fraternity MeanGirls

We identify as a Sorority, and not a fucking fraternity. We are sisters not bros

Only the baddest bitches on Tengaged
476 days ago we lost a sister RIP OHHAYY
1. Do not take shit from anyone.
2. We are a sisterhood, treat fellow sisters with respect.
3. Be wary of outsides, they have bad fashion taste.
5. Loose lips sink ships, leak info and get caught. I will kick you or get you unstarred.

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  2. bbfan15Me to me to
  3. vyvyxieshi
  4. Amnesia_Star me lads xo
  5. Jezekiah_O8Join? Me? Ha!!! No! Y would I join the plastics to get benefits from them when they can obviously get benefits from me. Like, DUH!
  6. reign007please let me join i am a sweet loyal bitch!! i need to be in this sorority!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333
  7. Dylangover1U will not be disappointed if you vote Me I will do anything to be in this sisterhood
  8. littleangelplease vote me ladies u wont be disappointed ♥︎
  9. littleangelVOTE ME IM A QUEEN
  10. Dylangover1Please vote me in
  11. SassyQueen1214Vote me in or you’ll regret it
  12. laurenalyvote for me!
  13. Jaesus123 Could you just.. Hey, sorry to bug you! Would you mind tagging me ( @jaesus123 ) on this blog? I need some power back in this game. hehe Thanks so much! Spam me back! <3
  14. dahlhaushey betches plz approve x
  15. kyleddKyledd’s Big Brother want you!! After a long wait Kyledd’s Big Brother is ready to start, the only thing missing is YOU! This season 16 newbies will begin the adventure of a lifetime with the goal of being crowned the winner of Big Brother! Will you rise to the occasion? Apply:

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my rednose is finally gone

9 top20fan33, Dec 13, 2019

felt like forever


*Struts in*

3 SaskiaRae, Dec 13, 2019

You like my skin? Gee thanks just got it 💅🏾
Can’t thank these bitches enough tysm Eilish & iYBF ily

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Min. votes to continue: 4

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