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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is JJ

I've had a lot of fun on here and am starting to play user hosted games and LOVE them!

I have met some wonderful people on here and just want to say thank you. You mean more to me than you know! :)

*** Winner Stars 502 ***

BigBen’s Survivor Philippines: All Stars III: 10th Place
BenP428 Survivor Exile Island: 4th Place
AJRS Season 2 The Draft: 6th Place
JBs Cutthroat Survivor Lipari Islands: 5th Place
BenP428 Survivor Madagascar: 8th Place
Ethans (The Winner) Survivor Sri Lanka: 2nd Place
BigBen1996 Survivor: Suriname : 3rd Place
Zombies Survivor: Gang Wars: 11th Place
Pokepat’s Survivor Preservation Island: 1st Place
BigBen1996 Survivor Blood vs. Water II: 4th Place
M&Ns Survivor Easter Island: 10th Place
Noah_Kondons Survivor Wakanda: 1st Place
K&Gs New Zealand Survivor (Followers vs Leaders): 4th Place
150 Person Stars - 1st Place
Ryan_Jambe & Em002's Reality Roulette 2.0 - 4th Place
DanZ's Survivor Bolivia: 2nd Place
Matt64's Survivor: 5th Place
Noah's Blood vs. Water - 7th Place
Tunertin's The Mole - 1st Place
SG1's Mt. Sabyinyo - 11th Place
TheLogic's Survivor Bali - 1st Place
OhNatalie's Survivor New Zealand - 6th Place
Ryan_Jambe's Reality Roulette - 2nd Place
Leli14's Survivor Siberia - 2nd Place
Bingo21's Survivor Poland - 5th Place

My Games 410 games played

17 Dec, 21
6 Oct, 21
5 Sep, 21
6 Sep, 21
16 Apr, 21
14 Apr, 21
31 Mar, 21

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. Star 502 - FINAL 3 .WOW.2nd
  2. ♥️1st
  4. BB17 - Players Left

Latest Actions

  1. LEANNA's bet on brosky17 won 60.0T$ in game #216742 12 hours
  2. LEANNA's bet on Jessie_ won 60.0T$ in game #216737 1 day
  3. LEANNA's bet on LindsayMiaw won 60.0T$ in game #216720 2 days
  4. LEANNA's bet on Zoon won 60.0T$ in game #216715 2 days
  5. LEANNA's bet on Gaiaphagee won 60.0T$ in game #216692 2 days
  6. LEANNA bet on tonyalbright 30T$ in game #216764 5 days
  7. LEANNA bet on brosky17 30T$ in game #216742 5 days
  8. LEANNA's bet on tharealmike won 60.0T$ in game #216667 5 days
  9. LEANNA's bet on SurvivorFan37 won 60.0T$ in game #216661 5 days
  10. LEANNA's bet on AliBonico won 60.0T$ in game #216643 6 days
  11. LEANNA bet on Jessie_ 30T$ in game #216737 6 days
  12. LEANNA bet on BbDamian 30T$ in game #216734 6 days
  13. LEANNA bet on LindsayMiaw 30T$ in game #216720 8 days
  14. LEANNA bet on Zoon 30T$ in game #216715 8 days
  15. LEANNA bet on Gaiaphagee 30T$ in game #216692 8 days