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Hello, my name is James

Who I Owe A Gift To:
Cheyshifflett X2

"You made me nervous for a while, but just like Pooh-this game has been a blast and thanks for coming along for f3. You are super loyal and I know I can trust you. So thanks for the fun and the game" -JtMuir

"Pizza, you were an awesome loyal alliance member. I'm really sorry and I didn't actually vote to evict you <3 I hope we can make the final3 sometime!"-marybay

"you are one of my closest friends you saw me win last time but i didnt see you lose"-JTMillion

"omg we have to play games together more often we have 1/3 chance of winning ommmggg"

"you were definitely my closest ally throughout the game but two others who i was with turned on u sadly:( "

"pizza your probably getting third because of your lack of povs and I have to thank you because without you there is no way I could've made it this far but I saved you a lot to lol"

"pizza- you were the one who told D about junior and i couldn't thank you enough! you had my back through out the whole game and it was great working with you. love ya!-kcrazy002

"you are an amazing guy and i wish you didnt go inact cuz its been great working with you in this game and in past games"-kcrazy002

"pizza u played a hell of a game! definitely deserve to be at the end great job!-michaelangelo

"I had such a great time playing with you for my first time playing this! You were my first friend and my first alliance and I'm so happy you included me in your final three plan."-MistyDay

"Pizza is the mastermind behind all of this"-xoxokacy1

"Pizza: there was no question about our trust towards Eatchother and we made every decision together I couldn't have hoped to find a better alliance member good game" -LiamJMabley

"pizzawithcookirs - Youre such a great person and I'm glad I got to meet you in one of my first fastings. :)" -krystalgirl

"can we evict connor doe? He was kinda part of pizza's reign of terror?" -sw33t

"U r truly amazing too! I've never met anyone so kind on here before and it was great working with u! Hope we play another game soon!" -doggysurvivor

"Pizza- you pretty much controlled the entire game from when i got back to now. you were a great ally and were willing to flip on someone else to save me. you are the only reason why i am here." -flyfly456

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23 Jun, 18
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