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Hello, my name is Kyle

Joined May 13th, 2011

If you need help in a charity, I'll be more than willing to help if I like you enough.

I'm like... vintage now ahah!

ღ ✫ ϡ: (\_(\
♥ ❤ ✪ (=’ :’)✩
☀ : ✱ ☾,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»★

NoGoodNamesLeft - LOL I know I have told you this plenty of time.. but I do love the username. ;P Honestly you are so awesome tbh and you're such a lovely person! I love when we have our talks in mail and I am really glad that i have you as a friend. :D Really glad we have gotten to know each other and I am always here if you need me. :* (MoooCoww - Molly)

NoGoodNamesLeft - I'm so glad I met you, even though we haven't had much time talking recently you are a good friend :) < 33333
(lala_2500 - Becca)

Kyle my fellow aussie friend aha. you are a nice person and good company in games :) i enjoy our little chats we have (even if they;ve only been in games hehe) hope yo speak with you soon !
(BellaJennaxo - Adam)

#NoGoodNamesLeft – hey NGNL (idk if I’m allowed to publicly say your name, or if I even remember correctly considering I’m dumb); you’re a really, really nice guy, and we’ve only talked for like periods of 15 minutes at a time through mails. We should probably coordinate our mails better so we can actually carry out a longer conversation, and get to know each other better because you’re definitely one of the people I do want to talk to more on this site < 3
(Inkread - It's a mystery)

NoGoodNamesLeft - Have really enjoyed your recent comeback, one of the people I can always rely on in the morning to have some banter in other people's blog comments. I remember seeing your name a lot back in the day but never really knew each other much, glad we've got to know each other a lil better now 👍 and do you mean mistaken for a man instead of a God?
(BengalBoy - A male bengal)


I miss you guys ;_; </3

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