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Unban KingGeek

7 boyfriend, Feb 27, 2021

Brandonator Please unban #KingGeek that is my sister who was killed by a metra train. And it this post is very disrespectful. Idk who you are or if you even know her but I need you to unban her please.


It’s kinda funny to me

3 mradamman12, Jan 30, 2021

That LeXXXy RAN to slam that ban button on #KingGeek so fast but has yet to delete the underage nudes of AlanDuncan from his computer.


It’s kinda funny to me

5 LusciousLips5, Jan 30, 2021

That LeXXXy RAN to slam that ban button on #KingGeek so fast but has yet to delete the underage nudes of AlanDuncan from his computer.


Oh yeah that ain’t right

0 joey65409, Jan 30, 2021

Why is #kinggeek banned???


Excuse me

0 Yandereboy12, Jan 30, 2021

I never said that #Kinggeek deserved to be banned don't put words into my mouth honey all i said was that Randomize banned Him and not lexxxy NicoleF
And in my opinion this was a horrible ban on his part



4 Slice, Jan 30, 2021



Yall do realize

0 Yandereboy12, Jan 30, 2021

That it was Randomize that banned #KingGeek and not Lexxxy


Honestly that’s what you get

6 Bluejay7622, Jan 30, 2021

For talking shit #Kinggeek


Post a Song

23 nateclove, Jul 1, 2020

In the comments and I'll listen and give it a short review!
☆ Johnny Run Away by TONES AND I (feat. ITZ3THAN) - I actually really like the beat and her voice but after the second verse when she fails to change things up it starts to get a bit repetitive.
☆ Games for Girls by Say Lou Lou (feat. KingGeek) - Honey this song is fab-u-lo-so! It really brings out my inner lesbian for some reason and I love it!!!!!
☆ Poor Fake by Kelsey Lu (Produced by #KingGeek) - This is actually a bop omg. It sounds so otherworldly and ethereal and honestly Kelsey did THAT!
☆ Damn Daniel by Bree Runway & Yung Baby Tate (feat. turkeylover) - Um, what? This was just a mess girl I'm so sorry. The lyrics scream boss bitch though!
☆ What Do I Tell My Friends by Bree Runway (Directed by #turkeylover) - I didn't have high hopes for this because of her bad first impression but this is actually so good omg I'm shaking my ass and crying at the same time!
☆ That's How We Roll by Richie Campbell (feat. manafa) - This song actually reminds me of some of the songs I hear in Guyana on a daily basis! I kinda like it tbh and I feel like I'm gonna start hearing it at like the gas station soon!
☆ River Flows in You by Yiruma (Produced by #manafa) - OMG yall really trying to make me depressed tonight huh? I added it to my mental breakdown playlist as well cause I don't feel that I'm in the right mindset to enjoy it in its full glory!
☆ Get with You by Richie Campbell (directed by #manafa) - I feel like I would listen to this after getting high it's very chill I'd like play it in the background when I'm having a get together with friends.
☆ Carry You Home by James Blunt (feat. smallchild99) - Honestly I don't know how to feel about this. It sounds a lot like The A-Team by Ed Sheeran and I guess I'd rather stream The A-Team? It's not a bad song by any means but it's just not my style!
☆ Black Flies by Ben Howard (Produced by #smallchild99) - Its definitely much better than the other one but I would have to be going through a ROUGH day to listen to this in full. I'm adding it to my mental breakdown playlist though and that's tea.
☆ Some Girls by Rachel Stevens (feat. PennyTrationStan) - I was this close to clicking off cause I was wondering if homegirl was gonna start singing at all? But it's actually kind of a bop. Okay I kind of love it.
☆ Carry You Home by Zara Larson (written by #PennyTrationStan) - Honestly I didn't love this. It just sounds kinda okay I feel. I do love her other songs though!
☆ Apparitions by Matthew Good Band (feat. Gerasimov) - This song has already made me depressed for 3 days and I LOVE THAT! I'm not in the mindset rn to fully enjoy it but I'll come back to it during my next mental breakdown!
☆ Diamond Hoo Ha Man by Supergrass (feat. Kindred7) - O-M-G this song..


Justice has been served

0 Batya, Apr 7, 2018

#kinggeek has been removed and everyone crops flourished


33 Delete2544, Mar 30, 2016

I'll just make this for a gift because honestly why the fuck not
Comment a drag name, and feel free to make some for your friends also (just make sure I know who they are!)
*You can comment as many names as you want; just make sure you assign each name to a different person*
1 Javynah - Jameslu
2 Sayra Saunders - Vanili
3 Rosie - Pegasus1234
4 Vladdy Baby - Vlad21
5 Ac Yuta - Acyuta
6 Kool_Grizzliesasus1234 - DumbGinger
7 Alyssa Beast - AlyssaB
8 Flaming HoeHoe - FlamingJojo
9 Karen McCarthy - GoodKaren
10 La Verne - JarJar2005
11 Plane Jane - KatieJane
12 Friesha Vacado - Zuelke
13 Kimmy Mikoko - Illdi
14 Fre She Va Cado - MickyBoomy9
15 Christine Fifteen - Crissy15
16 ALLAHU akbar - S73100
17 La Creme La Queer - TurkeyLover
18 Amethyst Hercules - InternalTruth
19 Mama Jai - G1ng4
20 Strawberry Alarmclock - Scrafty
21 Janelle - iiVoloxity
22 Papa Emerald - LionsDen121
23 Wil E - Willie_
24 Alexis Ahora - QueenMichelle
25 One Thousand Percent - ItsAlexia
26 Tara Toma - RollingDerp
27 Irish - Rory17
28 Polly Wanacraker - DakotaCoons
29 Iggy - AlyssaAF
30 Spice - Patootie
31 Azealia - #KingGeek
32 Sexpun D'cum - #Peace123
33 Air-Wrecka - #Maxi1234
34 Fukmi Sidewayz - #KayleighWinz
35 Freesha - #Mathboy9
36 Misty Ing - #Timberlie
37 Fat Fat - #HunnySuccle_Girl_27
38 Jessica Kiss - #WildBoy12
39 Britney - #FemmeFatale
40 Lemonada - #MitchKid64
41 Paris - #MrCool
42 eLi - #EliOrtiz1234
43 Brown Tooth - #PureEssence
44 Wonjoc - #Conjow
45 Taylor May - #CashMoney


The Challenge: Free Agents Ep. 8

8 nikw98, Jan 5, 2016

2) mastropola
4) TR1364
7) Max7313
9) immaxyman
10) MrOrange890
13) Arcaninemaster
14) Cheapcheep
16) KingGeek
16th- 3) turkeylover
15th- 1) Owen3939
14th- 12) NoGoodNamesLeft
13th- 8) FlaggedALot
12th- 6) MrPokeguy9
11th- 15) CoolLifeBrah
10th- 11) pikachu142
9th- 5) Skyler_TW
Challenge #8 Elimination order
#KingGeek (Straight to the Dome)
#Arcaninemaster (Must go to the Draw)
#MrOrange890 (Must go to the Draw)
#immaxyman (Must go to the Draw)
#Max7313 (Must go to the Draw)
#TR1364 (Must go to the Draw)
#mastropola (Safe)
#Cheapcheep (Win)
The Draw:
#Arcaninemaster (Blank Card)
#immaxyman (Blank Card)
#Max7313 (Blank Card)
#MrOrange890 (Blank Card)
#TR1364  (Kill Card)
Vote to Eliminate!


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