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12 JourdanBabyXoXo, Aug 21, 2019

Maxi1234 (2 HOH)
FireX (3 HOH) (1 Nom)
immaxyman (1 HOH) (1 Nom)
blazetitan (1 Nom)
Time for a new format! For deciding the final two, there will be a challenge! The top 2 performers in the challenge will move on, while the other 2 are OUT!
Challenge results:
#Maxi1234 - WINNER
Immaxyman, Blazetitan, its time for you to both leave. Thank you for a wonderful season!
12th Yachj (5-1 Against NMH95) (HOH: Guigi)
11th nmh95 (2 Nom) (5-0 Against Felipes) (HOH: FireX)
10th felipes (2 Nom) (3-1 Against FireX) (HOH: NotAfraid)
9th Guigi (1 HOH) (2-1 Against Prague) (HOH: FireX)
8th NotAfraid (1 HOH) (1 Nom) (2-1 Against owordo3) (HOH: Immaxyman)
7th prague (2 Nom) (1-0 Against oswordo3) (HOH: Maxi1234)
6th oswordo3 (1 Nom) (3-1 Against Blazetitan) (HOH: FireX)
5th austino15fffan (1 Nom) (2-1 Against Immaxyman) (HOH: Maxi1234)
4th #Immaxyman (1 Nom) (1 HOH) (Finale Challenge Loser)
3rd #Blazetitan (1 Nom) (Finale Challenge Loser)
Runner up:
Now, Tengaged! Its time to vote!
Who will win? Maxi1234? FireX? FireX was a target all game but but managed to escape eliminations by winning challenges, while Maxi1234 snuck through the competition never being a nominee and getting a few challenge wins too! Who will be the final winner? Vote below!


PYN for a rating of 10

44 BrainJak, Feb 25, 2019

Yes, you read that right. lol
#Maxi1234 - 10 (for pyn blogs that burn)
#iYBF - 10 (for being my BF)
#winner132 - 10 (for being a winner)
#peace123 - 10 (for listening to diss bitch)
#koolness234 - 10 (for the love of Pokemon)
#EmzThorne - 10 (for iconic returns)
#top20fan33 - 10 (for the Skype game god you are)
BlueJay7622 - 10 (for having a twin name)
meduncan - 10 (for making me think your name is Duncan)
ItsAlexia - 10 (for taking the haters in stride)
Silver09 - 10 (for trying new things)
Saftronbtr999 - 10 (for promoting self-worth)
lexeyjane - 10 (for getting a 0 on the other blog)
oreo270 - 10 (for making that VL die. I didn't get added anymore)
Dmpwb45 - 10 (for Lilly </3 that bitches name was Livie fucking hell wow)
bigbrotherlover7 - 10 (for changing your Skype pic for me lol)
JonMcGillis - 10 (for that time I forgot who you were)
spinfur - 10 (for late night Skype chats)
ParvatiS - 10 (for copying Karen)
M_Davis1998 - 10 (for not being douchey enough to make a game named after- oh wait)
cocacola__96 - 10 (for making me get the number of "_" wrong in your name)
aria_grande - 10 (for being a friend)
XxLoveWakizaxX - 10 (for being an iconic Native American Princess Disney is shooketh)
Guigi - 10 (for trying and not giving up)
purplebb4 - 10 (for iconic Islamic poetry)
jwbrine - 10 (for repping 7)
Yandereboy12 - 10 (for hosting an HG)
paul028 - 10 (for being a woman)
ExpiredMilk - 10 (for best username ever)
Calebdaboss - 10 (for being iconic gay German)
Sharonmaitems - 10 (for filtering)
JustMe - 10 (for justyou)
Minniemax - 10 (for facepalms and feet pics)
lhooper902976 - 10 (for making me think of basketball all the time)
Tizian - 10 (for being my psychic sister from another mister)


♡ luis | _adidas_

53 anthousai, Jan 21, 2019

bcus i need health if idk u i'll probably rate ur avi
#Maxi1234 - i feel like we've never talked but you're a king and i stan you ! king of insta like i'm so jealous of how poppin ur theme is u should be a model what are you doing on here sis? i think u have good music taste i dont remember but hmu anytime !
#Trust - a real girl with the ugliest cheapest fakest weave i've ever seen. u are extremely jealous of me but thanks for dragging my dead weight in vivor for a few merges i will be sure to not floor it at u full speed x applies zachariahs lipstick for him
#bearface - tanner u are a bean and i have to publicly reject you and hide our love from garrie so you don't break up our marriage. i stan ur soundcloud music career choices i hope you pop off and are the next blackbear xo
#skyler1822 - i don't know you but i feel like ur a real girl are u a real girl? if so hi sis your avi is super cute im stanning the millennial pink retro turtleneck other than that i don't really know much about u :-( hmu anytime hun
#lexeyjane - i don't really know you sis but i think you had a thing w maturo ! you popped off on here and u seem like a nice girl
#Typhlosion37 - wow hey we played one stars together almost a year ago when you got locked out of ur account and you were very persistent to say the least..! gotta give you an A for effort we haven't talked since then but you're a nice boy
#CrimsonEnnui - i definitely feel like you used to not like me at one point i don't remember but hey! your TG celebrity big brother is kind of iconic and we've never really talked until recently but you seem like a super nice person dont be afraid to mail me whenever i only bite on tuesdays
#Cheeseman2468 - glad i met ya in stars you're a super nice bean and im sorry for ever splitting on u..! you're v sweet and im sorry im awful at replying on skype but hope we can chat more in the future x
#mbarnish1 - we've never talked but ty for saving me in stars that one time LOL..! you asked me to add you and then deleted me a couple of days later :-( regardless u seem like a nice boy wish u the best
#RoseMaria - ok i just met you but you're a legend and we were extremely robbed in vivor :( we have some of the same friends and you radiate that bitch energy so hmu anytime sis lets join vivor together again and scalp fighterman x
#brayden_ - u are pissing me the fuck off slutshaming ari rn BUT DESPITE THAT i don't know how we became friends bc we have different opinions on literally..everything! but i think we can both agree that i am the positive, funny role model that u needed in ur life :-) bellarke is endgame, blackbear is god, kristen stewart is trash x
#allieboballie - so glad i met you in neg finn sister i hope 2019 is ur year to find love or i'll personally call abc to make u the bachelorette..! u are a gorg, funny, sweet girl keep shining bt also give me ur panera card x
#bengalboy - would u look at that its a wild bendyboy! glad i fell for..


Pyn and I will

42 Arris, Jan 17, 2019

simply tell you who I like more between you and the next person who posts their name
#Maxi1234 < #paul028
#Runaway < #semajdude
#koolness234 > #peace123
#EmzThorne < #PoisonedHeart
EliOrtiz1234 > immaxyman
mbarnish1 < Lexeyjane
Darbe = WannaBeeFriends - coincidently the two of you are the people I recently started talking to a lot... I just can't pick uugh
Blitszims < Thumper91 - I do love both tho. Tough choice.
Forest_Knight > jwbrine
Birks4444 < HaliFord
Violets < MarieEve
Minniemax > BBlover96 (love you tho Mama J)
J2999 > Amnesia_
Dash > iYBF
Kaylabby > M_Davis1998 (I think I confuse you Mr. Davis with someone. Were we in vivor together?)
meduncan < melindaMrskk
ItsAlexia < RoseMaria
oreo270 < BrittBritt - Both queens tho.
Roshy > Iceey - But Roshy is still gross tho.



52 SweetBlossomrose1, Sep 29, 2018

From me blitszims and redfabfoxy
And we’ll average it out. Extra pyns for others work as well. If you want us to talk shit about you then just ask.
#maxi1234 -6.83
#zakisaboss -7.33 your fkin lucky xxx
#bandnerd - 5.5 wow ded crying
#bengalboy - 7.17 youre rly ded fit
#thirteen - 10 no one else has a say but me
#roshy - 7
#sam_hamwich - 7.33 sponsor me too
#jonmcgillis - 5 dunno u
#maturo - 8.83 redfabfoxy wants to sleep w you
#adam94 - 5 lets be friends or fk off
#semajdude - 5.17 i have the RECEIPTS that redfabfoxy gave you a 1
c00ldude1000 - 2.83 IM CRYING
goodkaren - 9.33 again someone probably wants to sleep w you
funnehliner - 4.83 hi
#melindamrskk - 7.33 u were ded fit in my game xxx
#j2999 - 8.5 hi welcome to slut lake
jasoi - 5 hi
alanb1 - 9.33 redfabfoxy wants to sleep w you
#peace123 - 4.33 no one wants to sleep w you
ethan000 - 6 ily
blitszims - 1 sorry idk you
woeisme - 8.67 1 from blits
don_draper - 8 red said ttyn
timberlie - 8.67 coulda been better but im averagin w red
scononduders - 3.83 i literally had to fking look at your username 6 times to memorize
moneyshot - 8.83
marieEve - 7 when i used to come on years ago before i left i really liked you
icarus_mark 9.83 i love you in all ways
mattybb9 - 10 hun
boicam77 - 4
xmountain22x -5.33
@thebestlerhoh - 6.33 hi
amnesia_ - 7.66
austino15fffan - 7.33
paul028 - 6.5 ily much


Random.org TGBB23 (10)

8 disneygeek, Jul 20, 2017

Eviction Order:
10th- #Maxi1234
11th- #xShift
12th- #Batya
13th- #Kelly0412
14th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
15th- #tekufej
16th- #benp428
17th- #FrozenShadow09
18th- #DuncanSurferBoy
19th- #Halloween
20th- #ItsAustin
By a vote of 3-0-0, #alanb1 you are safe which means #Maxi1234 & #xShift you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- mathboy9
Pre Noms- alanb1 & jadennator1
POV- NicoleF
Used?- On alanb1
Final Noms- jadennator1 & NotNicky333
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote.)
Ask to be tagged:


PYN and I'll tell you what was/is

43 Mexus, Jun 27, 2017

my first impression of you.
#Maxi1234 - We met a few years back, so I'll do my best to remember. My first impression was that I thought you were funny and easy to talk to.
#Steven999 - Little, harmless noob who enjoys blogging. I seen you go off one people hough, I think, so you're not a pushover which is good
#Memphis_Grizzlies Opinionated and blunt, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You're all right.
#Hisoka - My first impression on skype, cuz that's where you messaged me, was that you were pretty cool and easy to talk to.
First impression on tengaged : Fiery af.
#GoodKaren - Nice and sweet.
#GeneralPeeta - I thought you were a chill guy, a little erratic, but there's nothing wrong with that. I instantly got along with you.
#Forest_Knight - Nice and weird, but weird in the best way possible. I think you're probably one of the nicest people on here
#THEChanelOberlin - Your profile is unusual, which is better than basic I guess. Chanel Oberlin is a queen though.
#Philip13 - funny
#koolness234 - You were/are obsessed with Sharapova, so I immediately liked you. Saw one of your blogs and I thought you were funny+charismatic
#ghrocky100 - We played a stars group game and I was told by people you were targeting me lol, so my first impression was not a good one I guess. We share some interests  in music and we talked about it via blogs, so you redeemed yourself:P
#MarcoBrolo - Awesome + amazing. I feel like I've known you forever. We share similar interests, so we clicked instantly.
#pizzawithcookirs - We were in a casting together and you seemed distant lol. I mailed you when you were being attacked on the blogs page I believe and we're good now.
#Robbster1313 I can't remember that far back lol. I probably thought you were nice, but also karma hungry xD
#woeisme - My first impression of you was that you were a nice, genuine guy. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. One of my favorite users on this for sure
#Brandt69 - Eccentric and nice
#NicoleF - wild card
#Oliviaxoxo - We met in a crookies like a year ago. At first, I thought you were nice and someone I wanted to talk to, and then people began to tell me you that you were targeting me, which we later found out was false. It was a back and forth battle between me and you, and we both kinda slayed that game. Now, we are on good terms and I think you're amazing.
XxLoveWakizaxX - Chaotic, but kinda entertaining(re frookies). You're nice to me though.  titoburitto - You stopped talking to me once I pointed out you misspelled burrito lmao. You're funny a guy, kinda crazy, but in a good way I guess.
mudndawilderness - Awesome username.
Dane_Williams - Funny guy with nice eyes
GrrrImABear - We met in my gold charity, thank you for joining btw, you were very activea and I didn't know you, so I wanted you out for 13th. We then started to bond and know we're good tgaged..



41 etaco75, Dec 31, 2016

And I'll tell you why you're getting arrested
#Maxi1234 For lying about not being my boyfriend.
#2388 Because your avatar SCARED me!!!!
#koolness234 For spilling BOILING HOT TEA on the blogs page, killing the T-careers of many.
#mathboy9 I got jealous of your avatar so I called the police on u sorry :/
#Thirteen You made too many creepy blogs and the T-community got worried so they called the police on you!!!!
#bowling4fun You were in love with me but my boyfriend Maxi1234 got jealous and framed you for MURDER!!!! :0000
#ShadowBaller000 I tried to fuck with your merge streak so you got back at me by KILLING me!!
#Halloween Since you're my favorite person on this site everyone came together to get rid of you bc they were jealous of how much I love you!!!! They called the police bc you're too perfect.
AintItFun You kept getting last place in games so the police had to step in
Ethan000 You made a dumb racist blog that was literally fucking stupid lmao I still hope it was a joke I'm sorry but literally if u put an ounce of thought into what you said you'd be like "lmao wait this is stupid" I still like you as a person but that was SOO ignorant not gonna lie!
mocallio Disturbing the peace with your out-of-control afro on your avi
Jinxh I gave up on trying to pronounce your username and I didn't wanna have to keep seeing it everywhere so I called the police on you bc it just got too hard to figure that out :/
GoodAllan You nominated Halloween in Stars so he called the police on you :000
BOBROCKS333 I wanted you so badly but I knew I couldn't have you so I just sent you to jail bc if I can't have you no one can!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!
eliserose for serving looks daily
JGoodies I wanted to be you so badly that I had the two of us sent to jail so we could be together forever AWWWW!!!! :DDDDDD
nenalalala Someone was blackmailing you into gifting them so you had to kill them!!
Kelly2722 For being too perfect :*
DarkTyphoon23 For getting too much dick in 2016 :/ they had to stop u before u went crazy!!
Typhlosion37 You beat me in Stars that one time so I had to get you arrested :/ sorry
Lemjam6 See GoodAllan's
Roshy You were so close to the HoF that the person at the 20th spot called the cops on you so that they didn't have to worry about losing their spot!!
iYBF I didn't understand ur username so I had to get rid of you. I called the police on you sorry!
MrPokeguy9 You killed Halloween
LeahBel You were just about to spam your design into auctions BUT THEN the person at the #2 spot had you arrested so they could pass you!!
alwaysvictorious You stopped being victorious :(
AshleyD You were too cute and the police got jealous of you so they sent you to..



48 Imthtawesom, Dec 30, 2016

#Maxi1234 -> #fishingguy22 < 3
QueenMichelle -> pieguy555 (desperately needs 1)
#Bengalboy -> #owlb0ned (maybe more than a kiss if u know wt i mean x)
Turkeylover -> brandt69
christossss -> diamondsarentforever
maturo -> saraj10
stuartlittle16 -> #jenniibabyx (lucky u omg!)
smoothstalker12 -> florina (u might have 2 get a lil drunk for this one but ull like it i promise x)
#Katarinaducouteau -> Lemonface
rizzo -> nf22
plastic -> halloween
BrainJak -> cheapcheep (i think u guys wuld get along)
koolness234 -> danger
haliford -> emilythorne
sportsgeek12 -> sprtsgy1989 (obv)
carlyjordan14 -> arcaninedisgusting
BluJay112 -> Mrbird
Davelooney -> u dont want a kiss who u foolin but DakotaCoons rlly wants one from u
levonini -> me :$ i hope thats ok lol!
#littlebrother123 -> #Dorkishbarbi
#Blandin12 -> #Tennisman



3 Darriusdabest, Nov 26, 2016

13th - DarriusDaBest vs Maxi1234
Evicted - #Maxi1234 50.0 - 50.0 (Random.org was tiebreaker)


Random.org TGBB5 (14)

5 disneygeek, Jun 14, 2016

Eviction Order
10th- #Maxi1234
11th- #perfectprizetag
12th- #MrCool
13th- #aj1111
14th- #virgie88
15th- #ghrocky100
16th- #rozlyn
17th- #Threedevils
18th- #topazisqueen
19th- #SpiderBoom
20th- #Brashful
21st- #JourdanBabyXoXo
22nd- #Rodrigues75
By a vote of 2-1 #Maxi1234 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- tagalongs
Pre Noms- MickyBoomy9 & Macda27
POV- Lovelife
Used?- On Macda27
Final Noms- MickyBoomy9 & _M4rw4n
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:



40 mathboy9, Apr 30, 2016

for a ranking out of 10 and an opinion. stealing from cutieamy but I'm actually doing them xo
#maxi1234 - 7 - i like you but you never talk to me tbh! great taste in music though, mail me sometime~
#crissy15 - 5 - i think i've only talked to you one-on-one a couple times but you seem like such a sweetheart! (ok nevermind thanks for sassing me)
#kudos - 6 - haven't seen you around much but of what I've seen you seem nice~
#frozenshadow09 - 6 - SO conflicted with this rate. Deep down I still think you are awesome but you did hack my account lmaoooo love you though
#judi - 9 - QUEEN. we need to talk more but you are so nice. It's too bad we never really talk because our friend groups are polar opposites!
#ashleybabyx3 - 9 - You have been so nice to me lately and I'm very happy to call you a friend. Keep on doing you! Love ya.
#billions - 6 - i like you but we've never really talked and i think you blend it a bit too much on the site.
#vlad21 - 8 - we've had our ups and downs but you are such a genuine guy and I really appreciate that! Thank you for being there for me~
funnehliner - 9 - thank you for selling me your t and going through that saga. Such a kind & chill person, I'm happy I got to know you!
cutieamy - 7 - i think you hate my guts but you seem like a cool guy and whoever is friends with petro is a friend of mine!
mexus - 5 - you seem like a cool guy but don't you hate me?? it seems like every time you are online and i post a blog you have something passive-aggressive to say.
kelly0412 - 10 - LEVEL 5 ON THE TREADMILL!!!!!!!!
pmmguy - 7 - you seem really nice but i haven't talked to you much aside from the one time on my multi :p we should talk more!
s73100 - 9 - you know i love you :p flawless bitch. we NEED to talk more.
forest_knight - 9 - you've always stood up for me and that means a lot! Thank you so much for helping me spam when my designs were about to expire.
kittykatz553 - 9 - i thought you left the site oops. Anyways Ryan you know ily, I've made some mistakes in our friendship but I still consider you a really good friend so thank you for all the good times we've had!
kinggeek - 4 - ur always so rude to me for some reason????? its probably because i was rude to you first tbh. I forget. Good taste in music though~
kayleighwinz - 10 - https://vine.co/v/M6LOiEFBj1l
livvieboo12 - 8 - I feel like I don't deserve you. I want to be your friend and you are such a sweetheart we need to talk more.
vanili - 9 - QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Literally one of the nicest people on this site and your vlog was adorable.
levonini - 5 - dont fuck with kayleigh. ur a cool dude tho~
Timberlie - 7 - you are a nice guy we need to talk moreeeeeeeee omg your..


Countdown #1: Most Annoying TTBB Houseguests

20 turney1805, Mar 22, 2016

Countdown #1: Most Annoying TTBB Houseguests
Alright Tengaged, this is my first ranking of the week. Below is my list of the most annoying Tengaged users to enter the Turney Time Big Brother House. Please know that just because someone is on this list does not mean they will not return or that I dislike them. It just means that during their time in the house they drove me or their housemates a bit insane.
6. Gaiaphagee (Chris "Stoner" D)
Season: Big Brother 8- Project BFF
Finish: 6th Place [QUIT]
As most of my players have figured out, there is nothing that annoys me more than a quitter. However, not only was Chris a quitter, but he chose to quit at the Final 6, AS I WAS REVEALING THE RESULTS OF THE EVICTION. Like why couldnt you have quit as soon as I revealed final nominees? He chose to be THAT annoying person and wait until the last minute. Yeah, you can say that quitting to save your partner is noble or whatever, but he didnt even ask to be evicted. He just left. I don't think I have ever been so annoyed during an eviction. Other than that, he was fairly inactive for the first half of the game, which is also annoying, but there are much worse offenses.
5. Ramanik (Kamani W)
Seasons: Big Brother 2- The Basement & Big Brother 3- Generations
Finish: 12th Place [S2] & 11th Place [S3- QUIT]
Now Kamani actually does not really annoy me that much. Yeah, the quitting then begging to come back again was a bit baffling, but other than that we're fine. Kamani is on this list because he seems to annoy the people in my VL and the people on his seasons. There is just something about his personality that rubs people the wrong way and causes a strong reaction. I would say that everyone else should suck it up, but when multiple people express the same feelings of annoyance, then I have to look at the person.
4. Maxi1234 (Max A)
Season: Big Brother 7- Battle of the Block
Finish: 12th Place
So this really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, including Max. Does he have a good chance of coming back? Yes, he brings a ton of drama. But damn, this guy needs to find a bloody filter. During his time, Max complained at every possible moment about his fellow housemates not aligning with him. Not only that, but he also proceed to accuse one of my houseuguests of being racists and homophobic, which I still dont believe is true, but it was just one of those oddities for me to point to. After a while, when he realized that he was screwed no matter what, he gave up. However, his drama didn't end there. After I revealed the cast for TTBB 8, Max proceeded to yell at me and Connor_ because he didnt like my casting selection. Like bitch please, who died and made him queen? There is such a thing as a limit, and with Max, the limit does not seem to exist.
3. Chris1080 (Chris C)
Season: Big Brother 9-..


PYN and I'll rank you

68 Teddybear, Mar 6, 2016

Based on who I think I'd be most to least likely to date. If I don't know how you look I'll rank you based on personality/what I've seen of you!
KONOHAVILLAGE1 < 333333333333333333333333333333
Irelia/ Bengalboy (tie) Ire- CUTIE..it's unfortunate you're straight :/ | Ben- CUTE, BRITISH ACCENT, FUNNY.
tofutime xo
anthony2011class my secret crush
owlb0ned wow such a cutie!! would be higher if bi/gay! ;))
alyssaB if ur blogpic if u, actually #1 (lol jk but #3)
best i have a thing for black guys
donaam I thought you were bi anyway?? ur cute/funny
jenzie a little too high maintenance for me but gorg ;))
suzycroatia a highly attractive albeit young chica
coreyants for your gr8 political views
xoxokaci1 MOVED UP apparently you're cute and 20
NotAfraid cute!!
#Carsonl (cute collage pic but IDK how old you are)
#Galaxies idk who you are tho I keep getting you mixed with Gardenia??
#s73100 idk you
#Brayden_ i think you're really young
#renny10 young :/
#Typhlosion37 you were low anyway but now you're even lower cuz age
#C00lDUDE1000 just realized you're 13
#LittleBrother123 you're rude to me :|
#AlaskanFireDragon GOOD UR GROSS


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