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3 Pieguy555, Apr 19, 2021

Sheep & and an Unnecessary shit stirrer. 2 things I do not like. Sara is both of them. She sheeps #PureEssence and #Marwane and the rest of Privileged and then always pretends like she has a brain of her own. She loves starting shit. We are in a group chat together and I was just minding my own business and what happens? There is a nice PM that says "wow Mike would be the first to comment on a blog about me" like damn man, I am a drama starter but I am not that petty about it. My favorite thing about Sara though? The reason she dislikes me? She involved herself in some drama that had nothing to do with her. Pretty sad =)


PYN for a Tengaged Tier Listing

91 koolness234, Apr 8, 2020

Incredible Unique Showstopping Queen of Top 20 Colleges and Minority, Taking Dick and North Carolinian Tacos, Queen of Roblox Queen of Weave : CocoaBean
Certified Tengaged Icon - lemonface Arris maturo Kindred7 darbe MarieTori jdog Brayden_
Legend- #PureEssence titoburitto mathboy9 HighNoon EliotWhi jacksonjoseph99 hwest14 #zakisaboss Druhhbby2 vlad21
Up and coming star- pizzawithcookirs paige54 JasonXtreme #Mexash #Electric  Gigi10 s73100 Kelly2722 pinkiepie512 lexeyjane @mbarnish51 thegoodman Nicolef
Celebrity Big Brother Cast Celebrity- #PrincessaPeach #ghrocky100 #fabianoo #Christian_ TJ2807
Ehhhhh- #Singsongers flipflops



55 Badboyy2699, Aug 11, 2017

what I associate you with when I hear your name.
Koolness234 - Stars King
Lazeric - Begging for gifts
hints - Shops/Designs
BlueLagoon506 - Group Games
Path - Old account?
XxlovewakizaxX - Frooks Final 2
s73100 - BBMichelle (LOL I literally know its you when I see the avi)
Benp428 - Old back int he day friendship, We were noobs together (Tengaged Mafia)
Jenzie - Words such as : Gassed , Nerds, Slay, Obsessed , love when you use them
Brandonpinzu - Stars Queen
Dane_Williams - Backstabber , Sheep, etc ( Probably the worst person to play stars with)
dawsonight - Frookies brutha
lliiaamm - Being kind
Kaylabby - Literally everytime I see your name I think of ( 3 Nips ) lmfao. I try not to but seriously that's the funniest thing ever.
Thumper91 - Tengageds Sweetheart (Thumper* Can do no wrong)
EliOrtiz1234 - #PureEssence ( Literally Goals )
bigbrotherlover7 - Blogs page/Hunger Games
sosyomomma - Ween friend, who finally found the light, Nice frookies ally
xshift - Friend.
Ghrocky100 youtube videos
MrBird - Frookies rival ( Old but I think we are good now )
DJ4460 - #Jenzie ( Goals x2 )
BengalBoy - Hilarious Top Blogs
Beccajo16 - T-vivor or VMR ,one of them
underwzc - Rookies, words of wisdom
Fishingguy22 - Hi it's Fishingguy22 here , Multis, On Call "actin tough"
Spartagow - obsessed with me, peasant, horrible frookies player


PYN for a love or hate opinion =]

61 Thumper91, Jul 2, 2017

tell me which one you want =]
#pureessence i love how sweet you are and how you are always there for your friends =]
#manniboi i love how we use to have conversations about our sex lives LMFAO we were such freaks ;)
#darbe i love how the side of your cheek is honestly so perfect wish youd show your beautiful face :D
#hisoka i love how you helped me through alot no matter if we talk now or not i really appreciate it regardless
geazybeast21 i love how you have such a sense of humor. i dont think ive ever seen you mad
sprtsgy1989 i love your joke blogs that you make b/c they do trigger my emotions and make me laugh most the time =]
goodkaren i hate that i think dev probably loves you more =[ he always talks about you in such a positive light =[ i wish he felt that way about me
streamx i hate when you attack people LOL sometimes its for no reason i just figure youre bored or something =[ still love ya though :*
deeannamorgan i love how you seem like such a sweet heart there needs to be more people like that =]
brandonpinzu i love how youre very down to earth and sooo easy to talk to :D
eliortiz1234 i hate that you were so shady in tvivor when i was literally honest with you =[ lol and i hate that we dont talk as much because of that stupid gameeee =[
melindamrskk i love how nice you are on calls and very calm =] sometimes thats literally hard to find :D
rocker917 i love how you dont take games too seriously and just that you tell it how it is :]
generalpeeta i hate that you can be shady in games :O
joey65409 i hate that we havent talked in forever =[ i miss you :)
pizzawithcookirs i love how nice you are in games and how loyal you are <3
mexus i hate that you asked that question LOL you know i fucking love everything about you <3
drg2 i love that we twin with our flavoring were such threats <3 we should talk sometime =]
mrbird i honestly love how cute your personality is LOL like whenever i think of you i think of you as just saying something cute LOL
christina13 i love how you love alex in big brother shes a queen =]
spartagow i love how i have gotten to know you aside from frooks, you are truly nice :)
allieboballie i love how everytime were on the cya call youre always so kind =] i dont think ive like ever heard you ever be mean to anyone :)
ravenwalton i hate that you scream at me if i dont do shit that you want me to do  you stupid spoil fucking brat love you regardless but youre still spoiled ;)
bambino i love that you always plus my spam =]
brandt69 i hate that we dont talk enough =[ id love to be your bff
astone929 i hate that we dont talk more like every fucking day all day long type deal..


pyn for honest opinion

65 Thumper91, Jun 1, 2017

kinda bored and kinda drunk so
#pureessence you are so nice honestly :) i dont know why anyone wouldnt love you you have always been such a sweetheart to me and for that i love you <3
#joseline you are so fierce i wish one day i could be like you, im kinda jealous :( marry me
#galaxies i kinda think you dont like me LOL but truly i have no ill feelings towards you whatsoever no matter how you feel about me
#renny10 everytime we talk you are such a sweetie and supportive and i appreciate that and truly honor someone like that <3 i love you honestly and truly :) keep being you and dont let the haters get you down
#gagaluv i love you icon. i remember being in stars with you :) you have always been so sweet to me when i probably would have gotten on your nerves by now :P
#monomial i fucking love you and cant wait for our concert date to luke bryan <3 im so stoked to get drunk with you babe ;) LOL :)
#brandonpinzu you are one of the nicest people i have met on tengaged you have never been rude in anyway shape or form at least in my eyes always wanted to be like you :)
#tboss ROB i love you to pieces im always here for you when you need a friend never hesitate to pm me :) id never want to see you down
#rahrah i feel like i know you LOL but im not sure so i love making new friends we should talk sometime :)
#garrievans97 i fucking love you <3 you are like my main support you always tell me you love me in chats and i truly appreciate that and feel so honored :$ b/c most the time i dont feel the love on here
#bengalboy you are so funny and nice youre one of the few that checks up on me from time to time especially when i was always busy with work and what not :) i love you
#matthew09 i dont really know but i wouldnt mind getting to know you at anytime :) we should pm sometime
#don_draper LOL some days you love me and some you dont like stop being so bipolar LOL but honestly i love you as a friend even if right now you say im not one you will always be a friend in my eyes <3
#deeannamorgan you are such a doll :) i enjoy the support you give me, you seem like someone i could really like become friends with :) we should totally get to know eachother :)
#dane_williams i do like you as a person and from the few games we played and i do support you like always when you join stars idk why people always rob you :(
#ky00t idk you personally i think we might have been in games together? im not quite sure but we should pm sometime :) maybe get to know eachother :)
#dwipeouts i dont know you LOL but looking at your page maybe we could be friends we share the same like similarities of wanting a male :) twins
#seemlyrough i remember you from forever ago and you were always nice one of the nicest people to me whenever wed be in games and i truly respect that b/c i love nice people :)
#geazybeast21 you are a fucking trip especially when you say that thing about a prank like omg has me laughing for..


tsk tsk mr Ortiz

3 BluJay112, Oct 12, 2016

please confirm your date, you've told me five different answers.
Are you going to prom with:
A. #PureEssence
B. @Lorene
C. Taybear17
D. xoxokaci1
E. @you
Your "dates" are getting annoyed with you
Has he promised anyone else?


Peace Will Win CLOSED [35/35]

10 SmoothStalker12, Jun 28, 2016

Thanks to the lovely people who gave permission for designs :)
And my speedy gifters who saved my life
AND congrats on ur first gifts :)
oliviaxoxo is a loser


Gone Girl Closed!

9 SmoothStalker12, May 26, 2016

I posted this earlier but deleted it on accident, i just worked 8 hours sorry
This shop was a lot of fun, even the part of me waking up at 3am and 6am to gift today! It's the first of several shops I plan on getting this summer so don't fret if I didn't gift you.
Thank you for giving me permission this week to post designs, you were all very helpful!!
PureEssence < 3
Also thank you to my gifters, a lot of new faces in my gifting chats this week!
FighterMan dedication
ElectraViv you stole my shop name and pic
IceBeast for trying



15 CutieAmy, Jan 5, 2016

are talking about dildos
[9:31:13 PM] pureessence: what color should i get
[9:31:15 PM] #pureessence: i have black rn
[9:32:08 PM] Oliviaxoxo: how many colours are there?
[9:32:20 PM] #pureessence: well i had pink and purple once
[9:32:21 PM] #Oliviaxoxo: then you’ll always think of me
[9:32:29 PM] #pureessence: i can get as many as i want i think but ill be there longer
[9:32:30 PM] #pureessence: so 2 max
[9:32:41 PM] #pureessence: its like
[9:32:44 PM] #Oliviaxoxo: i wanna say purple
[9:32:46 PM] #pureessence: standard rainbow colors
[9:32:49 PM] #pureessence: + metallics


Tony ♥

84 bamold1999, Sep 26, 2015

Stolen from my bitch Nicknack
My top bitches
Good Friends
#Notsae (We don't talk much but you're really cool :) )
#anthonyy (Inbetween friends and good friends)
IRandomal123 (Even though we don't talk a lot idk I really like you)
koolness234 (We haven't talked much)
Billions (maybe if you snapped me more bitch)
Gardenia (if this were 2 years ago you would be higher)
Jetsrock12 (Since we used to be close tbh)
Like you but dont talk much
Don't like you
Tyboy618 (Idk if you like me or not tbh)
Koolcoop (Idk how i feel so I dont know where else to put you)
Really dont like you


♡ madi | eternalblossom ♡

0 PureEssence, Aug 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, EternalBlossom! You’re an amazing girl and I got some people together to send birthday messages and wishes! You deserve all of the love that each of these people (including me!) give you. Have a wonderful day, babe. xox
you and i have been through thick and thin and i know i can always count on you for everything. thank you for being one of the best people on this planet and for letting me constantly talk about useless shit even though i know it annoys you all the time! you’re a total cutie and even tho i piss you off sometimes, you and i can’t go too long without talking to each other before we go crazy lmao. you know basically everything about me and it’s scary how much i trust you tbh, but i know that i can and i’m insanely comfortable with you. you won’t judge me if i’m doing my vocal exercises on call or if i’m constantly tuning my ukulele or trying to play a new song on it. i love you with my whole heart, you’re literally my other half < 3 happy fucking birthday, you deserve the world x - #PureEssence
Dear Madi, you're FIFTEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! I can't believe you flew out of your mommy's vagina a month before me. Can you like not? - VintagePoop
Happy Birthday, Meatball!! We don't really talk, but you're pretty amazing and you deserve an amazing day :) - PurpleCows
Madi, you are such a special girl. Your so bright, creative, funny, and all around an amazing person. I know when we first met u hated me but Im so glad we got close over these past few months since i joined Woah Honnie. Our late night Skype calls, Curve fever games, and BrantSteele drama with the other Honnies is always fun and I can't wait for more memories to come. I love you so much Madi and I hope you have the most stupendous birthday ever!!!! LOVE U GIRLIE!!< 3 - CarsonWorld
Madison.. On paper, you have amazing attributes like being talented, funny and kind. However, after getting to know you, I have come to the realization that you are so much more. In an amazing way! You have been an amazing friend! You have consistently been there for me and have helped me out so much in life. Madison you are awesome and deserve the happiest bestiestestiest birthday every! I love you Madison and enjoy your 15th birthday!!! < 3333 - Tundra
Madi Madi Madi where do I start tbh you are 1 of the most genuine and honest people I know, You are very very nice and down to earth. You always crack me uppp you are so fucking funny and u are also so fucking smart im jealous. You are one of the most inspirational people I have ever met tbh. When I was 14 years old I was so fucking lazy and up to this day I still am. You are very hardworking and you deserve a lot in this world. I really hope you get into the uni u want and have a successful life because you really deserve it! Have a happy 15th birthday and..


Post Your Name!

9 RoseMaria, Jul 23, 2015

And I'll tell you what we'd do IRL
stolen from Jess @owlb0ner
RoboZoe - We'd have to make twin porn for Etienne
Sam_Hamwich - we both live in Indiana! So probably just hang out and be awkward since we already should have had the chance to hang out!
PurpleCows - I'd slowly convince you how disgusting of a twat #PureEssence & her crew is then we'd go to dairy queen and check out the b0yz
Cotbey - we'd do a little bit of this and a little bit of that
JonMcGillis - since you like numbers you can team me math lessons xx
ohheydudeski - I'd flirt with you to make #sosyomomma jelly
PureEssence - I'd introduce you to bath and body works
Sosyomomma - we'd hang out in your bedroom and have slow passionate hard core sex until you slowly and deeply fell inlove with me then you'd just explode in my bum
NotAfraid - We'd dress up like fucking cute ass zombies, drink a lot of alcohol and just sing


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