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Vanessa's Music Taste Round 2!

16 Lynn12, Jan 28, 2021

Hello everyone! I loved the song choices with round 1 and now we are going to kick off Round 2!!!
The Theme for this round is ~ROCK~
You may choose ANY rock song!!!!! I love rock and can't wait to see what songs ya'll chose!!
1. queenluna - IMMUNITY - Sunshine of your love - Cream
2. newnightmare7 - make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
3. pinkiepie512 - Lucy in the sky with diamonds - the beatles
4. becksta20 - we will rock you - queen
5. midiaw - losing my mind - falling in reverse
6. fromawindow - I'm not made by design- nothing but thieves
7. smoothstalker12 - smells like teen spirit- nirvana
8. sharonmaitems - rolling quartz
9. kingjames13 - vermilion - slipknot
10. yawnha - don’t stop believin - journey
11.  carolinasteele - animal I have become - three days grace
12. sam_hamwich - cherry pie - warrant
13. heavenlee - straight jacket - theory of a deadman
14. tbrown_47 - now hear in - cloud nothings
15- #Turkeylover - Disney



38 rohanprabhu, Jan 21, 2021

Im bored and have nothing to do
so PYN and i'll tell you if your brain,brawn, or beauty, if i dont know you i'll go based off your avi
Results so far- Brain- 13 Brawn - 8 1/2 Beauty - 9
#turkeylover - I dont know you that well but we have played a game together i would say Brain
#Malamente - Mix between beauty and brawn, beast comp and beautiful ;) lol
#skyler1822 - idk you but based on avi, beauty
#Yawnha - i would say brain
ParvatiS - based on avi, beauty
3pi14159 - definitely brain(calculus master)
Memphis_Grizzlies - ive never played a game with you but based on blogs, Brawn
tokio - im starting to get to know you, but i still dont know you so based on avi, beauty
Zoon - mix between brawn and brain, beast comp and incredibly smart
lexeyjane - based on avi, beauty
BarbraStreisand - Brain
shellbelle - Brawn no doubt
salmaan - Brain for sure
enraged_com - Based on avi, brain
ahea7561 - Beast comp and smart, brain and brawn
cheritaisdelicious - Brains, Brawn
Becksta20 - Brain
VanitySmurf - Based on avi, Beauty
christossss - never played a game with you but based on blogs Brain and Beauty
FromAWindow - Brain
Tbrown_47 - Based on avi, beauty
deshonbannedisback - Brawn you were good at those mini game comps
jessie_ - Brain
StraightLoonie - Brawn idk you that well but your good at castings
Burberry - Brain, i mean you won stars lol
Amnesia_ - never played with you based on avi, beauty
Cheeseman2468 - i mean the only time ive played with you Bryan was on your comp and the only thing he's good at is comps so ig, brawn
noah_kondon - based on avi, brawn
seaviper - based on avi, beauty
Jameslu - based on avi, beauty
Ace99 - definitely brain


Melinda’s Music Taste AS [FINALE]

11 melindaMrskk, Jan 17, 2021

🌟 Before we start the finale. Since this is my last ever Music Taste. I just wanna thank everyone for committing and didn’t make me wait AGES! Started this on 17th of December and finishing the 4th season today. Proud of myself for actually sticking to it and I hope everyone enjoyed. I WILL be tagging everyone who has played in any season because I want a top blog for all my hard work.
🔸 Welcome to the Finale of Melinda’s Music Taste All-Stars!
‼️ Let’s bring out our finalist...
⚪️ Absol
⚪️ Irelia
⚪️ Jameslu
⚪️ turkeylover
You four are the best of the best out of all three seasons and one of you is about to take home the biggest win ever!
We span the wheel and it landed on #turkeylover he choose to go up against #Jameslu for the first two rounds. Leaving #Absol & #Irelia to battle it out against each other.
‼️ WE WILL START WITH #JAMESLU VS #TURKEYLOVER then eliminate one of them. Then we will move into the other pairing. GOOD LUCK!!
‼️ Theme #1 - “Selected”
⚪️ #Jameslu - “Lucid Dreams” - This got better every time the chorus was about to hit. The rest of it wasn’t for me. I don’t really like the original version of this song so it would’ve had to been a masterpiece for me to like the remix of it. This was just kind of mismatched and didn’t really work for me unfortunately.
⚪️ #turkeylover - “Wired” - This was iconic. One of the best you’ve probably posted throughout your whole time in my series and you definitely stepped up when you needed too. I love her voice here and it goes so well with the beat. This remix is definitely a serve you killed this theme. Good job!
‼️ Theme #2 - “Do-over”
⚪️ #Jameslu - “Say My Name” - Why couldn’t you of posted this instead when you was suppose to! I love this song and I think everyone does. Such a girl group classic. If I was to give any critique I would’ve liked a more unexpected song only because it is the finale and all. Over then that I loved this. Werk!!
⚪️ #turkeylover - “Dirty Laundry” - LOL James picked Destiny’s Child and you picked Kelly.. what a match up and WTF why have I never heard this song. You’re right it’s definitely underrated. I loved the pulled back chilled vibes and she killed this song. I pretty much love anything she puts out. Yet again another serve! Good job!
‼️Okay so I’m basing this off who did better in each round and it was 2-1 on which songs I liked so obviously I’m going to have to go with the person who I liked more. So the person MOVING ON to the final round is....
#TURKEYLOVER!!! - Congratulations you’re moving on..


New's Music Taste - WEEK 5

13 NewNightmare7, Dec 10, 2020

Hello and welcome to New's Music Taste! We have made it to week 5 can you believe it?
So I've been looking at the statistics so far for this competition and I have realized every top 3 for all four prior weeks have been female artists which honestly is great. So im gonna admit it, I might be a little biased against male artists. I find females to be superior sonically. However, for this round, we're gonna give all the male artists some love. This could be the worst round of this game but welcome to "Male Anatomy" week! I want you to submit your favourite song by a male artist.
- You cannot use any of the songs from the previous rounds. Using the same artist is fine but could have an effecf on judging.
- Female features are allowed but the song has to be primarily credited to the male.
- If you send a song by a band, the band doesnt have to be all male, just the lead singer.
1. Christian_ - "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin
3. PennyTrationStan - "Heaven On My Skin" by Oscar Enestad
4. useamint - "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood
5. Washed_Ravioli - "Into the Unknown" by Panic! At the Disco
7. stuartlittle16 - "Tennesse Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton
8. QueenM1chelle - "Lies" by Will Jay
9. Kmartt - "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader
10. ILoveLarry - "Careless Whisper" by George Michael aka Wham!
11. ilysuiteheart - "Like I Can" by Sam Smith (IMMUNE)
12. Rubes - "Fading Away" by Adam Naas
13. crazybone5000 - "supercuts" by Jeremy Zucker
14. tbrown_47 - "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson
15. Becksta20 - "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder
14th - #turkeylover
15th - #Evictionfreak
16th - #3pi14159
You have 24 hours to submit via a youtube link. Good luck all!
Typing that was horrendous by the way. Sounds like i'm a misogynist and thats gross.



29 Aquamarine, Nov 21, 2020

for an opinion on anything but yourself
Letal - kind of a queen only because I remember when the Beyhive thought Jay Z cheated on Bey with RACHAEL RAY and not Rachel Roy.
Maxi1234 - A legend who thought she could get 100k retweets for releasing an album and also has bops but her last album flopped.
lemonface - a stupid fucking concept even if i always end up liking leos
Paige54 - people who dont like it simply havent tried it
Carriexoxo24xo - never seen it!
iiGalaxyii - eh. I don't really care for her that much but I'm not one of those people who thinks disliking her is a personality trait. A bit overrated.
Typhlosion37 - Used to be the best game back in the day. Now no one tries and multis seem to rule the games.
zachbbs - I haven't had creamed corn in a long time but i guess its alright...wait wtf is that...
Timster - Yeah I don't know I'm not a stan. Like I recognize she's talented but I much prefer her old music to what she's done recently. Freakum Dress is an absolute banger.
Singsongers - DEMOCRATIC socialism needs to be implemented. Venezuela is not a good example of it, places like Scandinavia are.
Symmetry888 - aw they're kinda cute and eat a lot of bad things to help us all out!
LovelyKiss - out of the 5 states I’ve lived in its fourth best.
holllyy1230 - JK Rowling ruined it for a lot of people. I’d say I was a casual fan of the movies but that’s it.
lemonface - bitch
cheritaisdelicious - I feel like they’re mean and spit at people idk I have no real attachment to them.
Arris - I used to think I liked winter a lot but this year it’s not even winter yet and I feel down. Idk.
#turkeylover again - literally never could be bothered to watch one.
Absol - I keep saying I need to watch it and then never do. It’s too many episodes!!!


NST Episode 3

12 NotNicky333, Nov 13, 2020

Final 12... woohoo. Remember Russell11 has immunity and his score won't be counted and he is automatically in the final 11. He can still submit if he likes.
Your category this round is COLORS. Your song must have any color in it's title or chorus (or both). Good luck. One of you will be eliminated.
14th: #turkeylover - Eliminated in "Character Count"
13th: #connorthomson - Eliminated in "Animated"
Submissions due at 11:30 PM EST 11/14/20. Also, the prize for this week's winner is very good!! So get those submissions in!


NST Episode 2

13 NotNicky333, Nov 11, 2020

Alright guys, congrats on surviving to the final 13!! Your theme today is going to be ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEOS.
You have to send in a song with an animated music video. Can be any song just needs to have at least a **10 SECOND** animated portion minimum. If it's on the lower side for animation post a time-stamp where the animation is. Don't be a SmoothStalker12 and give me a 8 second animated video. I will be mad.
14th: #turkeylover - Eliminated in "Character Count"
Good luck everyone!! You have until 3 PM EST 11/12/20 to submit your song.


PYN for a song from my most played :)

38 ianfitz0012, Jul 20, 2020

copying all the gay boys who did this before me
the playlist is shuffling any song I've listened to at least 20 times!
#turkeylover - Break the Ice - Britney Spears
#Queenisha - The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars
#Survivor8 - Hair - Lady Gaga
#Eoin - No Flex Zone (Remix) - Rae Sremmurd, NICKI MINAJ (she is iconic on this), Pusha T
Irelia - Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor
hwest14 - Throwback Love - Meghan Trainor
Darbe - LOVE SUX - Marisa Maino
PennyTrationStan - Cups - Lulu & The Lampshades
TheSexiestDude99O - How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara
alexeh23 - Muthaf**ka Up - Tyga & Nicki Minaj
Insanity - Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen
Slice - Foolish - Ashanti
rodrigueseve - I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd & Daft Punk
hellomynameis347 - Valerie - Glee Cast
icebeast - Genius - LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo)
mathboy9 - Cannonball - ZZ Ward & Fantastic Negrito
CocoaBean - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen
QueenM1chelle - What The Hell - Avril Lavigne
iCristian - Get Me Bodied - Beyoncé
holllyy1230 - After the Afterparty (Remix) - Charli XCX, Raye, Rita Ora, Stefflon Don
ricktworick1 - Say So - Doja Cat
spikedcurley - Grown - Little Mix
KingGeek - Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This? - Kelli-Leigh
kelly0412 - Cell Block Tango - Chicago Cast (the film version duh)
jacksonjoseph99 - Kiss n Tell - Ke$ha
fighterman - Silver Lining (crazy 'bout you) - Jessie J
Arris - Everywhere - Michelle Branch
brcosta - Slide - Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos
MrPokeguy9 - This Is Me - The Greatest Showman Cast
IAmPaxton - Green Light - Beyoncé
kimmal8 - Sunday Morning - Matoma & Josie Dunne
PaulaDeen - Undo It - Carrie Underwood
bamold1999 - Fast Car - Taio Cruz
Tester - Lush Life - Zara Larsson


Rat ~ Part 4 ~ "Bring It On Bitch"

2 turkeylover, Apr 30, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan - Dead
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel - Dead
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover - Dead
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 4 "Bring It On Bitch" ~
Nicki and Cynthia run down the hall.
Cynthia: "I can't believe Vinessa's dead.."
Nicki: "Well, we're going to be dead if we don't hurry the fuck up."
The two girls turn the corner and run into Leah, Caden, and Blake.
Blake: "Oh I missed you guys so much!!!"
Blake immediately hugs Nicki and she hugs back. Leah looks at Cynthia.
Leah: "Where are Vinessa and Zach?"
Cynthia frowns and shakes her head.
Leah: "Damn..."
Nicki pushes Blake away from her and then looks at what's in Caden's hand.
Nicki: "What's that?"
Caden: "A bomb. We're going to blow this school up with all of the rats inside."
Nicki: "Oh period."
The group starts to make their way to the plant the bomb in the boiler room, a piece of the vents collapsed. Separating, Nicki from the others.
Nicki: "Shit! I'll make my way around to y'all!"
Nicki goes right while the group continues ahead.
Blake: "I hope she'll be alright!"
Cynthia: "She will be."
The group gets to the basement and heads down.
Nicki heads into the classroom.
Nicki: "There has to be another way to the basement."
While Nicki plans a way to get to the basement, the rat megazord walks into the classroom. Nicki turns around and glares at it.
Nicki: "Bring it on bitch."
The rat megazord swings its sword at Nicki but she flips over it and lands on a desk.
Nicki: "Nice try, bitch."
Nicki flips off of the desk and kicks the rat megazord in the face before landing on the ground. The rat megazord stumbles for a bit before regaining balance and charges at her. Nicki runs up the wall and then flips over the rat megazord. It turns around and glares at Nicki. Nicki glared back at it.
Nicki: "Bring it on bitch....again."
As the rat megazord charges at her, Nicki jumps into the air and flies towards it with her leg extended. The rat megazord stops charging and gasps as it sees Nicki flying towards him. Nicki's leg goes through its chest, causing it to explode. Nicki sticks the landing.
Nicki: "Holy shit! I killed that motherfucker!"
Nicki begins to violently twerk as the rat megazord begins to form back together. Nicki hears a noise and turns around. She sees the rat megazord, holding its sword.
Nicki: "Oh fuck...."
Ignore the grammar mistakes, etc. I decided to split the finale into 2 parts so yeah.....anyways..


Sharkcane ~ A Blog Series ~ Apps

11 turkeylover, Apr 20, 2020

Since Rat is ending, I decided to start another shitty blog series! This one is about a shark filled hurricane! This is totes an original idea!
The app:
Personality Traits:
Bio (optional):
I'll take like 8 characters for this so yeah. This will also be like 4 or 5 parts long.
~ The Cast ~
1. Finley Fin / coolkat
2. Sophie "Soapy" Mitchell / SharonMaItems
3. Octopussy Octo / SeaViper
4. Ivana B. A. Shark / PennyTrationStan
5. Lana Del ***** (censored due to racism) / nateclove
6. Juniper Beatrice "Junie B." Jones / smallchild99
7. Jean Poole / Macda27
8. Kinny Dredlocks Jr. / Kindred7
9. Lucy "Loosey" Fin / #turkeylover
10 Rebecca Fin / #turkeylover


Rat ~ Part 3 ~ "Locked"

3 turkeylover, Apr 20, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel - Dead
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 3 "Locked" ~
Leah, Blake, and Caden successfully makes it to the chemistry class.
Leah: "What are we doing here?"
Caden: "I have a theory about the rats. I think the coffee they drunk turned them all vicious. Instead of energized and jittery."
Blake: "Woah....that's like deep bruh."
Leah side-eyes Blake but then looks at Caden.
Leah: "But how do we stop them?"
Caden: "We're going to build a bomb using chemicals."
Cynthia, Nicki, Zach, and Vinessa gather in the halls.
Nicki: "What the FUCK just happened??"
Cynthia: "I- I don't know!!"
Cynthia starts to tear up because this is, like, so hard to deal with. Vinessa glares at her and then slaps her.
Vinessa: "Shut the hell up and get it together, you walking abortion!"
Cynthia steps towards Vinessa but Zach steps in between them. Nicki groans and puts her phone away.
Nicki: "Ugh, I was about to film them fight!"
Zach shoots her a look and then looks at Cynthia and Vinessa.
Zach: "This is not a time to be fighting!"
Vinessa: "Well, tell that to the cunt faced whore, who thinks she can take me.".
Cynthia: "I will rip your teeth out and shove up your ass, bitch!"
Suddenly, the hall smells like pumpkin spice. Nicki looks down the hall and spots a megazorid made out of rats charging towards the group.
Nicki: "Damn...."
Nicki runs to a nearby classroom to hide in. Cynthia does the same after spotting it.
Vinessa: "Why the fuck is everyone leaving for??"
Vinessa turns and spots the megazord.
Vinessa: "Oh, that's why."
Vinessa pushes Zach down and makes a run to the classroom.
Zach screams as he sees the rat megazord.
The rat megazord steps on Zach, killing him before following Vinessa.
Nicki and Cynthia get into the classroom and Nicki closes the door and locks Vinessa out.
Vinessa: "Bitch the fuck? Let me in, whore!"
Cynthia puts her hand on the knob.
Nicki: "Don't do that."
Cynthia: "Why? She's my friend!"
Nicki: "She's not your friend, you're her pawn. She just uses you."
Cynthia frowns.
Nicki: "Plus, she could distract the rat thing while we escape."
Cynthia slowly takes her hand off of the knob.
Vinessa: "What?!?!?! Let me in!!!! Please!!"
Vinessa begins to cry as she shakes the knob.


Rat ~ Part 2 ~ "Hairspray"

4 turkeylover, Apr 18, 2020

~ Cast List ~
Caden Love / coolkat
Blake Mcpierson / bigdizzleyomama
Vinessa Fitzgerald / PennyTrationStan
Nicki Moore / nateclove
Leah Hope / MissBratitude
Topher Morris / AkeriaChanel
Cynthia Roe / smallchild99
Zach Joseph / #turkeylover
Ava Evans / #turkeylover - Dead
~ Part 2 "Hairspray" ~
Caden pokes at the dead rat with a ruler as Nicki watches over his shoulder.
Nicki: "Just tell me that little fucker is dead."
Caden: "He's dead. Like, dead as fuck. I just want to know why he attacked Ava."
Vinessa sits away from everyone, aggressively scrubbing the blood off her face, while Cynthia has a panic attack next to her.
Cynthia: "Oh my god. Oh my god. Someone just fucking died!!!! Right in front of our eyes!!"
Vinessa: "It literally just happened! Leave me alone!"
Cynthia frowns and walks away from Vinessa.
Blake stares at Ava's body as Leah frowns about this whole situation.
Blake: "She was a few seconds ago...."
Leah: "She didn't deserve that...No of us deserve this...."
Leah starts crying so Blake tries to comfort her.
Blake: "We're all probably fucked but I bet most of us are going to a better place. I know I will because I'll be in hell, throwing it back for satan."
Leah: "...You're not making me feel any better.."
Blake: "Oh......wanna get high instead?"
Leah shrugs.
Caden sits down at a table and Nicki sits down next to him.
Caden: "I also can't explain the pumpkin spice smell. It makes no sense."
Cynthia walls over to Nicki and Caden**
Cynthia: "Actually, I think that smell came from the lattes Vinessa and I were drinking. We threw them after like 2 sips so maybe the rats got thirsty."
Caden raises an eyebrow and Nicki's like ???.
Nicki: "Wait a damn minute, since when are rats drinking fucking pumpkin spice lattes?"
Cynthia shrugs and then walks away.
Nicki: "...I'm so confused."
Topher paces in front of Zach.
Topher: "Wherr did the fucking rats come from?? Are there more of them??"
Zach: "I don't fucking know! Do I look like a rat expert to you?"
Topher: "I think I should go up into the vents."
Zach: "That's actually a smart idea."
Topher claps to get everyone's attention.
Topher: "Listen up everyone! I'm going up into the vents to see exactly where the rat came from."
Vinessa stops using her hairspray and makes her way over to Zach, Nicki, and Cynthia. Caden shakes his head.
Caden: "I don't think that would be smart."
Topher: "Shut up. I'm doing this."
Caden rolls his eyes as Topher gets on a chair and climbs into a vent.
Topher crawls around in the vent, he gets to a corner..


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