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Hello, my name is Matthew!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2013/10/23/024/n/1922283/dad5a644e667a6cd_Ali.gif
I just like to go with the flow, meet new people and overall have fun.
I'm a Cadet Sergeant in the Army Cadet Force and am the Platoon Sergeant of 1-Platoon
Facts about me:-
Favourite Colour- Green
Favourite Food- Salted Caramel
Favourite Song (This will most likely change ALOT)- I'd Love to Change the World Remix
Favourite TV Show- The Challenge/RPDR
Favourite Alcohol- Gotta love a good bit of Gordon's Gin
Favourite Mixer- #GinAndLemonFantaClub
Favourite Cigs- Regal Blue
Favourite E-Liquid- Lime
Favourite Animal- Doggossssss
Biggest Phobia- Heights/Snakes
Favourite Male Actor- Dylan O'Brien
Favourite Female Actor- Holland Roden
Favourite Season- Summer ofc
My Birthday- (You tried it bitch)
Biggest Fear in Life- Not to succeed my goals
-I don't go drugs (never have, never will)
-I have appeared on a TV Game Show when I was 10, coming 3rd :)
-I'm currently 6'2"
-I work in a hospital as a Catering Assistant and they pay is AMAZING
- I can turn out a party with my deathdrops and splits. If you want some videographic evidence I shall supply

YasGaga- "KINGGGGG you are so great. you are so much fun and ily. we should call again because it’s been 100 years. you are such a great and nice person never changge <3"
Damo1990- "#iiVoloxity - I think of how cute your accent is, love the northern irish accent"
FireWolf- "Sagittarius
My childhood best friend was a Sag, but she grew up to be an asshole and I heard they're psycho if you do them wrong... don't know what to think"

Divas that have a special place in my heart:-
Stevie Nicks:-

Disney Princess Rankings:-
14. Snow White
13. Aurora
12. Rapunzel
11. Ana
10. Merida
9. Tiana
8. Cinderella
7. Jasmine
6. Moana
5. Pochahontus
4. Elsa
3. Ariel
2. Belle
1. Mulan

Top 10 People At My Bus Stop (BengalBoy)
10. Georgie Teague
9. Michael Doyle
8. Matthew Cordner
7. James Brown
6. Katelyn Johnson
5. Laura McCrea
4. William Pinkerton
3. Becki McKnight
2. David Grimason
1. Danielle Megaw

Top 10 Dinner Ladies I Had When I Was A Kid (BengalBoy)
10. That bitch no one knew who's name was
9. Avril
8. Betty
7. Valerie
6. Eileen
5. Fiona
4. Pauline
3. Lorraine
2. Anne
1. Laverne

Top 10 School Teachers
10. Mrs Kerr
9. Mr Graham
8. Mr Reaney
7. Mrs Montgomery
6. Mrs Buchanan
5. Mr Parker
4. Dr Holland
3. Miss Murdock
2. Mr Scott
1. Dr Holdsworth

Top 10 BFDI Characters
10. Pin
9. Spongey
8. Coiney
7. Bubble
6. Teadrop
5. Woody
4. Dave
3. Rocky
2. Match
1. Firey
Add me on skype: MatthewCurrxe
Add me on snapchat: matthewjcurrie
Follow me on insta: mjccurrie

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