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the golden age of gifting on tg.com

3 maturo, Mar 31, 2019

was when me and eliortiz1234 started a chat called "the leaking squad" and throughout the 2016-2017 year, we recruited emzthorne electric cutieamy petro #galaxies and even pureessence at one point to leak every single shop
our victims included #lovelife #plastic #negan_ and more


unfiltered everyone | PYN

12 Maybelline, Dec 7, 2017

for a brutal opinion huns - no holding back.
Question - ur such a sweetie sis! we hated each other at first, but I meet all of my friends by hating them first so don't feel excluded :) ilysm pea!
BengalBoy - Druuuuu <3 ur such a pea! You gotta teach me how to properly play Fortnite ;-; I got to 16th yesterday but I lit got sniped when things were getting juicy #rig
DoubleSS - one of my longest friends on here ryan <3 ur so sweet & always there to talk to :) I hope you can stay for good this time, & that u get shops so we can shower each other in gifts!
melindamrskk - You were probs the only person I could fully trust in stars. Couldn't say the same about frooks hun! I really don't know much more about you other than ur rlly forgetful & stole my frookies win! x
Batya - oh I see you around, u have a cute username & seem sweet :)
Paige5459 - aw ur such a sweetheart, always defending me when those nasties come out n blog about me! we need to talk more x
vansreborn - if i was a girl, i'd sit on ur face all day
memphis_grizzlies - I used to like you & defend you when #galaxies would attack you, but you're pretty rude to me now :/.
GrrrImabear - decide whether u like me or not sis, ur opinion always changes!
Brayden_ - I've never met hornier.
Justme - you're AMAZING with an amazing friends list <3333 I wish you could download fortnite so you could play with me & dru & bryan one day.
s73100 - you seem super sweet, im pretty sure u sent me a sweet mail once when that slut #mahogany was attacking me. <3


♦ • ♦ PYN ♦ • ♦

39 Violets, Aug 9, 2017

For a lovely rate out of 10 by me and Hints
V: 9
H: 7
V: 4
H: 5
V: 8.5
H: 5
V: 6
H: 7
V: 7
H: 7
V: 6
H: 5
V: 4
H: 4
V: 6
H: 6
V: 9
H: 8
V: -1
H: 8
V: 7
H: 5
V: 9
H: 9
V: 7.5
H: 6.5
V: 5
H: 6
V: 9
H: 8.5
V: oh would u look at the time! it's getting late! night everyone!
H: 0.5
V: 5
H: 5
V: 8
H: 8
V: 2
H: 4
V: 10
H: 18
V: 8
H: 4
V: 13th
H: 73 - 73
V: -
H: -
V: 5
H: 1
V: 9.5 that pussy stank!
H: 7.5
V: 6.5
H: 6.5
V: Coachella
H: 7.9
V: 8.5
H: 6
V: 5
H: 6
H: 7.5
V: 19, 21, 25
H: 3 - 3
V: 6
H: 11


PYN for an Opinion/Probably a Paragraph now..

119 JesseM, May 9, 2017

Now that i'm out of stars I would like to do a post your name so that I can give opinions on everyone!
It's not like my opinions of people change much while I am in stars and when I am not but I didn't want people to say I was doing a PYN for support.
I have cleared my filter list so ANYONE and EVERYONE can post(only 4 people were on the list, lol) Don't be rude or back on the filter list you go!
#Galaxies: LOL @ you being the first one to comment on this blog because I don't really think you like me much. I don't have a problem with you though! I mean we have played stars together and that didn't go to well for us because you got 14th and it was glitched stars so I didn't have a chance to win. But yeah you removed me as a skype contact :S I was nice and gifted you from #Virgie88's shop but that probably doesn't mean anything to you since you have a lot of gifts. We were on skype call in a group chat when I won stars and that was cool!
#Jenzie: #QUEEN We don't always talk but when we do I always enjoy it very much :) You made a PYN recently and said some really sweet things about me.  I'm not exactly sure I can compare to that! I love how we spoke about Starbucks Midnight Mint Drink! I will be sure to think of you next time that I have one :P  Hopefully we will always be close friends now that I am in your league and have won 3 stars like you have<333 :P
#Maturo: I was in the first stars that you won even though we were nominated together for 5th :( Enjoyed working with you that game for the most part! Then you went on to win another stars so congrats on the double win! Shame that you got 6th in your most latest one. I enjoy talking to you on skype and it was nice that you helped gift this past week. Thank you for that! Sometimes I see a random hate blog about you and it makes me wonder how anyone can ever hate you because you are actually really nice!
#Delete2544: You are someone that I wish I was better friends with. Even though you haven't played a game for almost a year now I always see you commenting on blogs which is really nice that you take the time to do that. Also your #1 friend is #Jenzie so you have really good taste! Message me sometime to talk :)
#Arris: Arek hi! :) You are best friends with #Virgie88 and she is one of my best friends so it would be nice if we were better friends as well! She always tells me so much about how amazing you are! Thank you so much for helping her gift from her shop this past week and getting #Admir to help gift as well!  It was definitely nice catching up with you a bit on skype. Thanks for the support in stars!
#C00lDude1000: Ben, I have told you my opinion on the voice recording that I made but if you didn't listen to that it's cool! We have played a stars together where we worked together but I nominated you for 8th and you were evicted :( You nominated me for 7th and I was evicted as well. This past stars we kind of joined together (oops) even though you joined..



50 tofutime, May 7, 2017

and I'll tell you how you would do if you went on Survivor! if i don't know u and have never talked to u obviously i can't say!
#Galaxies you'd prob make the merge but be voted off like 10th-8th due to overplaying
#Petro probably an early boot sorry! your tribe would see you as a liability and you'd get around 15th or 16th
#Mexus i think youd get yourself in a solid alliance on your tribe but at the merge youd be voted off promptly! so 11th or 12th
#Minie you'd argue with someone on your tribe and get voted out early, maybe 16th-20th
#saraj10 i could see you being voted off early-ish due to laziness but if you made the merge you might make it to the F3! but you'd probably get no votes to win
#christossss you'd establish yourself in a solid alliance but they'd backstab you around 6th place for being a threat!
#jdog for some reason i see you being stuck in the minority alliance and getting voted off early at the merge
#CalebDaBoss i think youd be out early premerge, around 17th
#Delete2544 first boot TBH
brandonpinzu youd make the merge but i dont think youd make it to the end, 7th-10th is my prediction
jenzie i think maybe youd quit after a couple days of sleeping outside but if not i see u making the merge but being backstabbed for 6th-4th for being a sochele threat
brookie_cookie you would be out premerge im pretty sure i feel like youd suck at the challenges no offense, so 16th-20th
Don_Draper youd probably make the merge but get blindsided pretty early on, around 9th maybe
BOBROCKS333 i think you definitely could make it far but i'm not sure if you could make it to the end! if the cast is not very smart you'd have a good chance at making finals at winning, but if they're good i don't think you'd be cutthroat enough and you'd probably be voted out like 5th-8th
Imthtawesom i see you being voted out kind of early for being lazy around camp lol, 15th-20th
Vlad21 you would just miss out on the merge probably, 12th-14th
ImGonnaWin maybe an early merge boot? just a guess but 8th-13th
cococolin122 probably one of the first people voted out, i think your tribe might find you annoying 17th-20th
Thumper91 i think you'd be voted out early if you were on a bad tribe but if you were on a strong tribe you could make the merge and go somewhat far, but probably get blindsided 5th-7th for being a social threat!
KatarinaDuCouteau i think you would overplay way too hard and end up an early to mid premerge boot! like 15th-18th
FighterMan i see you making the merge but just missing out on finals. 4th-6th
DanielleDonato honestly i'd imagine you'd be voted out premerge, not really sure why! 13th-16th probably
Slice think you'd probably make the merge but you would be taken out as a threat at some point before getting to finals. like..


Ilysm < 3

3 CheapCheep, Aug 11, 2016

Thanks Minie / EyooMarcus for the gift and Galaxies for the safe delivery. Also grats #Galaxies because I successfully got these orange wonderland eyes in auctions, hope you get your shop soon. #DontFuckMeOver
Yay i'm drowning in pixels xoxoxoxo


Random.org TGBB9 (16)

32 disneygeek, Jul 25, 2016

Eviction Order:
6th- #Galaxies
7th- #turkeylover
8th- #aj1111
9th- #Petro
10th- #DillyDally
11th- #Rennac
12th- #ItsKimmiKappenberg
13th- #JacksonWalsh
14th- #MrBird
15th- #CrimsonEnnui
16th- #Jaxon
17th- #Rodrigues75
18th- #Marble
19th- #Christian_
20th- #benp428
By a vote of 3-2 #Galaxies you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH: ImGonnaWin
HoH nominees: topazisqueen & Jameslu
POV: topazisqueen
Used?: On Herself
Final Noms: Jameslu & rawr121
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees can vote).


PYN for an honestly, real opinion

35 Kaseyhope101, Jul 22, 2016

From the least fake person, most real person, on this site. (Me)
#galaxies - So, I really screwed you over in that one frooks that one time, but I actually really didn't cuz you proceeded to stay and get 2nd i believe? So I guess I just mildly blindsided you. But, it was cuz I thought you'd do the same to me even tho apparently you wouldn't have. So I guess not a GREAT first impression, but you're problematic it seems and sometimes get some trouble on your hands and anyone who is in drama is okay with me so... Go you. I like you.
Shut up, #CrimsonEnnui.
TheBlackDog - Okay so I don't know you but I'm afraid of dogs so I'm not down with that.
BluJay112 - I recall seeing your name thrown around and I usually remember the people I hate, so I definitely don't hate you. Good start!
Aydanmac01 - I'm like positive you're the one with that amazing blog series and I love those and you actually loosely inspired me to start writing blog series again! If it turns out you aren't the one with the blog series I'll be mortified. But if you are thank you!
TDbigbrotherlover112 - I like you when you're not tossing random weird shade at my face.
Darbe - You honestly seem like such a dad. I would love to talk to you cuz you seem chill and nice af.
Politely choosing to skip #Marble
BOBROCKS333 - I don't know you.
Zuelke - I don't recall particularly talking to you ever, but you seem controversial and I love that.
QueenMichelle - We've had our ups and downs, and you didn't like me for a bit, but we slay people together. Now we're a dream team of death.
Jaxon - Problematic.
TotalDramaLover1234 - I like you a lot based on your blogs and just overall personality, but we never have really talked much at all.
connorfitz15 - You seem cool, we should talk more often cuz I like you.
Matedog1209 - I've seen your name tossed around so idk why I don't rlly know you that well, but go you.
Steven999 - You're sooooo nice and I like you A LOT. You're like if I was ironed out and less opinionated.
Amanyaman - I see your name a lot idk why I haven't talked to you, but you seem great.
acyuta - #TeamGrimmie 4 Life.
maxiphone27 - Your username is iconic. That's all.
turkeylover - You're super nice and likable and yeah! I'm bad at this opinion stuff.
mathboy9 - I use to hate you, now you're fine.
rollingderp - Queen.
illdi - You ruined my game in survivor twice.
Obstreperous -  I've seen you around! Go you!
nickt115 - I've seen you around! Go you!
mrcool - Obviously ily dad.
MJFJUNE - We disagree a lot but I love..



0 StevefromBluesClues, May 27, 2016



PYN for a compliment!

45 tenacious__tim, Apr 11, 2016

whether you are strong or weak, a jock or a geek, ordinary or unique, a sheik or simply unique, you deserve some positive that I speak. cheers, Tengaged.
#Galaxies - your Tengaged shades are so hip like the everglades
#skyler1822 - Sky is so fly like pumpkin pie
#vivivoom87 - Jacob has the ambition to complete his gold level mission
#owlb0ned - a constant Tengaged trend with the perfect sugar and spice blend
#Tanner_ - he's the man with the plan, rockin headgear better than an afghan
#Guigi - he's slick in his click, always prepared for a quick lick
#jasoncutie7542 - Jason has the style, he makes it worthwhile
#AshleyD - don't fool this blonde, she can control your life with a flick of the wand
#joey65409 - Kansas City all day, he's calm and mellow like Sunday
#Kaylabby - she's calm and quiet, but strong will like a riot
#jenzie - both beauty and booty, she's phenomenal and so fruity
#QueenLuna - from princess to queen, she's also a lean mean fighting machine
Arris - nothing but bank, he's a shark in a fish tank
KizzXxX08 - fortune and fame, lame isn't her game
SpiderBoom - a nice set of boobs and a master at Rubik cubes
Michaelf1114 - nice and precise, he's easy money rolling the dice
XxLoveWakizaxX - he goes hard in the paint, he's not a sinner but a saint
BadKaren - up to no good, but always keeps it hood
Mexus - he's got a slong for days, he amazes women in so many ways
Matt64 - he's ready to brawl, always fresher than a can of lysol
AlyssaB - her physique is sleek, she's steady mobbin' on the track showing off her technique
kyoot - always ready to shine, always keeps the conversation going so fine
neathery - he's the Tengaged pimp with a limp, a skrilla with a blimp
FlamingJojo - you have that fire, the will, the hustle, and an ability to inspire
rellizuraddixion - real eyes, realize, I have allies building my franchise
KnowYourself - this dude is a whiz kid, ballin' like an ocean squid
Brandt69 - watch your back, he will do you nasty, his favorite Pokemon is Gastly
Juliann - he keeps it cool and steady, guns loaded and Tengaged ready
harrywasnak - he's loyal to the very end, his thoughtful efforts towards others I would recommend
LuckyLefty - he's a baller by nature, his gameplay on Tengaged has you writing new legislature
cswaggerr - he's a beast in the streets, a ride or die while cruising in the Lambo seats
Cornelia - Stars and bars, writing beautiful memoirs in fancy cars
acyuta - he's known as an animal lover and he's 100% guaranteed to be better than any book cover
Irelia - she has those good looks and a pretty smile, she makes me work for that extra..


Galaxies Logic ♥

6 SkooterEYZ, Apr 3, 2016

- Makes a blog asking why people hate him so much
- In the same blog, attacks 10 different people
- Tells people to kill themselves for shooting him in hunger
- Spams his blog
- and then pretends to be suicidal because no1 is giving him attention
wow. It must be so fun to be a Galaxies ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ #Galaxies #Fat #Fataxies



52 PSULucky, Apr 2, 2016

And I'll tell you which of the top 700-ranked members the Love Randomizer pairs you with.
#Galaxies paired with #FighterMan
#ohheydudeski paired with #Joseline
#jguill paired with #dabomb127
#bomberv paired with #joemoe
#amf7410 paired with #blazermaniac94
#Pieguy555 paired with #Graneceffect
#Marchesa paired with #LucyMcG1
#Tanner_ paired with #Daytime
#Ashleybabyx3 paired with #Raverkid
#MickyBoomy9 paired with #patriciasigmond
#Spiderboom paired with #theKingsniffer
#Arris paired with #theAce
#Typhlosion37 paired with #AlanDuncan
#jenzie paired with #BostonRob_
#ItsAlexia paired with #TylerK
#Renny10 paired with #Bryce12
#2Beastly paired with #ParvatiS
#SkooterEYZ paired with #MichaelAravind
#Willie_ paired with #gagaluv
#Lemjam6 paired with #smuguy2012
#Gardenia paired with #whoyopapa12
#maturo paired with #hujain
#hwest14 paired with #Kentuckyy
#C00LDUDE1000 paired with #Spinner554
#blazermaniac94 paired with #acyuta
#SomebodyAwesome paired with #Brumming
#Jjred45 paired with #dexterie
#Brandt69 paired with #Jadennator1
#acyuta paired with #Jallina15
#smuguy2012 paired with #cody_
#guigi paired with #Lovelife
#FlamingJojo paired with #MrPokeguy9
#NotAfraid paired with #Karebare
kyoot paired with Idgaf
Phenomanimal paired with RShowFreak
Vanili paired with Steel
AlyssaB paired with Kiara_xoxo
Richpaca paired with SurvivorFan37
Timberlie paired with Bo_oM
Styxxe paired with Tommeh208
LoopyCoco1 paired with Snix
Skyler1822 paired with MitchTheMachine (phew)
danielleloves2000 paired with legendary
m7md26 paired with joshlyn34
Icarus_Mark paired with bigbrotherlover7
RawrItsNick paired with tayman14
black0ut247 paired with ZIMY
eric_136 paired with Vlad21


PYN for a shot opinion

20 SkooterEYZ, Mar 25, 2016

benp428 - I dont know you that well enough srry
FloatingToaster - Honestly who tf.
koolcoop - You're a cool friend :) I'm glad we
Swell - you hate me but I have a side to me that you haven't seen so I hope we could like make things right ;/
Kittykatz553 - ily u've always been there for me, ur a very good friend
PMMGuy - you're a nice person, don't know you that well but we talk and ur pretty cool
#Galaxies because PMM asked - Is the most ratchet disgusting piece of human that ever roamed the surface of this world - he's contaminated people, is the reason for the Plague and every other pandemic disease this world has ever seen
Eliortiz1234 - you're a v cool person and very friendly and yeah :3
Guigi - ur so cute ily we've beem friends for so long I can trust you with everything
ItsAlexia I'm glad we could make things right, ur a pretty fun person
Koolness234 - haha I love your blogs, they're hilarious and you're a good person :)
Arris - " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "


PYN and + for a rank

14 SkooterEYZ, Mar 20, 2016

I adore you
I like you
idk u / meh
stay back pls ty
#galaxies standard trash, consider suicide


Long story short

0 SkooterEYZ, Mar 20, 2016

Minie is the true pedo and I wouldn't be surprised if #Galaxies and #ItsAlexia have her VJJ pics saved on their desktops


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