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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is staymellow obviously and i dont back down rememebr that OMG CONFESSION TIME : I LOVE sexyshaniqua you are my idol and i look up to you eternally, ex oh sex oh gossip girl xox

Joined: 9/3/12
Yellow: 10/29/12
Orange: 12/12/12
Light Green: 4/3/13
Green: 7/21/13
Blue: 7/21/13
Purple: 8/12/13
Red: 8/15/13
Brown: 8/30/13
Black: 9/10/13
Silver: 11/16/13
Gold: 2/5/14
Sky: 4/17/14
First Ranked: 1/15/14 Rank #700
Highest Rank: 540
1000 Karma Club: 2/5/14
Frat History:
~Trainers: ?-?=But still first ever joined. Cause of the pokemon aspect
~The Mean Girl Bitches Alliance: ?-6/13/13=Love the movie and a perfect frat Literally best frat i've been in
~The Gicks: 6/13/13 - 6/21/13 = My name, mellowgick. Yeah! Woo! :D Proud to be a Gick.
~The Cunts Alliance: 6/24/13-9/9/13 = :D I got this one off the list! finally a member and gracious to have such a kind frat sibling! xbac5 :) What a great and erfect frat this was. From the frat symbol, to my frat mate,to the peace of it all. Really quiet and low key just how I like it.
~T.W.S.S: 9/10/13-9/25/13 = That's What She Said. Michael Scott. Joined with sexyshaniqua :D
~#TrollAlliance: 9/25/13-9/25/13 =Trololololol Stay Golden
~Blog Whores: 9/26/13-9/26/13 = Blogging ftw!
~HEAT: 10/5/13-10/24/13 =Big frat! First joined. Jessiheat da woman! All Hail the Heat.
~i liv 4 the pussy: 10/29/13-?= PUUUSSSAY! WOO! Thank you to Sexyshaniqua, coffeebean, Gia_xox, Dinosaurdan, Tractorporn, randomizesbitch, and mbhgi72 for helping me become frat president on 11/10/13! :D
Yet to Join Frats:
~the asian rice smugglers
~The Hairy Nipple Frat
~Lemon Pledge
~Cobra Kai
~The Underestimated Turtles
Proud of my top Blogs:

Personally Made:
Trend Setter: (Set top trends for)
Jenzie- 10/21/13-10/25/13
Known Trends:
9/6/13- Top for trending now and 4th top trending in Hall of Fame
Porn Sightings: 6
I was in Tengaged Game #100000 9/9/13
14th place: ttp://
Game experience Bog: ttp://
People with no respect for the mentally disabled:

Ignorant Fools of Tengaged:
1. 3-day ban, Death threat for saying "burn in hell"
2. Red nose 11/4/13
3. "Week" Long Blacklist: 4/6/14 - 4/15/14
My friends list is by chronological order. The first page containing the most recent, the last page with friends i made when started. And do the math for the stuff in the middles, it's all ordered by when I met you. Exception with sexyshaniqua who's placed first but shouldbe between devinus and erich.
1/21/14 from Vision
2/8/14 from Dinosaurdan
7/19/14 from Gemma17, gemma giveaway
9/13/19 from sexyshaniqua
For future reference and additions should this ever arise:
Games Owed List
I plus all spam!
Spam is good when cooked in bacon fat:
Milestone Games:

#100 Non Charity 1st in fastings

1 Year Anniversary game Non charity: 1st Frookies

#200 Charity: 1st Frookies
Charity game Blog: ttp://

Silver Level Game Non-Charity: 1st Rookies

#300 Non Charity Fastings: 11th place. Played with sexyshaniqua :)

Gold Level Game: None

Sky Level Game: 3rd with my allies I made, Jairyn and nikw98, We formed an alliance called the Twigmen. Twigmen Power! :D
Group Games:

Link's Survivor Alaska: 7th place, 14th person voted out and 6th member of the jury

User5's Survivor Solomon Islands: (Medical Evacuation) 12th place. 5th evicted.

Lev's Big Brother 1: Dead Game. No result. Host banned. Still Alive.

Gaia's Survivor 1 Bahrain: 14th place. 7th voted out.
my beauty flag from immunity: ttp://

Highnoon's Stuck in the Middle Season 1: 3rd out. 12th place.

Yoshi9999's Survivor Poland: Dead Game. Still alive.

Jman's Survivor The Australian Outback: 2nd place. Runner-up in a 5-2 vote. Made F2 tribal.

CK's Survivor 3 China: 4th place, 7th member of the jury.

Spinner554's Survivor Thailand: Host quit season. Game cancelled. Still Alive.

GW & AD Survivor Seychelles: Dead game. Still Alive

Suitman's Survivor 7 Venezuela: 13th voted out and 6th member of the jury. 4th place.

Saj's Survivor 2 Alaska: 1st place. Sole survivor. F3 tribal council. 5-2-0 vote. 20 contestants. Tied with jordannnn as Player of Season, so we are co-players of the season.

Cmack311's Survivor 26(Season 6 Generation 2) Caribbean: 6th place. 13th voted out. 7th member of the jury.

Rj's Survivor Singapore: 6th place. 13th voted out. 5th member of the jury.

Manhattan Social(hosted by DevanS09): As "Borat". Show died and final episode never took place.

Zachboy967's Survivor Virgin islands: Dead game. Host Quit. Still Alive.

Greek Life Season 1 (Hosted by bondedlead) (TEN: Tau Epsilon Nu): Group died. Didn't make into TEN.

A&J's Survivor 1 Haiti: Staymellow quit before game started. No result.

Link's Survivor 14 Cape Three Points All Stars: 2nd Place. F2 Final Tribal. 21 contestants. (8-1 vote).

LiteCitrus' Survivor 4 Tonga: 10th voted out. 7th place. 3rd member of the jury.

A&J's Survivor 2 Cancun: Dead Game. No result. Still Alive.

Obscurity's Survivor Japan: 6th voted out. 18 contestants. 13th place.

ddjot's Quick Survivor Season 1: Sole Survivor. Final 2 tribal. 4-1 vote. 1st place. 16 contestants.

Zach's Big Brother Season 1: 13th place. 3rd out. 15 contestants. Inactivity boot, Due to ban.

Mongoman's Survivor Cambodia Season 1: 3rd out. 13th place. 15 contestants. Inactivity boot, Due to ban.
Lost in second chance poll.

Rickertude's Big Brother 1 Summer of Secrets: 8th place. 6th voted out. Jury. 13 Contestants

Zachboy967's Survivor 1 Amazon: Dead Game. No result. Still Alive. Revived Game. Final 2 tribal. 2nd place by tengaged public vote.

Mana's Survivor 7 Vanatu: 17th place. 2nd voted out. 18 contestants.
My art for flag competition: ttp://
My bio : ttp://

Alicia's Survivor 1 Taiwan Islands: Quit due to sucky host
Quitting blog: ttp://

Dontvotemeplease's Survivor 2 Tuvalu: 15th place. 4th out. 18 contestants.

Jared242's Survivor 2 Egypt: 9th place. 1st member of the jury. 16 contestants. 8th out.

Murly's Survivor 1 French Polynesia: 14th place. 5th out. 18 contestants. Medically Evacuated.

KidA's 2nd Gen. Survivor 3 Korea: Dead game. No result. Dropped out.

Dinosaurdan's Survivor 1 Germany: 6th place. 11th out. 16 Contestants. Merge. Dropped out.

Zachboy967's Survivor 6 All Stars/Cuba: Dropped out. 13th place. 4th out. 17 contestants
“There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well”
-Cloud Atlas

"Unconstitutional laws aren't laws"
-Joshua Boston

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."
-Robert Frost/Harvey Fierstein

"A woman's mind is cleaner than a mans. She changes it more often."
- Oliver Herford


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i love sexyshaniqua xoxoxox

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