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Window-Palooza 2 Round 4 Results!

1 FromAWindow, Feb 12, 2021

Contestants! Thank you for submitting your songs in a timely manner :) I have listened to each submission carefully and honestly yall BROUGHT it this round :) However, there was a definite top 3 :) It is now time for the judge’s critiques!
First of all, Tbrown_47 did NOT win this round which means he is officially eliminated from the competition! I’m sorry Tim, your song was middle of the pack for me cuz THOSE LOW NOTES, but thanks for playing!
The following people (in order of submission):
Insanity (Great job though)
Crazybone5000 (Great job though)
Ahea7561 (Great job though)
Are safe! Congrats on making it to the next round! That means everyone else represents the tops and bottoms of the week! I’ll be critiquing in order of submission :)
Becksta20 - “In the Air Tonight” - Phill Collins - I like this song but it was a little low energy for the category, it did have a moment that made me say yesssss but it came at 3:40 into the song and I wanted more of those moments in this song that was supposed to WOW! It’s a good song, I just wanted more :)
Irelia - “I Want to Break Free” - Queen - This song was honestly just free serotonin, as soon as it started I was soooooo happy :) The whole song, from the instrumentation to Freddie Mercury’s affectations are just so exuberant and full of life and I may or may not have screamed “Yayyy” multiple times in my car because of this song lmao. Well done! :)
#Salmaan - “Listen” - Beyonce (from “Dreamgirls”) - I mean, it’s Beyonce at her vocal best, how can you NOT become full of life after this??? She just slays me when she sings this and this was an unexpected and smart pick!
SennaRichards - “Party in the USA” - Miley Cyrus - I love this song a lot but it just feels a little safe. I wanted something more unexpected this round and this song just didn’t give me that :/ Another great song, but it just wasn’t at the same level and next time from you I challenge you to select something more noteworthy on a technical, vocal, or instrumental aspect :)
FireX - “Firework” - Katy Perry - I love this song a lot but it just isn’t noteworthy in the ways the other songs were this round. It’s got a great message and it’s very catchy but I didn’t find myself LIVING for this song the way I did for the others
TurkeyLover - “Poor Fake” - Kelsey Lu - I have no idea what the fuck I just listened to but I LOVED it!!!! This song definitely has its own vibe, I was very into the beginning of this songs tone and it was so different, and that BRIDGE OMFGGGG BLEW MY MIND I CACKLED!!!!!! Loved it, so out of the box and keep bringing campy stuff like this and you’ll go so far :))
Now, I’ve made some decisions. The winner of this round is...

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