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15 Kandee_, Jan 7, 2019

and I'll mail you a username of someone on the site. You will give an opinion of the user, or whatever and I'll list it here on the blog anonymously. Here is your time to tell others how you really feel about them... (I'll delete comments after mailed)
#mathboy9 by anonymous
"A little bit annoying, but not too annoying so that you can't ignore him. We have had a fight or two in the past but I don't think of him at all anymore. He is just there."
#Paige54 by anonymous
"they are sort of annoying with the whole 'man' joke, and they dont really seem to form opinions for themselves... just go with what everybody else thinks."
#Fetish by anonymous
"Fetish is a cool person, though I don't think I've talked to her before. We share a few of the same friends and her blogs are great. I love her avi and I wish I could have 79 gifts like her (But I can't 'cause I'm just a no name loser with 0 gifts). Anyway Fetish is cool and I wish I could talk to her often. <333"
koolness234 by anonymous
"Josh is awesome! We don't talk too much but I always enjoy talking to him he is so nice and really funny imo, someone I wish I talked to more :D def one of the nicest people on tg."
DaddyDev by anonymous
"A very impulsive person who seems to say whatever is on their mind a lot, but can also be extremely shady and disloyal if you're not a close friend of theirs."
PureEssence by anonymous
"She has cute designs? That's really like the only thing I know of her. x"
mbarnish1 by anonymous
"dont know him too well but we both play group games and he seems preety cool"
Jameslu by anonymous
"I know we haven't talked in forever and I'm not sure if I spammed for him before or not. It would be nice to talk to him again :)"
ItsAlexia by anonymous
"Always has a shop but never gifts me.... I'm waiting...."
maturo by anonymous
"Thanks for the suggestion ;)"
Krisstea by anonymous
"Krisstea smh Just the nicest sweetest person I have ever met. She will go out of her way to help you with anything. She will cheer you up when you're having a bad day. I have never ever seen her be even slightly mean to anyone.....and now she's a design queen.
We need more people like her on this site. <3"
Icarus_Mark by anonymous
"so hot i love dilfs like him"
Birks4444 by anonymous
"Birks, dude you know I love you and I love getting to play with you. You are so sweet and a super loyal ally everyone tengager should have. I'm so happy I got to know you and let's slay hunger together. Ily <3 from the barn."
k4r4k by anonymous
"Kinda gives off crazy aunt vibes. Nice but a little wild"
M_Davis1998 by..


Imagine caring about stars on

0 AshleyWhite, Aug 15, 2018

8/15/2018 lmfao losers


PYN and I’ll tell you if I ever liked you..

36 Minie, May 9, 2018

#mathboy9 - I don’t think I ever liked you but that one time I sassed you on call, I almost felt bad, you had such a cute baby voice
jdog - no particular reason but I guess we got along until you irritated me by nomming me in a crooks
vanili - course!! One of the sweetest ladies I met here but I like the sassy vanilla better ;)
bix123 - don’t think we ever encountered each other but you were tolerable in tbb and wasn’t a tryhard even though I’m not sure if it would have changed if you stayed longer but I liked what I saw :)
#princessteepee - of course I like you, you are the first female to comment nice things about my looks whenever I post a selfie or whenever a yeti like babeeeidah tries to insult them! Honestly if we were both lesbians you’d be my first pick for a long te relationship  ;)
brainjak - sorry sweetie, I have no idea who you are but I don’t dislike you at least?
m7md26 - I’ll always cherish that one time you gifted me a lol skin for my birthday! That was unexpected and let’s lol soon ?
vlad21 - we got along until that one time you became a rat and made a mountain out of a molehill and ruined a friendship for me
BengalBoy - Of course I like you. The first straight boy to put my haters in place when they attack my looks <3_<3
Arris - Don't know you that well but every time we crossed paths you seemed like a friendly neighborhood guy
FelipeS - Don't think we ever met but I always see people saying nice things about you :D
rosemulet - I like your capacity to annoy people and make people hate you by doing nothing mean. You always crack me up
Burgerman2929292 - Don't think we met but I like burgers
Tyler93 - I like that you always say nice things about me and you are cute :3
jadennator1 - No lol
Katherinee_ - Don't know you personally but I think I like you from how I remember you.
malachite05 - I think I remember you making the same blog about "im straight' or something it used to be funny then it got old (im not certain if it was you tho)
Ashleybabyx3 -  Yes sugar daddy
_aria - of course!! One of the calmest people I know. And loves your sense of sarcasm.  A league date soon?
temponeptune -idk why but I do
justme - yes you are chill and nice and not fake
masonx - yes I feel some sister chemistry between us and you are always nice to me but I think you owe me some gifts huh ?
#marieeve - don’t know you personally but you seemed nice from what I’ve seen
amnesia_ - uhh your name seems familiar but I really don’t remember a reason to like or dislike you
calebdaboss - same as above but Caleb is a nice name
@dannyyboy67 - we just met and..



86 KrisStory, Dec 28, 2017

And I’ll rank your stars gameplay ability based off of strategy, social game, and public game.
#mathboy9 5/10 - in your last 11 Stars your average placement is 8.5, which is decent. However, at the same time, multis gave you a win, so that affects the ranking since it’s hard to tell your actual skill. But 8.5 in 11 stars is still decent so 5/10
#morebeastthanyou 9.9/10 - you are a 9.9 for obvious reasons. You are literally the me of the old days. 4 finals in 5 stars, wasn’t able to win despite the amazing skill in the game. The fact it was all done in less than 20 weeks is just astounding though. Your popularity is there too i think.
#ethan000 8/10 - as someone who has gone unnommed before, i know how difficult it is to play that well. You got your win against a huge popularity flavor too, so that’s super impressive and proves your popularity and ability to play the public.
#_adidas_ 6/10 - Finals in 2/3 of your stars and 1 10th due to multis. You did play decent games to get onto finals in both of your games that you made finals, and if anything, that proves you are pretty well-off on the strategy/public gameplay spectrum.
#baileyboy1 8/10 - it’s only an 8 and not higher cuz you’ve only played one stars, but the fact you played flawlessly in your first game shows a lot.. you deserve this high ranking in 1 game.
#ghrocky100 4/10 - this ranking is only low because your average placement is above 10, but I believe in your ability to become a great game player.
#notafraid 5/10 - even though your average placement isn’t that great, your ability to play the public and your potential to win a Stars, as well as play it strategically, proves that you deserve at least a 5.
#jetsrock12 8/10 - 5 finals no wins, 4 4th places, you’re me but with 5 finals. I feel the pain and will always support you. When you get a win this is at least a 9/10 depending on how well you play that game.
#grrrimabear 4/10 - you have potential, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in the three stars you’ve played. With an average placement of about 10th, but with decent gameplay abilities, i see you improving exponentially.
#2beastly 7/10 - with an average placement of 6th with 3 finals, a 7/10 is warranted. You can also work the playoff with your personality so points for that.
#koolness234 8/10 - it’s hard to accurately rank you because 2/3 of your wins are questionably ran by multis. Nonetheless, it is extremely difficult to make finals 3 times in a row, one of which was unnommed, while you were already a popularity threat. You have all aspects of the game and probably deserved all three wins, but 8/10 is how I’m going to rank you.
#lemjam6 8.5/10 - The proof is in the statistics; 6 finals, but no wins, with 8.3 avg in 26 stars. That's impressive. I've seen you play some fantastic games, and as someone who is of average popularity, an 8.5 is warranted here. Although, if you had already won, I'd give you a..


Following the trend

8 HaliFord, Nov 2, 2017

Post who you associate me with and I’ll do the same for you!
GoodKaren - #Mathboy9
Kaylabby - #Garrievans97
Paige5459 - #GoodKaren
BengalBoy - Me bc im ur BFF
Sosyomomma - #Saraj10 queen
QueenMichelle - #Mybash_


Random.org TGBB26 (16)

6 disneygeek, Sep 26, 2017

Eviction Order:
7th- #mathboy9
8th- #bigbrotherlover7
9th- #Lovelife
10th- #s73100
11th- #Lance_
12th- #AmandaBynes
13th- #Lemjam6
14th- #Mitchkid64
15th- #rodrigueseve
16th- #aria_grande
17th- #xSvala
18th- #Halloween
19th- #mrcool
20th- #Justin_Hicks
21st- #Rebecca_
By a vote of 3-0, #mathboy9 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- CalebDaBoss
Pre Noms- DaBaeBae, Brandt69 & BigBrotherDonny
POV- NotNicky333
Used?- No
Final Noms- DaBaeBae, Brandt69 & BigBrotherDonny
Vote to !SAVE! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).


♥ Evan | Sam_Hamwich ♥

49 Stunzer, Aug 17, 2017

And Ill guess your color level
(im gonna flop!)
Currently: 17/31
#mathboy9 Gold (X)
fishingguy22 Blood (X)
pizzawithcookirs Blood (DING)
Thumper91 TV Star (DING)
m7md26 TV Star (DING)
GoodKaren Sky (DING)
RyanAndrews Blue (DING)
@KatherinePierce White (DING)
bigbrotherlover7 TV Star (DING)
Arris TV Star (DING)
cocacola__96 Blood (X)
semajdude TV Star (DING)
eliserose Blood (X)
@Mickiejames22 Dark Green (DING)
_Aria TV Star (DING)
DRG2 Silver (X)
NotNicky333 Blood (X) me when it was.
Renny10 Silver (X)
xShift Gold (X)
noah_kondon Red (X)
s73100 TV Star (DING)
Steven999 Gold (DING)
turkeylover Brown (X)
M_Davis1998 TV Star (X)
Minniemax Black (X)
xbac5 TV Star (DING)
titoburitto TV Star (DING)
Crayadian TV Star (DING)
captainzacsparrow Red (DING)
iamremedy TV Star (X)
ClassiCaz5 TV Star (DING)


Random.org TGBB23 (14)

1 disneygeek, Jul 24, 2017

Eviction Order:
6th- #mathboy9
7th- #Brandt69
8th- #BigBrotherDonny
9th- #NotNicky333
10th- #Maxi1234
11th- #xShift
12th- #Batya
13th- #Kelly0412
14th- #JourdanBabyXoXo
15th- #tekufej
16th- #benp428
17th- #FrozenShadow09
18th- #DuncanSurferBoy
19th- #Halloween
20th- #ItsAustin
By a vote of 4-2, #mathboy9 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- alanb1
Pre Noms- Joobix & jadennator1
POV- NicoleF
Used?- On Joobix
Final Noms- jadennator1 & XoXU
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote.)
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6 NotNicky333, Jul 19, 2017

and I'll tell u if you are more or less autistic than mathboy9
Autism levels:
#mathboy9 > < #mathboy9 (autistic reader broke since you are so autistic)
matt64 < #mathboy9
imthebaldman > #mathboy9 (for commenting on a multi)
memphis_grizzlies has Down syndrome sorry this is for people with the right amount of chromosomes only
adamloveseverything < #mathboy9


Im Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun (33/35)

11 Kelly0412, Sep 4, 2016

I spammed for my own shop and posted what I wanted and it was amazing.
Thx to my amazing gifters couldnt have done anything without ya!
Missing any1!????
Enjoy ur gifts
Temponeptune fatty
Remember to always be Lindana and always have Fun


Pyn and I will tell you

102 Arris, Aug 13, 2016

what Stars placement would you get
(WITH mods on)
if ur delicate don't pyn cuz I'm trynna be honest
#mathboy9 - 8th
#CrimsonEnnui - 9th
#Tanner_ - 11th
#IceBeast - 3rd
#Qazwdxedc - 16th
Danny12 - 7th
Bix123 - 13th
GoodKaren - 5th
nickp - 6th
m7md26 - like 7th
Swell - hmm 4th
TayBear17 - 10th
lexibear - 6th
BluJay112 - 11th
vansreborn - 9th
koolness234 - 1st
benp428 - 10th
DillyDally - 14th
maturo - 8th
Negan_ - 16th < 3
BOBROCKS333 - 12th
MrBird - 9th
KatarinaDuCouteau - 3rd
RoboZoe - like 6th
aes222aes - 5th
Manson - 15th
jenzie - 2nd (could be 1st tho depends on your haters list)
Flickgamecolin - 13th
Admir - 2nd
EliOrtiz1234 - 2nd (or even 1st)
labobble - 11th
joshie1 - 3rd
Carlo_Costly - 10th
beccajo16 - 4th


Random.org TGBB6 (9)

6 disneygeek, Jun 17, 2016

Eviction Order:
11th- #Mathboy9
12th- #andrewvaughan17
13th- #topazisqueen
14th- #KayleighWinz
15th- #aj1111
16th- #Christian_
17th- #Demgirl6
18th- #LaceyDeGarrio
By a vote of 3-2 #Mathboy9 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH #1- JourdanBabyXoXo
Noms- turkeylover & ghrocky100
HoH #2- Timberlie
Noms- ninjohn & GrilledCheese
BOB Winners- turkeylover & ghrocky100
Pre Noms- ninjohn & GrilledCheese
POV- ninjohn
Used?- On Himself
Final Noms- GrilledCheese & MrPokeguy9
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the Noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


Random.org Apprentice RESULTS

3 JourdanBabyXoXo, Jun 12, 2016

Random.org APPRENTICE !!
Flex Corp
Tract Corp
Week 1-
Flex Pm: Music
Tract Pm: iceicebaby
Losers: Tract
Boardroom: Ghrocky100, IceIceBaby, Mathboy9
Your Fired, #Mathboy9
Week 2-
Flex Pm: Music
Tract Pm: IceIceBaby (Again)
Losers: Flex
Boardroom: Rory17, Music, MickyBoomy9
Yours Fired, #Music
Week 3-
Flex Pm: MickyBoomy9
Tract Pm: Ghrocky100
Losers: Tract
Boardroom: Ghrocky100, S73100, iceicebaby
Your Fired, #S73100
Week 4-
Flex Pm: Rory17
Tract Pm: GirlLover101
Losers: Tract
Boardroom: Girllover101, Ghrocky100, iceicebaby
Your Fired, #Ghrocky100
NO MORE TEAMS- Individual
Week 5-
Winner: SmoothStalker12
Boardroom: MickyBoomy9, IceIceBaby, Cococolin122
Your Fired, #CocoColin122
Week 6-
Winner: MickyBoomy9
Boardroom: IceIceBaby, GirlLover101, Haileyyy
Your Fired, #Haileyyy
Week 7-
Winner: MickyBoomy9
Boardroom: GirlLover101, SmoothStalker12, Rory17
Your Fired, #Girllover101
Week 8-
Winner: MickyBoomy9
Boardroom: LivvieBoo12 and IceIceBaby
Your Fired, #LivvieBoo12
Week 9-
Winner: Rory17
Boardroom: SmoothStalker12 and IceIceBaby
Your Fired, #IceIceBaby
Week 10-
Winner: MickyBoomy9
Bottom Score: Rory17
Your Fired, #Rory17
Winner- MickyBoomy9.
Your Hired.
SmoothStalker12, Your Fired!
12th- Mathboy9
11th- Music
10th- s73100
9th- ghrocky100
8th- cococolin122
7th- haileyyy
6th- Girllover101
5th- livvieboo12
4th- iceicebaby
3rd- Rory17
2nd- SmoothStalker12
1st- MickyBoomy9
All Stars Worthy Players:
IceIceBaby, GirlLover101, Music, IceIceBaby and Smoothstalker12


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