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"I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you." - Kobe Bryant

memphis_grizzlies kill yourself
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 4, 2020

Agree with everyone except memphis_grizzlies. His opinions are uneducated, unfactualm and he is a really bad person. I鈥檝e ever seen him not play victim, it鈥檚 depressing. Does he have joy in his life?
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 31, 2020

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  1. JoeDaManXD said: ..@Memphis_Grizzlies hm interesting. Our scores aren't really that importnat here, like people get bad scores because they do spo..
  2. Loopspeare said: ..Unisex bathrooms are obviously best, @Memphis_Grizzlies. But let's not pretend that men haven't dressed up as transwomen befor..
  3. Loopspeare said: ..You're the one who brought up the term "real trans people," @Memphis_Grizzlies. Further, you're acting like all tran..
  4. Loopspeare said: ..How is that disgusting, @Memphis_Grizzlies? There has to be some sort of transition. That's why it's called being trans...
  5. Loopspeare said: ..What do you mean by "identify as male," @Memphis_Grizzlies? And yes it does affect me because they're identify..
  6. Loopspeare said: ..You're telling me how to use a grammatical category, @Memphis_Grizzlies. That's ridiculous. Or would you like to try using pro..
  7. Loopspeare said: ..Are you male, @Memphis_Grizzlies? How did you come to your conclusion?..
  8. Loopspeare said: ..You're male, yes, @Memphis_Grizzlies? Explain your answer fully please...
  9. Loopspeare said: ..Sex role stereotypes are prescribed roles given to people on the basis of sex, @Memphis_Grizzlies...
  10. Loopspeare said: ..Not at all, @Memphis_Grizzlies. Keep reaching...
  11. Loopspeare said: ..Telling someone not to use a specific lexeme is completely different than telling someone to use a specific noun class for third..
  12. HighNoon said: ..kill yourself libtard @memphis_grizzlies..
  13. HighNoon said: ..i was going to comment this is t..
  14. Loopspeare said: ..No because gay and bi people aren't telling other people how to speak or live their lives, @Memphis_Grizzlies...
  15. Loopspeare said: ..And Who Is He..
  16. Loopspeare said: ..How do you know that black "moderates" aren't privileged and entitled? Maybe they're rich, @Memphis_Grizzlies...
  17. kyoot said: ..@memphis_grizzlies wouldnt 2 negatives cancel out? Go log back into elementary school IDIOT..
  18. Loopspeare said: ..So it's a rich country that is privileged enough to do this, @Memphis_Grizzlies. And race IS relevant. Here in Canada, for exam..
  19. Loopspeare said: ..Which ones, @Memphis_Grizzlies? Small, wealthy countries that are racially homogenous?..
  20. Rperduex11 said: ..@memphis_grizzlies there is no pandemic. I鈥檓 so sick of hearing that shit too...

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