Sparky's NFL Blog Experience Season 2

---Anyone Welcome!
---32 Teams controlled by "houseguests".
---All NFL sports teams
---Schedule follows 2019 season. This is going backwards (last season was 2020 schedule)
---Each week's scores done by (0-50, with "1" being counted as "2")
---17 Week schedule, bye weeks included, then playoffs. Top 6 from each conference makes playoffs (I know NFL is different right now)

In the Playoffs, each teams score will be the average of three (3) presses of the "generate" button on

All NFL teams to choose from:


AFC East:
Buffalo Bills--- @RxysenBB
Miami Dolphins--- @LemJam6
New England Patriots--- @TMAN54445
New York Jets--- @Ciurrra

AFC North:
Pittsburgh Steelers--- @FireX
Cleveland Browns--- @Kmartt
Baltimore Ravens--- @GiGi10
Cincinnati Bengals--- @SmoothStalker12

AFC South:
Tennessee Titans--- @Semajdude
Indianapolis Colts--- @Bvance1212
Houston Texans--- @Coolbrandonman
Jacksonville Jaguars--- @Entei

AFC West:
Kansas City Chiefs--- @LoganWolfe
Las Vegas Raiders--- @DrPepsi
Denver Broncos--- @Noah_kondon
Los Angeles Chargers--- @Memphis_Grizzlies

NFC East:
New York Giants--- @Christossss
Washington Football Team--- @Tbrown_47
Philadelphia Eagles--- @BlazeTitan
Dallas Cowboys--- @KingJames13

NFC North:
Green Bay Packers--- @StuartLittle16
Minnesota Vikings--- @Canadiankid
Chicago Bears--- @JohnPopper
Detroit Lions--- @Yawnha

NFC South:
New Orleans Saints--- @Cromatique
Tampa Bay Buccaneers--- @QuackAttack817
Atlanta Falcons--- @Jaychris
Carolina Panthers--- @Zackattack94

NFC West:
Los Angeles Rams--- @NanoNerd
Seattle Seahawks--- @Evictionfreak
Arizona Cardinals--- @Flamergamer8
San Francisco 49ers--- @DBonee

Will anyone from season 1 return? It's first come first serve!

Good Luck!

Featured Players 30 playing

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Sparky's NFL Blog Experience Season 2

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