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164 The Amazing Race 2 (Episode 3)

8 Tester, Sep 17, 2019

----------THE TEAMS----------
- AntonB and SeaViper
- Jameslu and Amnesia_
- FelipeS and iScotty
- RavenWhiteFeather and paul028
- Paralox and ColinCoco
- Logie56 and J2999
- Kindred7 and woah
- BlazeTitan and skimmilk4
- systrix and Codyy
10th: #purplebb4 and #iichaoskimmy
11th: #PorshaWilliams and #FaLaFolie
12th: #Tommy123 and #MudkipzFTW
Rice Field:
- Systrix and Codyy
- AntonB and SeaViper
- Kindred7 and Woah
Grass Fed:
- Jameslu and Amnesia_
- FelipeS and iScotty
- Paralox and ColinCoco
- BlazeTitan and Skimmilk4
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028
- Logie56 and J2999
- Kindred7 (of Kindred7/Woah)
- SeaViper (of AntonB/SeaViper)
- Jameslu (of Jameslu/Amnesia_)
- FelipeS (of FelipeS/iScotty)
- Logie56 (of Logie56/J2999)
- RavenWhiteFeather (of RavenWhiteFeather/Paul028)
- Paralox (of Paralox/ColinCoco)
- Systrix (of Systrix/Codyy)
- Skimmilk4 (of BlazeTitan/Skimmilk4)
Pit Stop
- Jameslu and Amnesia_, you are team number ONE!
- Systrix and Codyy, you are team number TWO!
- Paralox and ColinCoco, you are team number THREE!
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028, you are team number FOUR!
- Kindred7 and Woah, you are team number FIVE!
- AntonB and SeaViper, you are team number SIX!
- BlazeTitan and Skimmilk4, you are team number SEVEN!
- FelipeS and iScotty, you are team number EIGHT!
- Logie56 and J2999, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive and I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race :(
The Placements
1st: Jameslu and Amnesia_
2nd: systrix and Codyy
3rd: Paralox and ColinCoco
4th: RavenWhiteFeather and paul028
5th: Kindred7 and woah
6th: AntonB and SeaViper
7th: BlazeTitan and skimmilk4
8th: FelipeS and iScotty
9th [eliminated]: Logie56 and J2999



1 purplebb4, Jan 19, 2019

aka #purplebb4 you are probably the most disgusting human being I have ever come across. All you do is use people for what you want, whether it be shops or whether it be to premade games.
No wonder you are absolutely hated. I have done nothing but defend you to people but honestly I am done now.
You only care about yourself, or hacking peoples accounts, and im pretty sure I have evidence that you didnt serve your perm ban, because you were on a hacked account all the time, so dont even try me x.

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