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10 C00LDUDE1000, Dec 23, 2018

GoodKaren | Temporary | 3-days | Death threats, threats of physical harm, wishing harm upon people, encouraging suicide or violence.
GoodKaren 1 day 22 hours ago
Hopefully more people die :)


PYN for an Honest Opinion

4 CopperTribe, Sep 22, 2018

Also plus! 🌭 (Smile is I like you, Frown if I don't)
#Goodkaren - Your nice as want I've seen :)
#Jasoi - Your a good friend of mine :)
#FireWolf - The PYN Master lol. :)


Bored as Crap- PYN

45 J2999, Aug 15, 2018

And I'll say what my first memory/opinion of you was
Then I'll send you current one via mail/skype :P
#GoodKaren - seeing you post 11:11 make a wish for sure. I also remember disliking you because you voted me out in survivor despite us being allies. I was preaching BadKaren for a couple weeks if I'm being honest
#FireWolf - Gunther you've always been a close mate of mine, back since you were on gkg. I remember you telling me something once, which, despite you possibly not getting the outcome you wanted, but made me feel so good that someone genuinely cared that much. Only positive memories of you.
#Amnesia_ First memory is I'm pretty sure due to frooks. We used to kill them together, especially the earlier ones !!
Christian_ M&N's bro! We were on the same tribe premerge, luckily we never went to tribal, but I remember you were my target if we did go lmaoooo. Then came merge and you saved my arse at F11, then you just fu**ing (using asterisks in case it's banable lmao? ) to the end
#harrywasnak holy crap bro where do we go? I know we had a rooks in December where we got to know each other, but I knew you before then. Most likely due to frooks? But yeah late 2017 was when we first started talking.
#Lemjam6 Jake my main memories of you are from when you hosted me in season 5 of JAR BB, and I seriously could've won had I not screwed myself at Final 3 HoH
#Thirteen my first memory of you was us being chill in frooks but one of us getting evicted early, and then seeing you trolling on the blogs page.
#Peace123 Connor king, I actually remember my first memory being wanting to get that day 2 HoH in rooks to nominate you. I either didn't get it, or we formed that quick alliance with b1 so yeah. THen we slayed the faves and made top 3.
#Paige54 H-O-L-Y Shit. How did we first meet? Wtf? Wtaf? It was possibly via a casting? I honestly have no clue. Obviously it was on 5459, but hot damn. I mean we obviously became close via like the Nerd Herd, and now the pots chat. But I generally can't pinpoint where. I think it was like October/November time though.
#C00LDUDE1000 I think the first time I saw you on tg was most likely when you were in a stars, but the first time we spoke was when we were in a hunger which idt either of us did particularly well in
#s73100 well I mean when I first met you, you weren't a midg*t so I'm not quite sure what happened there. We met through the Nerd herd, but throwback to then and like the next 3 months when I thought you hated me lmao
sihz I feel like we had spoken once before Vlad's Survivor, but that's my first memory tbh. The main things of that I remember was when we had to do that tengaged rainbow for a challenge one time, and how that was literal torture tryna find people, and then us going to the end together.
Mikec51 the first time we met was in a casting in late 2017, and we started talking like straight away, mainly due to us both..



38 Rocketokid13, Jan 10, 2018

Ok yall, so my favourite event of the WWE calendar is coming up, and Imma celebrate it CORRECTLY. Also I'm feeling generous :)
I'm giving away a gift to whoever guesses the correct number that the winner of the eventual event is going to enter as. As always, there's 30 spots in the Royal Rumble. However, since there's also a WOMANS Royal Rumble that's going to be taking place, there are more spots to be taken, and another gift to win! What this means, is that a maximum of 60 people can enter this giveaway! Each person can enter twice, one entry for the men's royal rumble and one for the woman's royal rumble. Or you can do only one, it doesn't matter.
Here's an example of what you would comment.
"I want #27 for the Men's Royal Rumble, and #3 for the Womens!"
or for short
"M27, W3"
In short, I'm giving away 2 gifts, and whoever picks the correct number for each respective rumble will win it! GOOD LUCK!!!
#1 - M: . W: #GoodKaren
#2 - M: purplebb4 . W: #Jacadeux
#3 - M: TheSexiestDude990 . W: #TheSexiestDude990
#4 - M: Monomial . W: #M_Davis1998
#5 - M: . W: #Renny10
#6 - M: Swadles . W: #NicoleF
#7 - M: Cryptspartan . W: #ashszoke
#8 - M: Rederico . W: #Symmetry888
#9 - M: M_Davis1998 . W: #Sam_Hamwich
#10 - M: Jacadeux . W: #MichelleObama
#11 - M: GoodKaren . W: #deeannamorgan
#12 - M: . W: #1001games
#13 - M: deeannamorgan . W: #TaraG
#14 - M: NicoleF . W: #Rain848
#15 - M: . W: #RealJacksonWalsh
#16 - M: 1001games . W: #ghrocky100
#17 - M: Carvalho . W:
#18 - M: tyboy618 . W: #tyboy618
#19 - M: Sam_Hamwich . W: #Monomial
#20 - M: Rain848 . W:
#21 - M: RealJacksonWalsh . W:
#22 - M: . W: #purplebb4
#23 - M: MichelleObama . W: #Carvalho
#24 - M: ghrocky100 . W: #Aidan0621
#25 - M: Renny10 . W: #Shimmmer
#26 - M: Symmetry888 . W: #Swadles
#27 - M: Shimmmer . W: #thewolfman
#28 - M: Aidan0621 . W: #Rederico
#29 - M: GiGi10 . W: #GiGi10
#30 - M: thewolfman . W: #Cryptspartan
(I will tag as people comment, if there's not enough interest then bye felicia)


Bryce || bigbrotherlover7 <3

73 Sam_Hamwich, Dec 14, 2017

and I'll tell you
how I think you would do on survivor / whether you would be a hero or a villain / and if you would be asked back for a future season
***UPDATING AT +400***
deeannamorgan - 4th, after controlling almost every single vote you're apart of, you lose final immunity and you're cut right before F3 due to being a threat to win / Hero / Yes
#GoodKaren - 7th, you stay too loyal to your alliance after losing numbers and it costs you / Hero / No
#Arris - 11th, you're first merge boot after you're seen as scrambling too much / Hero / Yes
#tennisplayer963 - 5th, you're alliance went to rocks at f6 and one of your side went home, resulting in you being vulnerable / Hero / Yes
#devinB - 3rd, you find 3 idols throughout the game along with 3 individual immunities to get yourself to FTC but the jury doesnt think you did enough socially to deserve to win / Villain / No
#JetsRock12 - 9th, you get on the show through your loved one being a past player and you're taken out back to back after losing numbers at the merge / Villain / No
#LonghornRob - 14th, your tribe starts off winning but after a few losses you get on some people's nerves with constant arguments and get voted off after you claim "It's me or her" to the tribe captain / Villain / No
DuncanSurferBoy - 9th, you get in a showmance early on which results in you being a target. Luckily they take them out before you but your lack of other relationships ends up costing you / Villain / No
mikec51 - 2nd, your alliance dominates post merge and you coast to FTC with the smallest target on your back all game, but the jury votes for the player with bigger moves on his resume / Hero / No
bengalboy - 7th, you are seen as a target at merge due to being a physical threat to win immunites. Eventually a balance competition comes and you get voted out at the first merge tribal you are eligible too / Hero / Yes
xxlovewakizaxx - 14th, you're in a dominate position on your original tribe but at the swap you find yourself at a 5-2 person disadvantage and it's too much to overcome / Villain / No
levvy - 11th, you have majority at merge but an idol is played and the other alliance votes you due to being least likely to have an idol played on them back / Hero / No
BluJay112 - 5th, never having a solid majority you manage to squeak your way through tribal after tribal with big moves but the second you think you're safe you get blindsided for being a threat to win / Hero / Yes
eliserose - 7th, you're comfortably in minority but you try to flip to blindside your alliance to add big moves to your resume. Unfortunately someone rats you out and the only person blindsided that night is you / Villain / Yes
Emmett4 - 13th, you're in a relatively good position in your tribe after the swap, but during a physical challenge you injure your knee and medical pulls..


i missed my two year anniversary on here

23 mathboy9, Jan 8, 2017

but better late then never!111!! this site has helped me come out of my shell and allowed me to meet some of the best people I could ever dream of. This site can be a mess sometimes but there are so many great people here it makes up for it completely. When I joined TG i didn't have any irl or online friends but it helped me with my confidence and now i have friends online and offline.
Thank you to all who made this experience so great. ♡
If I missed you I am SO sorry I was going down my friends list!! If I like you and you don't see your name on here just let me know and I'll mail you a compliment!
#goodkaren / yelloww
fishingguy22 even tho u hate me



71 m7md26, Jul 11, 2016

should i join stars? :/
also i'll do them all dw after league xD :)
and i'll guess your age
#GoodKaren 15
#MrBird No
#makingallfall2 40 u told me i think
#Marchesa 19
#FighterMan 21
#levonini 16
#lionsden121 21
#MarcoBrolo 19
#Darbe 17 unless you had a birthday 18?
#ghrocky100 16
#Peccadillo 16
#Yung_Snipz 18
#Brashful 13
#Noaht77 21
#BBCANfan 16
#nikw98 18
#cswaggerr 22
#koolcoop 14
#TheBlackDog 19
#Steven999 16
#perfectprizetag 14
#C00LDUDE1000 14
#Juliann 16
#Vlad21 18
#Eva1 18
#rawr121 15
#KatarinaDuCouteau 16
#Pureessence 16
#acyuta 20
#Stunzer 16
#kewlguy789isback 15
#Icarus_Mark 22
#Arris 20
#mudndawilderness 17
#s73100 14
LivvieBoo12 23
bamold1999 u just hit 17
TotalDramaLover1234 either 15 or 16
Memphis_Grizzlies 14
_m4rw4n 16
quackattack817 28
Haileyyy 16
WpwSers196 29
XoXLouLouXoX 21
Coyle14 20
Brashful 19
Kudos 15
BluJay112 21
garrievans97 19
tkoj555 16
Phenomanimal u didnt update ur pyn i expect an opinion in mails... 24
NotAfraid 15
BBCANfan 16
mradamman12 13
nothingbutrouble 17
JonMcGillis 16
peterya 21
ConorHolden 16
Booyahhayoob 19
Libanz00 18
andy154 16
ItsAlexia 14


pyn and

7 jessijuliet, Nov 24, 2015

i'll tell you who i like more
you or your #1 friend
(stolen from brayden_ )
goodkaren - #goodkaren
jasonxtreme - #jasonxtreme
jonas10184 - #jonas10184
skyler1822 - #skyler1822
Brayden_ - #brayden_
jguill - #jguill
flamingjojo - #flamingjojo


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