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Pyn and I’ll try to ruin you day

5 AbsoluteAsshole, Feb 7, 2018

Aidan0621 #aidan0621 You’re an ugly sack of shit and this blog is the most any one has ever given thought about you in a long ass time. You also have a horrible and boring personality turning it from improbable to impossible that you’ll ever find love. Some one may settle for you or have already settled for you but that relationship would be the equivalent to some one freezing to death while naked in Siberia and putting on the first piece of clothing they can find.
mickiejames22 #mickiejames22 it must be an unfortunate life to live when you have a better view staring at the toilet bowl after you shit then you do when you look in the mirror. Your parents both regret their marriage because they look at what they produced with their marital kid in disgust and horror.
goodkaren #goodkaren when people meet you they think to themselves not to do a ton of drugs and alcohol so they can avoid being a brain dead animal like yourself. You are so fucking stupid that people only want to discuss things with you so they can practice parenting when they have to teach things to 2 year olds.
paul028 #paul028 I’d start saving money if I were you because when you realize that you’re a sad lonely and complete failure of a human being later in life you will need to hire therapists and that can be expensive especially when your income is through flipping burgers.
birks4444 #birks4444 https://tengaged.com/blog/Birks4444/8465166/kms looks like it already got ruin

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