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4 MichelleObama, Oct 29, 2018

It's been about 8 months since I first met you, doodyful. We've been able to maintain that friendship and make it to where we are today. When I first met you we clearly bonded and got along with each other well. Then from there we started playing Tengaged Games together, which resulted in us talking/watching shows and movies.
Likewise, there is no way i could express just how much you mean to me either. it's a nice feeling knowing that there is someone who will have your back and be there for you when you need them. It's nice to have someone you can rely on and depend on. Robert, you really are like a brother to me. I really hope we can be friends forever. You will and always will be a friend worth having. Thank you, for being one of the most amazing people I've ever met. You are beautiful person inside and out, and I hope you have an amazing day. With Love, Jarst.
I love you too (>^_^)>
Below are some comments from some of Robert's closest friends. [DISCLAIMER: I didn't get to talk to everyone I was intending to, so please don't be offended if you are not below]
[If you read this please wish him a happy birthday/trend him so he can see it :) ]
Robert :D happy birthday you sexy boy. Just like the 20 other tengagers who are in love with you, I too think youre gorgeous and fabulous and sexy as fuck. I hope you have a great birthday and get heaps of new toys and birthday cam sex from all your toy boys. Youre amazing and i love you. :* youre lucky im not there or youd be covered in kisses. Xoxo love from Foxox.
~ yaxha
Robert, we met over league of legends and I am usually a shy person. I don’t typically like meeting new people, but you made it easy. You were so friendly right off the bat and I felt comfortable talking to you. I look forward to the weekends where I can play league with you because we get to go on call and talk. I remember when I first met you I thought you were like a god at league(especially Elise). You showed me how to be a good player and I learned a lot from you. I am glad we are still friends and ya you are just awesome. Happy Birthday =]
~ boyfriend
Happy Birthday Robert, you New Zealand piece of ass! ;) Robert, you are an extraordinary human, and friend, whether you know it or not. We met as shop owner and designer, and that relationship of businessman and factory worker soon turned into a beautiful, lasting friendship. I'm so glad to call you one of my greatest friends, Robert. Every time we chat, it makes me so much happier, although you really SHOULD reply..


I Joined This

1 Loopulle, Jun 10, 2014

Republican group on Facebook for giggles and they've exposed MichelleObama as a man!


Post Your Name

57 Runner430, Apr 7, 2013

And I will tell you if if I love, like, or hate you. Oh and IDK as well if I don't know you lol.
Olympia: We just like started talking and I swear you are just amazing to talk to. :)
Spinner554 minus your insults. I just believe it is just SUPER tough love
AngelOfWater: My goal was completed if you know what I mean :)
AustinRules6969: Words can't describe you well actually it can, but I'm lazy to do so.
Ridster: All you have done for me is a lot and I appreciate that.
#MichelleObama: For letting me rant to you about everything and listen to me is just awesome.
#Stering_Butter: Even though we haven't talked since last idk.
#Brookie_Cookie: You are just so dam funny that is why I love you.
#Insanity: You are just like super amazing you don't know how much you make my day talking to you.
#Prince_Eric: Luvs how are we are bff's now
#Bengalboy: You are one cheeky thing.
GothicZebra: You don't like my tickles :(
#Xryn0618: Even though we don't talk anymore.
LexiVazquez: Who is Jogan?
Castings: Since you hate me I guess I have to hate you :\
SashaBaby2010: Just because the boo boo killers was a waste of makeup since you are bff's with him now. But Sabrina Raye's spirit will haunt you so I'm fine :P
JetsRock12: I saw you evicting me in Stars. WE ALL SAW YOU!
#LittleMix: Your top blog self explains
#Kizzi: Since I love one person in your family I have to hate the other. Sorries
Zeptis: Wanna be BFF's 5ever?
Vans: I want to wear you
Halloween: I sorta know you well from outside sources, but I want to hate you. IDK why though.
Ethan000: Doesn't ring a bell for me.
#Zoeygasms: I would love to get to know you though.
#JGdoodies: If you give me your goodies, you might go up.


Bored so PYN and i'll tell you

24 Sweetheart95, Apr 3, 2013

What placing you would get if you went on Rupaul's drag race. Its 12 placings so 12th is last. Btw I'll say if you're eligible for all stars or not
Michelleobama - After seeing your lipsync and your humor I feel like you would get 5th or 4th but nothing worse. All stars material
Beautifulbones - Woo oh god deff a final 3, thinking 1st. If someone beats you which is impossible you will earn a trip into all stars.
Albiesweetheart - LMFAO you're a willam, fierce af but you get screwed over by lipsyncing against the winner soo im going to say 6th. I would say you would be on the all stars season but you're just too much of a celeb so you wouldnt gaf and you couldnt come back
Justme - You were too shy and the judges wanted to see more of this sweet thing, 10th :[
Tharealmike - You weren't ready for the drag race comp so i'm going to say you got 8th place
Yaxha - Another one who would lipsync their motha f'in life off and brought humor to their designs and personality, I see you getting 5th. All star material, good luck........and DONT fuck it up!
danielvk - Another shy sport, I feel like you would get so overwhelmed with what is going on around you and that would mess you up therefore giving you last place :[
Prince_eric - LMAO this is way too damn overwhelming for you and you had the other drag queens do your designs for you and they threw you under the bus. 12th :[
Babebee - hmm I think you would be in the top 3 best designs every other round however I think you will end up getting eliminated just because your lip sync wasn't as well as the other however you got 3rd. All star material btw :)
Artpop - You would be like another Ivy Winters, making your own designs and giving the judges something new and funky however you went up against someone who was much better at challenges and ended up getting eliminated. 8th :[
Diamondsarentforever - Hmm I can see you floating your way to the final 7. However safe is a word that ru loathes and you ended up lipsynching to someone like #michelleobama who brought it and got evicted. Sorry girl 7th place for you
Stering_butter - Oh boy you, michelle and Yaxha remind me of ro-laska-tox  however you depending on them and once one of them wanted out of this little alliance you had no one else to hold on to and got defeated. 9th :[
kryptonik69 - Something tells me you're really competitive and you dont give up, I can see you winning about half of the challenges and even winning the game. However if you dont win which is a slim chance that you wont you are deff all star material
tonym101101 - LOL well tbh I can see you trying in the first comp and then just saying f this im not even going to try and im just going to rely on my lip sync to get me far. However you didnt know how to lip sync to the..


Random.org battle of the sexes episode 1

6 ksnyd2504, Jan 2, 2013

Females: (I'm talking about the peoples avatars not actually there gender IRL)
The Males win the challenge the females are going to the pit of doom!
Pit of Doom results:
2 females most voted: #MichelleObama #Brookie_Cookie
Eliminated: #Brookie_Cookie
18th: #Brookie_Cookie

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