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Random.org TGBB22 (6)

2 disneygeek, Jul 6, 2017

It's time to reveal twists #2 & 3
Twist 2- the games are officially merging into 1 game.
Twist 3- this is where the partners you chose come into play. Most of you all have lost your partner, but for the partners that both made it to this point will be given an advantage in the game. If a member of the duo makes final 6 and if their partner has been evicted, their partner will re-enter the game and be granted a second chance at winning this game.
Eviction Order:
13th- #ashszoke
14th- #RealJacksonWalsh
15th- #eric_136
16th- #CalebDaBoss
17th- #Analiese
18th- #rawr121
19th- #BrainJak
20th- #survivingreality
21st- #MJFJUNE
22nd- #Christina13
(From game A) By a vote of 3-1, #RealJacksonWalsh you are evicted from the TGBB house.
(From game B) By a vote of 2-1, Random.org broke the tie and #ashszoke you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- benp428
Pre Noms- #ghrocky100 & #Jameslu
POV- ImGonnaWin
Used?- No
Final Noms- #ghrocky100 & #Jameslu
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).



30 Valdamien, Jun 5, 2017

Below and I will give my honest truth on how I feel about you
#ashszoke i really dont know who you are
#DakotaCoons i love you to pieces
#MarieTori lol u need to take your meds but other then that i still love your crazy ass
#BengalBoy you are so outspoken and thats what i like about you
#2beastly o steve you know i can never say a bad anything bad about u. I simply love u
#AdamLovesEverything lol do you where
#Monomial we have so much history and u know i will never lie to you Taylor
#con66 yes we play a frookies together i hope i get to know you more
#chibideidara where have you been all my life lol
#XxLoveWakizaxX you are very different person which i love but when it comes to games on tengaged YOU CANT BE TRUSTED LOL kiss kiss
#Steel i wish we talk more u seem like a cool person
#mikec51 its been so long but how have u been doing
#koolness234 I simply just love u i wish their were more people like u. Your personality is out this world. All i ask is please dont change
#eliserose you are such a nice person i want to be like you when i grow up lol just playing
#Brandt69 wow
#ZIMY Very talented designer
#titoburitto you seem like a cool person
#etaco75 lmao f u with that halloween joke lol i was piss
#LuckyLefty daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
#justme sue you are so down to earth and you have no problem speaking your mind where u see fit
#TotalDramaLover1234 i dont really know u that well
#Baconbae love u seth to the moon and back
#underwzc zach u know how i feel about u even though u treat me like shit but its ok you cant help yourself
#Forest_Knight Its been so long since we talk hru doing
#spikedcurley you seem like a cool person
brookie_cookie LEGEND ICONIC AND BEATUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT n fyi you are one of my favorite tengager
RoseMaria i love me some warren lol no matter
how long its been since we talked lol u still the same person
GentlemanG hmm you confuse me sometimes Ray lol but i know u mean well #starsmoment when u went up with a split
Marwane brother that i never had tbh i got all sisters. You are so humble and cool person to talk to even when we play frookies
wwemrpeeps wow Doug we known each other for a long time lol i adore you as a person and a friend. Keep being you no matter what people may say about you


About to do a BrantSteele

9 survivornerd, Dec 4, 2016

w/ all the stats filled out
Here's the rando cast it gave me:
Cody Calafiore - 7th
George Boswell - #ashszoke - 2nd
James Huling - 6th - America's Favorite
Jordan Lloyd - #Crayadian - 8th
Kathy Hillis - #hellocat - 10th
Kevin Campbell - #pizzawithcookirs - 9th
Michelle Meyer - #s73100 - 3rd
Paul Abrahamian - DumbGinger - Winner
Sheila Kennedy - #hsb123 - 4th
Tiffany Rousso - #aj1111 - 5th
Pick the one you think'll win
winner gets a pic of my balls



1 TwentyOnePilots, Mar 4, 2016


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