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57 2Beastly, Jun 5, 2017

I don't need stars support anymore so the TEA will be spilt.
#DakotaCoons I don't know you very well, but thanks for supporting me in stars xoxo
#IceBeast Thanks for being one of my closest friends on the site :)
#chibideidara Know your place before speaking to me. Edgar lets see... delusional, narcissistic, in denial ;)
#spinfur Drake :) We had a lot of fun back in the days in our frat. You are a bit dramatic at times, but aren't we all sometimes :p
#Steven999 I don't know you, but my name is Steve too! Not Steven... STEVE
#Thumper91 Lauren! I remember the first time I got to talk to you and I thought you were a super celebrity on the site. I was just a noob back then. Your laughter is contagious and you are a confident person :)
#XxLoveWakizaxX Early on in my tengaged career I did not like you, I don't remember why.It was probably a game or maybe you were rude to me. However, you supported me in stars this week and I think your blogs are hilarious. Hopefully we can be friends someday!
#eliserose I only know you from that skype game you hosted. I think you are fun and very structured person :)
#Amanyaman I do not know you at all, you posted on my blogs today. If you supported me this week thank you!
#TayBear17 I keep trying to remember if I knew you back when I was active... but I don't. I think you're very dramatic, over the top, and hilarious. :)
#captainzacsparrow You seem really nice! But I saw that drama you had with vans today. No idea what was going on, but won't be nosy :)
#ClassiCaz5 Stuart! You are a good kid most of the time. You kind of get whiny and throw tantrums when things don't go your way. But that was 2 years ago? So maybe you grew up by now :p
#rawr25 I never really got close to you, or know you that well. But I heard rumors xoxo
#CalebDaBoss Caleb! Theres so many Calebs on the site I don't know if I know you though... Unless you can remind me lol.
#Piddu My league buddy! You are funny sometimes and weird. But who isn't weird?
#Qazwdxedc Qaz!! I remember our group game together! You were a good ally and loyal. Thanks for supporting me in stars this week :)
#Sam_Hamwich Evan? I think that is your name sorry! I'm really bad at names. I think we played multiple games together in the past, maybe a hunger. You are pretty chill :)
#LasVegas Bryce!! Thank you so much for supporting me in stars. I really appreciate it. I do not know your previous account. You are nice to me and I just think you need more time to grow as a person and you will be great :)
#amf7410 Andy! You always ignore me, but whatever. I beat you at every group game we played so HA. Hope to talk to you more :)
#pizzawithcookirs yeah sorry, you're right. I don't know you well or at all!
#survivorworld33 Um Charity ruiner! I don't really remember if we spent any time together at all sorry.
#GrrrImABear Yeah I don't really know you either... Did we play LoganWorms together or nah?
#ManniBoi I don't know you that well either or have any..



55 aaronstevens4444, May 30, 2016

and I will guess if you are a top or bottom (females included) and why I think that.
#dakotacoons - Vers - You give me mixed feelings so there you go.
#utsumi - Bottom - You change your hair color all the time.
#coreyants - Bottom - You like to bitch a lot and bend over.
#ashleybabyx3 - Vers - Your voice gives me mixed feelings
#cococolin122 - Top - I am gonna assume you like it when the lad bends over
#MrDrFluffypantz - Bottom - The name "fluffy" is in your username
#TR1364 - Top - With a name like Tamii you have to be on top.
#s73100 - Bottom - You are obsessed with a female on survivor
#mradamman12 - Bottom - Just because you are mradamman12
#Mchappy - Top - Because your username makes me think you are actually emo and a twinky top
#TylerTheGreat - Top - Something tells me you are straight
#Cornelia - Vers Top - You are mostly a top but you like to get a little kinky sometimes
#Kelly0412 - Vers Bottom - You like it in the butt but when you see a dick smaller than yours, you have to take charge.
#Ethan000 - Top - I think you are straight unless something happened.
#legacy7 - Bottom - You like it in the booty hole
#KingGeek - Something tells me you are a vers. Just a feeling.
#pauladeen - Bottom - You like dat D in that booty
#C_Shizz96 - Vers - Something tells me that you like to be very open during sex
#Judi - Top - I think you like to take control of the situation ;)
#SpiderBoom - Vers Bottom - You seem like the type that want to feel that big d inside you but if you are in a relationship, you want to be the one to take control at times
#Thirteen - Vers Bottom - You like to be the one receiving but you also want to prove who is boss at times.
boygenius2010 - Vers Top - You like to be in control but you like to loosen up that tight booty hole.
stageman96 - Top - You got a dick big enough to always be in control and have everyone on their knees
rosemulet - Vers - You mostly like to bottom but you like to get the strap on to show who wears the pants in the relationship
YasGaga - Bottom - You like to get that D no matter what size in dat booty
Padfoot - Vers - You give me mixed feelings also. Something tells me that you bottom but I think you could top too. I am just going to go with vers
turkeylover - Bottom - This was a tough one because my senses are saying different things. I am going to stick with my gut and say bottom.
jbeany - Top - You seem like a very dominate guy in the bedroom
Absol - Bottom - You are very weak and do not have a voice when it comes to sex. Your holes are plugged.
KatarinaDuCouteau - Bottom - You are too good of a girl to be kinky. Best to just bend over and take it.
ghrocky100 - Vers Top - You are mostly a top because of your masculine demeanor but if a guy ever gets ahold of you, best to just bend over and take..


58 bomberv, Mar 30, 2016

From Me and XxloveWakizaxx   ( doing it on call) so will be quick
Me: 5
Average = 4
me : 4
Wakiza  : 4
Average = 4
me : 3
wakiza  : 5
Average 4 lmao
Me : 6
Wakiza : 0
Average = 3
Me: 10
Wakiza : 9
Average = 9.5
Me : 8
Wakiza : 0
Average = 4
Me :3
wakiza: 6
Average = 4.5
Me: 6
Wakiza :8
Average = 7
Me: 5
Wakiza : 8
Average =6.5
Me: 9.8
Wakiza : 9.2
Average = 9.5
Me : 6.5
Wakiza : 5
Average = 5.75
Wakiza :8
Average = 4.5
Me: 6.8
Wakiza :7
Average = 6.9
Me:  9.999 my booo
Wakiza : 8
Average : 8.95
Me: 7.6
Wakiza :8.5
Average = 8.05
Wakiza:4 (slut)
Average = 5.5
Me :5
Wak: 5
Average =5
Me: 6.7
Wakiza:  7.4
Average : 7.05
--------------- With rate and 1 word description
Me:6 - Who
Wakiza 6.5 - Playful
Average = 6.25
Me : 5 - Deer
Wakiza : -  HugeD
Average 4.5
Me: 8.9 - loyal
Wakiza : 5.5 - Hunger
Average : 7.2
Me :5.2   ( i dont want to say it)
Wakiza 7.5 - Kool
Average: 6.35
Me: 6 - hey
wak 8.5 - sexy
Average = 7.25
me:9 - fat
Wakiza 8 - Obese
Average 8.5
Me: 5 - bullmastive
wak - 6 - pitbull
Average 5.5
Me: 6 - Black
Wakiza: 4.5 - Man
Average: 5.25
me: 7  - MISSER
Wakiza 7.5 - cute
Average = 7.25
Me:2 - irrel
Wakiza 2: white
Average 2
me:2 - katarina
wakiza:2 - katarina
Average: 2
Me: 6 - hairy
wak:8.5 - host
Average = 7.25
Me: 5  - sheep
wakiza: 5.5 - loopy
Average = 5.25
me:0 - Genderfaking LYing slut/ratbag/scum bitch
wak: 9- queen
Me: 6 - meh
Wakiz: 6.5 - spam
Average =6.25
Me: 9.1- AMAZING
Wak: 5.5 - queen
Average =7.3
Me 7- slay
wakiza 4 -backstabber
Average = 5.5
Me 9.2- PRETTY
Average- 9.6
me: 9.1 - beast
Wakiza :5 -design whore
Average - 7.05
Me 5- shady
Wakiza 9.5- HOT
Average - 7.25
Me -6- sweet
Wakiza - 5 who?
Average 5.5
Me: 7 - you refer to yourself alot
Wakiza: 10 -FAV
Average =8.5
Me 7- baby
Wakiza 6 - Teddybear
Average =  6.5
Me 9.4 - GODESS
Wakiza 10 - HOT
average = 9.7
me 2..



75 bomberv, Feb 23, 2016

for a rating out of 10 and a one sentence opinion
im so bored xx
LivvieBoo12  5:my freind said you copied his hunger games outfit so i guess your a copy cat
Arris 7: for some reason you remind me of a catfish.idk why ,we havent had full convos, we have just played that music game but your alright
Willie_  7:AWW ILY your like super duper cute
Tigger 6: i trollled on your blogs a couple time. ik you use to have shops because we use to make deals:P your cool
Cristi21 5.5 : i hate it when people i dont know comment on my blog:/ its so awks
Jameslu 9 : OMG I ADORE YOU. we slay frooks togther
m7md26 6 : your in my vivor tribe and gifting chats, besides that like you never talk :(
JasonXtreme 8 : Omg your someone i could imagine being friends with, your friends with my friends and you always plus my spam
KatieJane 5: aww you seem really irellvant
ItsAlexia 7.5 you stuck up for me when i was getting attacked love you
jguill 9 - you make me feel really dumb on call because the fact that your asian. tbh i use to think all asians where smart but you proved that theory wrong.
jetsRock12 -8 your asian 2 omg --_--. your in my frat but ily. doesnt change the fact your asian tho.
oreo270 7.8 - PAIGE ILY and your adorable
Libanz00 6 - we use to frooks together but meh your nice!
Downeaster 2 idk who you are and i can only rate you based on your avi
rawr25 - 2  but could be a 10. well were talking which is good but you gave me a 2. tbh we have similar personalities and we could be friends :P
judi 9 your a babe
Koolness234 10 your like my therapist, i can talk to you about everything and you will listen defiantly one of my favs
brandonpinzu -8 we have gotten close over the past month your nice:P
Thumper91 8.5 omg Lauren your like the nicest person on tengaged , I use to love how we always talked on kik
Guigi – 5 you plus my spam which is cool. But your friends with disgusting genderfaking lexibear.
kittyKatz553 -4 we played on frookies togther and you tried to use cheat engine and I still beat you.
koolcoop 1 - the score is low because ive seen your little baby finger if you get what i mean
ak73 - 7 your best friends with my sister suzy and friends of suzy is a friend of mine
chiefKing -5  have no idea who you are but i need noob stars support for when i join so be my friend
TayBear17 6 your always bipolar towards me. 1 min you like me and the next you hate me its ridiculous
RoseMaria - 8 ily we always join vivor together and slay
AndrewWeltner 7.2 soz about shooting..

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